Torture Chamber 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Torture Chamber 2 
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 Torture Chamber 2 Cheats

Torture Chamber 2

Unlockable torture devices:
* The first is at 1000 Points (Hold x to unlock) Unlocks Pistol
* The second at 2500 Points (Raise the temperature to 212 and the 
  Gravity to 16) Unlocks adrenaline
* The third at 5000 points (Raise the temperature to 211.9 and the 
  Gravity to 16) Unlocks Oxygen Control
* The final one at 10000 points (Turn off the oxygen by pressing space 
  bar and then clicking off, press ctrl and use the gun and shoot him 
  in the head until his health is right around 50, then use the adrenaline 
  until his health is over 100 again. Then raise the temperature to 212 and 
  the Gravity to 16. When his health is less than 5 press the raise 
  temperature and he will burn. 
  You should have over 10000 points) Unlocks Lindsay Lohan

Killing Bonuses:
* Burned Alive (Over 212 temp) +1500
* Squashed (Gravity over 16) +1000
* Adrenaline Overload (Hit the adrenaline button too many times) +1250
* +10000 for using Lindsay Lohan (does not kill)

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