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  Hints and Tips for: Tomb Raider 
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 Tomb Raider Cheats

Tomb Raider

Hexcheats (Tomb Raider 1996):
Submitted by:Nguyen Trung Hieu

While playing game, save game. Use Alt+Tab to return windows, go to save game 
and go to:

0x0000018C change to F401
0x0000018E change to 8813
0x00000190 change to F401
0x00000197 change to 1F
0x00000199 change to BA
0x0000019A change to 02

*You will have all weapons.

0x00000192 change to FFFF
0x00000641 change to FFFF
0x0000064D change to FFFF
0x00000659 change to FFFF

*You will have maximum Ammo, Small, Large Medipack

tom clarke, Submitted the following Information: 

To ride on a raptor or a t-rex at the lost valley, just shoot the dinosaur 2 times 
with your shotgun and turn around and do a backflip to ride on it(this cheat needs 
a lot of practise to succeed so just be patient if it doesn't work).

All Gun:
Submitted by: Cory

While playing walk foward once [ hold shift and press up] Then walk backwards once 
[hold shift and press down] hold right utill she does a 1080 [ 3 turns ] then do a 
backflip. You will hear a click if you have done this code right.

Skip level:
Do the same as the all guns code exept for jump foward instead of doing a backflip.

To get all weapons and ammo:
* Walk one step forward
* Walk one step back
* Turn round three times in any direction
* Jump backwards

To skip to the next level:
* Walk one step forward
* Walk one step back
* Turn round three times in any direction
* Jump forward

It's a bit easier to use these cheats if make Lara  walk while you're trying them.
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