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  Hints and Tips for: Tone Rebellion  
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 Tone Rebellion Cheats

Tone Rebellion 

Hex Editing Tone Rebellion:
Submitted by: Abdallah F. Beekun
Hex editing tone:

Tarks (1st)
Zygons (2nd)
Cepheans (3rd)
Dyla (4th)

At the start of the game save the game. Open it with a hex editor. Look up the
hex value 32 (50 is the building tone you start with). The first value at the 
very beginning is just to describe your save and has no in game effect. Further
on and seperated by a few 00 (so 00 00 00 32 00 00 00 00 00 or so) will be 32. 
Each of the races starts out with 50 so your race may or may not be the first 
one you find. When you find your race's resource location, edit it to FF7B and 
the next 4 slots to FF7B (so 00 00 00 FF 7B FF 7B FF 7B). 
The save information won't say it, you'll have to go into the game and look it

Now, for those of you who resource cheats aren't enough. Good news. You can 
raise your dojo's fighters to level 16 and their hit points and charge to 
extremely high amounts. A weird side effect is that they no longer register in
the dojo, so leave one unchanged in level except for hit points and charge. 
Further, don't level up your dojo, it takes up more space if you do and it 
won't matter too much. You can have 8 fighters total in a dojo whether they 
register or not so only mess with the level of 7 of them. Now, messing with 
them is a little weird but here's how to do it:

* Find your fighters HP amount
* Find your fighters charge amount
* Convert these to hex
* A stormer has HP 15 Charge 16, thats 0F 10
* Reverse the order when you search
* Search for 10 00 0F
* Alter these values to FF 7B FF 7B
* Look for their XP amounts near these values, if they have no XP, attack some of 
  your structures until it becomes obvious what number is the XP amount.
* Change the XP amount to FF 40 (this is more for reference than anything else)
* Change the number right after the XP amout of FF 40 to FF (FF 40 FF)
* This will make your fighter level 16.
* A fighter level 16 stormer has 33 strength and incredible HP even without screwing 
  with the HP values.

Good luck and have fun.

* The Tarks are a good choice to learn the game with, but make sure to build up a
  Sorcerer as quick as possible and keep the magical building primed at all times,
  as your Sky Disk and Star Stoner spells are the keys to easy victory.

* Opening two bridges to the same island reveals the entire map at once, but be 
  very careful when assaulting, as your units often choose to enter from the 
  wrong bridge and get butchered.
* At higher levels, keep a sharp eye on the Realm Display. Leviathan forces always
  rush you when your power is weakest, and the beasts used on that island are the 
  strongest. Be prepared with units of differing Realms.

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