Tony Hawks Underground 1 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Tony Hawks Underground 1 
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 Tony Hawks Underground 1 Cheats

Tony Hawks Underground 1

Submittred by: Abdul Hayee

From the main menu, go to the Options menu and select Cheat Codes. Activate the 
following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Once done, start a freeskate/
single challenge or story mode and pause the game, then select Options and then 

Cheats        Results
getitup      - Moon Gravity
keepitsteady - Perfect Manual
letitslide   - Perfect Rails
rearrider    - Perfect Skitches
NOOO!!       - Unlock THUD

Secret Tape Locations:
New Jersey - Go to the left side of the bridge; you will see a sidewalk next to the river.
Jump down onto it and walk under the bridge.

Manhattan - Go to the Metro Center (the building that is very shiny and made of glass) 
the tape should be on the sign that says "Welcome".

Tampa - Find the huge building made of windows with two ramps in front of it. Air off 
one of the ramps (as if you were going to gap between them) and head high between the 
middle of the ramps.

Hawaii - Climb on top of the Big Surf Hotel and find the side facing the pink hotel. 
Then go into the corner on the roof next to the quarter pipe and look for a wire. Grind
down the wire to the tape.

Vancouver - Find the big bubble thing with flags around it above the hockey rink, then 
find the quarter pipe next to it. Go out into the street and spine transfer the quarter
pipe for speed and then air up to get the tape.

Slam City Jam - Locate the scoreboard in the middle of the stage and the circular platform
that goes around it. Grind on the platform and into the bottom of the scoreboard.

Hotter Than Hell - Get onto the inner of two platforms that are high up in the air and 
head around the platform until there is a part where it starts to rise. Go up that part 
of the platform and get air to get the tape.

Micro Funhouse:
In the Carnival Level of THPS4, there's a way to get into the House of Horrors. Go to 
the right side of the House of Horrors, into the small alley. Do a move that knocks you
into the side. In a few seconds, you should be transported to a small version of the House
of Horrors.

School 2 and Venice:
In the New Jersey level, go to the train station. Where the rails are at, on the left ramp
in the middle column there is an item high above the ramp. Take the rail down to the ramp 
to get more speed so you can reach the item. (Or, climb on top of the awning which looks 
like a little white ledge, and walk along it and around the corner.) Get the item to unlock
the School 2 level.

In the Hawaii level, find the tiki statue. Jump into its mouth and ride down the tunnel 
to the end. Get the item to unlock the Venice level.

Hangar Level:
Go to Moscow and find the brown building near the tanks. Go around until you see the side 
where it is connected to X-mas lights. Climb up and grind the ledge toward the big building
opposite of the tanks and jump into a window. Inside is the item that unlocks the level.

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