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  Hints and Tips for: TrackMania United 
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 TrackMania United Cheats

TrackMania United

Unlimited coppers:
Submitted by: RM

Get trackmania united then in you profile name write ml5kub. You then go staight to
the first race and start then as soon as you load, quit very fast.
(you must quit immediatly or this cheat will not work...)
Then go to puzzle and do the 3rd race is start and then quit as soon as it loads.
You then see a yellow bar on the side of you it say minor 
problem with game... it says"please restart the game due to united finding
a minor problem"...

It then says restarting the game should fix the problem. Restart the game and then 
you will be granted unlimited coppers. it says 9999 but you never loose those 9999.

Distance counter:
Normally during a race your meters are counted as you drive. However if you find a 
checkpoint at an upward incline, respawn there while holding [Accelerate]. You will
begin moving backward very slowly, but your speed will remain at zero. The distance
meter will not register any movement. You can even briefly release the accelerator 
to descend downward and it still will not count up.
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