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  Hints and Tips for: Total Club Manager 2004 
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 Total Club Manager 2004 Cheats

Total Club Manager 2004

Submitted by: Mike Dodd

I am not sure if you use cheats that are done using Artmoney or not but in
the game "Total Club Manager 2004" there is a great way of getting alot of
money. You need to go into the stock market screen and buy alot of the most
inexpensive stocks you can find. Use artmoney to search for the amount you 
own e.g. 455 of stock X. Then sell say 5, sieve this number then repeat. 
When you are down to one then give yourself 100000000 stock and sell them all 
You personally are then very rich and you can use this money to donate to the 
club meaning you also get liked by the fans and chairman.

End the game when you want: 
Submitted by: conner54

For this you'll need Fifa 2004. When you're in the screen that asks you if 
you want to just see the result, see the text mode, use football fusion or 
see the 3D game, choose football fusion. Then, when you're in the match, 
press ESC whenever you want, and choose to exit the match. The result that 
was in the moment you exited will be the result of the game. This way you 
can make 1-0 and avoid taking goals and yellow or red cards before the 
game ends and after you made the goal.

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