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  Hints and Tips for: Traitors Gate 
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 Traitors Gate Cheats

Traitors Gate

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

Do not leave any hints behind that you were there! If you change 
anything, return the area to the way you found it. For example: 
if you make any changes to the Tower of London Security computer
systems, make sure you restore the systems back to their original
settings. Or if you are using a digital looping device, make sure
you remove it so it will not be discovered. The key is to remove 
any trace of your having been in the Tower of London. For 
orientation and recognition purposes you should definitely SAVE 
YOUR GAME, then leave by each of the exits and explore a little.

In this way you will discover which exits are attached to which 

And most importantly – DON'T GET CAUGHT! 

In the WHITE TOWER Chapel- prepare your escape route for after the 

With the altar in front of you, walk between the pillars on the 
right, until you are just behind the altar. Get the only Candlestick
without a candle [you stop just to the right of it]. Continue walking
around behind the altar. Emerge slowly and watch for the Beefeater.

Follow him.

You will lose him in the next room but keep going forward, then 
turn right at the wall and keep going forward until a small door 
appears to your left. Go up to the next floor.

USE the left door. Go to the first opening right [where the cannon
is]. Move down the room and stand in front of the silver rod 
attached to the right-hand wall. You’ve found King Henry VIII's 
Walking Stick. USE the Candlestick on the bracket. 
Take the wooden steps down to the:


Use the yellow flash lamp. Follow the secret passage.

After going forward twice you'll see to your left a wall made of 
bright cream bricks. Ignore it for now. Keep going forward 
[six more times].

Go up the spiral steps.

USE the WD40 Spray on the bolt.

Open both doors...

Note dates of births and deaths. These figure prominently in some 

Be sure to read the Equipment screen for details about how to use 
your equipment. Figuring out the Audio-Sensor can be an absolute 
nightmare, so if you run into a safe, you might want to remember 
the following: counterclockwise 3, clockwise 1, counterclockwise 4.
You can pick up many items in Traitors Gate that you don't need, 
so your inventory will get crowded after you've explored for a 
while. Periodically cycle through the items you've picked up to 
see whether anything might be useful. 
Although there's a time limit, it's unlikely you'll run out of 
time. But if you feel rushed while you're exploring, you might 
want to save the game when you come to a new area, explore at 
your leisure to figure out what to do, and then reload to run 
through the necessary actions before moving on. 

Display action targets:
Hold [Space] to display small red targets where there is a forward 

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