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  Hints and Tips for: True Love 
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 True Love Cheats

True Love

Hex Cheats:
You have two possibilities to cheat with an hex editor:

Skills / Money:
Open SAVE with an hex editor and check out the 
following offsets:

for slot 1:  300
for slot 2:  82C
for slot 3:  D58
for slot 4: 1284
for slot 5: 17B0
for slot 6: 1CDC

Here change everything to
63 00 A0 00 00 00 A0 00 A0 00 A0 00 8D 10

Now you have maxed out all figures but Fatigue, which 
still is 0. 
If you need it again later in the game this hexing 
can be repeated later again.

Open END with an hex editor and change the first 11 rows completely to FF.
Now you can see all pics in the CG room and everything is set to 100%.

Submitted by: budi budak bandung

hex editor
open end file change all to
it will be open all picture in the cg room

CG Room to 100%:
Open END with an hex editor and change the data to the first 11 rows to FF. 
Now you can see all the CG room pictures, and everything is set to 100%.

Raise stats:
Raising your statistics might take forever and you will most likely never 
manage to max out every stat without cheating as described above. However, 
if you don't wish to cheat, you can take advantage of the divine forces 
that appear in the game. Basically, each activity has a patron God. For 
example, if you study every day, the God of Intelligence will pay you a 
visit and bless you (which means an increase in Intelligence). 
The same can be done with every other skill.
Also, the mightiest God of them all (which increases all your stats) shows 
up if you relax in your room and he seems to be the best option. 
Please note: These gods only visit you once per game, so it is best to 
summon them early in order to gain an advantage.

Blessings from the Gods!:
Raising your statistics may seem forever at first, but thankfully there 
are divine forces at work in this game. Basically, for every activity has
a patron god. For example, if you study dilligently every day, every 
opportunity, the God of Intelligence will pay you a visit and grant you his
blessing. His blessing of course will raise the mentioned stats (studies), 
as the other gods. But the greatest god of all, will surprisingly show up 
if you laze around in your room (relax). He will raise ALL your stats to 
a certain level. Oh, these gods only visit you once per game. So its best
to 'summon' them early in the game.

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