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  Hints and Tips for: Tropico 3 
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 Tropico 3 Cheats

Tropico 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Thiago Fernando

No console, just type these in as you play:

Code                Effect 
trabajono         - Unlock all missions (being the demo it just displays all
                    the missions on the campaign map.
speedygonzales    - Instant construction
iamthestate       - No prerequisites for edicts.
elpollodiablo     - Instant win.
muchopesos        - Gain 100000 dollars.
whiskey           - +20 to relations with the US.
nowhiskey         - -20 to relations with the US.
vodka             - +20 to relations with the USSR.
novodka           - -20 to relations with the USSR.
twoheadedllama    - Raises tourism rating to 100.
pachangasi        - Raises happiness values of all Tropicans with 10.
dinggratz         - Maximizes all workers' experience and students graduate instantly.
cheguevara        - Triggers a Rebel attack on a building.
downwiththetyrant - Triggers a Rebel attack on the Palace.
generalpenultimo  - Triggers a Military Coup.
civilwar          - Trigger Uprising.
vivala0           - Trigger Random Submersive Activity.
vivala1           - Trigger Assassination Attempt.
vivala2           - Trigger Hostage Crisis.
vivala3           - Trigger Bomb Threat.
vivala4           - Trigger Worker Strike.
vivala5           - Trigger Media Occcupation.

Instant Building:
Submitted by: Alynos

Type While Youre Playing "SpeedyGonzales"
Now the Instant Building is on (you dont need constructorz anymore)
The game Will crash if youre on negative at money (not always)
-Alynos ( Its not my work , leeched )

-=Keep The Ball Rolling=-
Because your island cannot be isolated from the rest of the world, you need to balance
your foreign relations between the US and the USSR. This can be hard but if you manage
to get on their good side, you can receive a substantial amount of money in the form of
foreign aid. Building a Diplomatic Ministry will help you to improve your foreign 
relations and will grant you access to new edicts.
Be careful when your island enters debt, as your relations with the foreign superpowers 
will begin to worsen rapidly. Be mindful of this, as maintaining bad relations with one
superpower for too long will provoke them to invade your island, which will put an 
untimely end to your regime.
Often the foreign relations with one superpower can take turn for the worse even when 
you have no debt. Building a military base owned by the other superpowers will prevent
the invasion. 

-=Starting Off=-
Focus on builders, teamsters and dockworkers first. While these professions may not be
very prestigious, but they are the backbone of your island's economy. Make sure you 
always have citizens employed in these positions as their absence will have adverse 
effects on your economy. Raise the salary in the corresponding building if necessary.
Once you've organized your workforce, establish a stable cash flow early on in the game.
You accomplish this by building some farms, mines or logging camps. Be careful though, 
as your workforce is limited to the number of citizens on the island and you can end up
with a banana economy. If you end up short on workers for your buildings you can 
construct an Immigration Office in order to attract immigrants from abroad.

-=Intermediate Steps=-
Once you have the infrastructure (like a transportation system), develop tourism. In 
order to set up a successful tourism industry you need to build a tourist dock, some 
tourist accommodations, and at least a few attractions. A high service quality in these
buildings will, ensure that more tourists will leave happy from your island, providing 
an increase to your tourism rating. The higher your tourism rating, the more tourists 
will decide to spend their vacation on your island. Also consider that different types
of tourists prefer different attractions.

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