Tropico 4 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Tropico 4 
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 Tropico 4 Cheats

Tropico 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Alex
Update by: Kret

Cheat List:
Hold [Right Shift] and enter one of the following codes during game play.

Code                 Effect 
trabajono          - Unlock all missions.
speedygonzales     - Instant construction.
iamthestate        - No prerequisites for edicts.
elpollodiablo      - Instant win.
muchopesos         - Gain 100000 dollars.
whiskey            - +20 to relations with the US.
nowhiskey          - -20 to relations with the US.
vodka              - +20 to relations with the USSR.
novodka            - -20 to relations with the USSR.
twoheadedllama     - Raises tourism rating to 100.
pachangasi         - Raises happiness values of all Tropicans with 10.
dinggratz          - Maximizes all workers' experience and students 
                     graduate instantly.
cheguevara         - Triggers a Rebel attack on a building.
downwiththetyrant  - Triggers a Rebel attack on the Palace.
generalpenultimo   - Triggers a Military Coup.
civilwar           - Trigger Uprising.
vivala0            - Trigger Random Submersive Activity.
vivala1            - Trigger Assassination Attempt.
vivala2            - Trigger Hostage Crisis.
vivala3            - Trigger Bomb Threat.
vivala4            - Trigger Worker Strike.
vivala5            - Trigger Media Occcupation.
tornado            - [Activates Tornado Disaster]
tornadilla         - [Activates a Tornado Outbreak]
oilspill           - [Activates Oil Spill Disaster]
drought            - [Activates Drought Disaster]
volcano            - [Activates Volcano Eruption]
tsunami            - [Activates Tsunami Disaster]
fuego              - [Activates Fire Disaster]
hurricane          - [Activates Hurricane Disaster]
earthquake         - [Activates Earthquake Disaster]

Submitted by: Dan

Using Cheat Engine u can have INF money.

1.Download Cheat Engine
2.Start the game
3.Choose a campaign or Sandbox
4.Start Cheat Engine and search for TROPICO 4
5.Enter the current Money value then click new scan
6.Buy something in game and then Alt+Tab
7.Type the new Value of your money and click next scan
8.Click on the value in u'r left and change it's value when it appears downscreen.
  Voila INF MONEY!
P.S. u need to do this every time u change the map or the campaign missions.

Modern Times DLC:
While in-game, hold down the "Shift" key and type out the code. Activating any of 
these codes will disable achievements for your savegame.

pesosgrande - Adds $1,000,000 to your budget. 
zeitgeist   - Unlocks all Modern Times buildings.

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