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 Tropico Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: James
E-mail: james[at]

Hold down the [CTRL] button while you enter the cheat. 
If you want to use the cheat more then once, release 
[CTRL], re-press it, and enter the code again. 


Code           Result 
pesos        - Add $20,000 
contento     - Increase Happiness by 10 
rapido       - Fast Build
exacto       - Set a value for the treasury
muerte       - Selected unit / inhabitant dies
removepeople - Clears all people from map
onemonth     - Increases date by One Month
sixmonths    - Increases date by Six Months
oneyear      - Increases date by One Year
fiveyears    - Increases date by Five Years
tenyears     - Increases date by Ten Years
twentyyears  - Increases date by Twenty Years
thirtyyears  - Increases date by Thirty Years
editor       - Enables map editor (See below for codes)


POLITICALDIFFICALTY - Change political difficulty
ECONOMICDIFFICULTY  - Change economical difficulty
RATEDIFFICULTY      - Change what is shown on the map setup 
                      screen (ie. Hard, Easy, Ridiculously Hard)

R - Raise/Lower ground tool. Hold shift for flat land...
V - Vegetation Tool. Add/Remove Trees etc... etc...
Z - Bulldozer Tool. He he...
F - Fill terrain tool. Change whether grass, sea etc...
P - Paint Tool (for the land) Hold shift to make sea deeper
U - Add unit. People, cars etc... etc...
M - Paint Minerals. Gold, Iron, make your own mine!
EXTRA - Shift + O (letter o not zero) Add buildings

Change City Names:
To change the name of a town move the screen so that the name is in the
upper left hand corner. You should be able to click on it. A name box will
come up and you type in a new name. 

Unlimited Money:
To get unlimited money go to random map selection at the beginning before
you start a game. Lower the difficulty until it goes to one percent. and 
play the game. 
Note: it will say you have 500,000 dollars but it's really unlimited.

Stop Elections:
Eliminate every opponent that runs against you until the election, then the
game will notify you after the election that the people are upset that you 
killed him, and a new opponent will run. It will still think its election time,
after a new twelve months, but you will never have to run again! For the best 
effect, when its coming up to the last month of election, issue an order to 
have your opponent made "heretic". 

If you're too fast make the next one the same, and so fort.

Game editor:
Hold [Ctrl] and type Editor during game play. Press various letters to 
activate different editor functions.

Housing Zones:
The people require places to live, so keep building homes, apartment buildings
and bunkhouses as near as possible to wherever you see shacks.

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