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  Hints and Tips for: Tractorball 
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 Tractorball Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Dirty Trick Guide:
Written by Moikern

Here you will find an overview over the dirty tricks that are available, and a 
description on how each of them works. I hope this guide will help you figuring 
out whats what, and give you some idea of when to use your traps for the bests 

-=Spike Trap=-
Trap is deployed behind your tractor. It is activated by being touched by ANYTHING. 
When activated it springs out its spikes and locks the target in place for a few 

-=Mine Trap=-
Trap is deployed behind your tractor. It is activated by being touched by ANYTHING. 
If activated by tractors, it explodes and kills the target.

-=Cow Trap=-
Trap is deployed behind your tractor. It is activated by being touched by ANYTHING. 
If activated by tractors, it explodes and splashes blood on the targets windscreen/

-=Ball Teleport=-
Will teleport the ball to the front of your tractor. Requires a LOCK-ON.

-=Car Teleport=-
Will teleport you to the ball. Requires a LOCK-ON.

Will make the ball magnetic and will draw it towards you. Requires a LOCK-ON.

-=Lethal Ball=-
Will make the ball deadly to touch with a tractor. When touched, it makes the 
target explode. Requires a LOCK-ON.

-=Lightning strike=-
Will EMP the target. Making it unresponsive for a few seconds. Requires a LOCK-ON.

-=Drone strike=-
Will activate a drone that flies over and bombs the target. Requires a LOCK-ON.

-=Sheep Shot=-
Will send a sheep flying from your tractor to the target. Upon hitting the target 
it will cover the windows/windshields with blood. Requires a LOCK-ON.

-=Russian Hack=-
Will hack the targets credits and transfer them to you. Requires a LOCK-ON.

-=Ball Shot=-
When activated the ball will be pushed away from you with great force. 
Requires a LOCK-ON.

-=Side slasher=-
Will activate spring-loaded blades on each side of your tractor. 
Any tractor hit by the blades will be destroyed.

When activated all tractors, including yourself, within a certain radius 
will be destroyed.

When activated it will start spreading manure behind your tractor for a few seconds. 
Any other tractor caught in the spray will get their windows covered in manure.

-=Lethal Flipper=-
When activated it turns your flipper into a deadly weapon for a few seconds. 
Any tractor hit by it will be destroyed.

When activated it will set off an emp that makes any other tractors close to you 
unresponsive for a few seconds.

-=Goal Crate=-
When activated it will place 1 explosive box on your goal line as a defensive 
measure. Max 3.

-=Oil Trap=-
Trap is deployed behind your tractor. It is activated by driving over it. 
When activated target experiences slippery wheels for a few seconds.

When activated your boost will be forced ON, and you will explode after 5 
seconds or the next time you hit an object.

* Here are the descriptions of the symbols on the kicker wheel on the 
dirty trick slot machine:

-=+1 Coin=-
One coin is added to your credits.

-=+3 Coins=-
Three coins are added to your credits.

-=1 Coin=-
One coin is removed from your credits.

You do not get any dirty tricks and have to manually pull the dirty trick slot 
machine handle to get a new one. Spending one credit.

Gives you two dirty tricks instead of one.

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