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  Hints and Tips for: TNN Outdors Pro Hunter 
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 TNN Outdors Pro Hunter Cheats

TNN Outdors Pro Hunter

Cheat Codes:
Press ~ during game play, type one of the following codes, 
then press [Enter].

Code              Result
behind view 1    - 1st person view
behind view 0    - Normal view
flush            - correct garbled graphics on creatures/walls
deer             - A trophy buck
tom              - Get Turkey
walk             - Return to normal walk mode
allammo          - Unlimited Ammo
fly              - Fly Mode
ghost            - Fly through objects
god              - God Mode
summon [object]  - Make object

Any gun in beginner difficulty:
Change the difficulty setting to "Hunter" at the new hunt screen. 
Select any desired gun, return to the level option and change it 
back to "Beginner". The previously selected gun will still be available.
Start the game to keep that gun.

Avoid fines:
Press [Esc] if you go over the big game limit. 

* As always in a hunting sim, aim for the kill zone (between the front flank
  and lower chest on a deer); it's no fun tracking a hurt and wounded animal
  (not to mention the cruelty). Be forewarned: Pro Hunter preaches hunting 
  ethics. Expect to be disqualified if you kill or wound an animal, and don't
  go and pick it up (even if you thought you missed). 

* Take warm clothing for cold climates, lighter clothing for warm climates. 
  Otherwise you have to keep moving to prevent freezing in colder conditions,
  or take frequent siestas to keep your temperature down in warmer areas. 

* If the game doesn't run well on your system, take it back and demand a full
  refund--even if the store policy says you can't. Politely ask to see the 
  manager, and explain that the Better Business Bureau states that if a 
  product does not perform according to advertised specifications, then the
  seller must accept it back (as a concession, offer to exchange it for a 
  different game).

Submitted by: aang97

Press the (~) Button a list should pop down type "fly" he will say you fill much
lighter now to disable flight type "walk".

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