Two Worlds II Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Two Worlds II 
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 Two Worlds II Cheats

Two Worlds II

Cheat Codes:
While playing, press ` to bring up the console. Type "TwoWorldsCheats 1" (without quotes)
into the console to activate cheat mode. Then type any of the following cheat codes in 
the console. Note: Codes are not case-sensitive. 

Code                                Result
god 1                             - Level 100, All Skills, God Mode.
health                            - Full Health
AddGold #                         - Add Gold (# = Amount)
SetGold #                         - Set Gold (# = Amount)
AddSkillPoints #                  - Add Skill Points (# = Amount)
AddParamPoints #                  - Add Param Points (# = Amount)
AddExperiencePoints #             - Add Experience Points (# = Amount)
SetStrength #                     - Set Strength (# = Amount)
ResetFog                          - Reveal Map
ec.dbg levelup                    - Level Up
ec.dbg skills                     - Unlock All Skills
ec.dbg iamcheater                 - Set All Attributes to 1000
ec.dbg levelup10                  - Add 10 Levels
ec.AddObjectToInventory [code][#] - Add Object to Inventory (See List)
Set time of day                   - time [0-255]
eq_boat_01                        - Spawn a boat
horse_[01-04]                     - Spawn a horse
cam.mount.xoff 0                  - Centers the camera on horse
graph.setfastrunspecialefx 0      - Disables motion blur
killhorse                         - Kills horse while riding
hero.move.fastrunspeed X          - Where X is sprint speed X      - Change clicks for max speed on horse your 
                                    horse (lower = fewer clicks)
orse_01 (01-04 for color)         - Spawn a horse
jump2                             - Teleport you to cursor
hero.move.fastrunspeed [number]   - Increase sprint speed
player.invisibleforenemies [0/1]  - Toggle ignored by enemies until you attack
ms.grav [negative number]         - Increase jump height [n]    - Set clicks needed for maximum horse speed
cam.mount.xoff 0                  - Center camera while riding horse
graph.setfastrunspecialefx [0/1]  - Toggle motion blur when running
ec.resurrectunit                  - Cast on a dead body's icon to revive it

Inventory Codes:
Use these codes with the ec.AddObjectToInventory cheat. 


Bonus Codes:
The bonus code button can be found on the menu screen by pressing (ESC)
when you are playing the game. 

Code                    Result
3542-3274-8350-6064   - 2 Hand Sword
4149-3083-9823-6545   - Dragon Scale Armor
3654-0091-3399-0994   - 2 Handed Hammer
6972-5760-7685-8477   - Bonus Map
8233-3296-3311-2976   - Bonus Map
6770-8976-1634-9490   - Anathros sword
1775-3623-3298-1928   - Black Legion Axe
4802-6468-2848-6286   - Black Legion Axe
6231-1890-4345-5988   - Hammer
9122-5287-3591-0927   - Lucienda sword
6624-0989-0879-6383   - Lucienda sword
1797-3432-7753-9254   - Labyrinth map

Adding Damage Crystals To Your Inventory:
Make sure cheat mode is active then type in console: 
ec.AddObjectToInventory Art_Add_Damage_!(#eDamage@) $ 
Replace ! with a number from 01 to 07, this sets the level of the crystal, the
higher the number, the more powerful the crystal. Replace @ with one of the 5 
attributes, which are: fire, cold, poison, spirit, electric. Replace $ with 
the number of crystals you want, if you type 10, you get 10 type 1000 you get

Example of Cheat: 

ec.AddObjectToInventory Art_Add_Damage_07(#eDamageFire) 10 
This will spawn 10 level 7 Fire damage crystals in your inventory. 

Update by: Nsaidul
Submitted by: Mazid

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

The Great Escape (15 points)        : Escape from Castle Vahkmaar.
Into The Fire (25 points)           : Complete Alsorna Introduction.
Old Wounds (30 points)              : Complete Chapter I in the Single Player Campaign.
The Road Less Traveled...(30 points): Complete Chapter II in the Single Player Campaign.
Last Stand (30 points)              : Complete Chapter III in the Single Player Campaign.
Liberation (80 points)              : Completed the Single Player Campaign.
Alchemist (5 points)                : Create a potion (Single Player Campaign).
Grey Wizard (5 points)              : Create a spell (Single Player Campaign).
Hammer Time! (5 points)             : Upgrade a weapon or piece of armor (Single Player Campaign).
Clairvoyant (10 points)             : Use the Oculus (Single Player Campaign).
Minstrel Hero (15 points)           : Perform a song, hitting 100% of the notes  
                                      (Single Player Campaign).
The Antaloorian Job (10 points)     : Lockpick 50 locks (Single Player Campaign).
Slight of Hand (25 points)          : Steal from 25 people (Single Player Campaign).
Sweep the Leg (20 points)           : Effectively use Knockdown 30 times (Single Player Campaign).
Fearmonger (35 points)              : Effectively use Battle Cry 75 times (Single Player Campaign). 
Man in Tights (35 points)           : Kill 50 enemies using Multi Arrows (Single Player Campaign).
Crazy like a Lox (20 points)        : Kill 30 enemies using Fire Arrow (Single Player Campaign).
White Wizard (20 points)            : Kill 50 enemies with magic (Single Player Campaign).
Beastmaster (35 points)             : Summon 50 monsters (Single Player Campaign).
It's A Trap! (35 points)            : Set 40 traps or bombs (Single Player Campaign).
Who's Next? (20 points)             : Kill 20 enemies using Death Strike (Single Player Campaign).
Hero For Hire (15 points)           : Complete 10 Bulletin Board Quests.
I Am Spartacus! (25 points)         : Survive the Arena.
Last Man Standing (25 points)       : Complete the Brotherhood Questline.
Dances With Mops (25 points)        : Complete the Mage's Guild Questline.
Prince of Thieves (25 points)       : Complete The Thieve's Guild Questline.
The Merchant of Antaloor (25 points): Complete the Merchant's Guild Questline.
Hero (25 points)                    : Reach Level 20 (Single Player Campaign).
Legend (40 points)                  : Reach Level 40 (Single Player Campaign).
Fortune & Glory (15 points)         : Explore 25 dungeons (Single Player Campaign).
Lost (30 points)                    : Collect all 4 Lost Runes: Human, Elven,Dwarven and Orcish
                                     (Single Player Campaign).
Adventure Part I (15 points)        : Complete Chapter I in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Adventure Part II (15 points)       : Complete Chapter II in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Adventure Part III (15 points)      : Complete Chapter III in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Adventure Part IV (15 points)       : Complete Chapter IV in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Adventure Part V (15 points)        : Complete Chapter V in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Adventure Part VI (15 points)       : Complete Chapter VI in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Adventure Part VII (60 points)      : Complete Chapter VII in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Ruthless (10 points)                : Win 5 Deathmatches.
Duelist (10 points)                 : Win 5 Duels.
Gemologist (10 points)              : Win 5 Crystal Capture matches.
Settler (10 points)                 : Build 5 buildings in Village Mode.
Contractor (20 points)              : Build 15 buildings in Village Mode.

Additionally, there are three secret trophies:
Desert Rose (20 points)         : Confront Mirage.
It's Alive! (15 points)         : Wake the Army of Golems.
I See Dead People... (15 points): Receive the gift of the Scavengers.

After ec.addobjecttoinventory type one of the following: art_add_damage_#x <- for damage 
art_add_protect_#x <- for resistance art_add_points_#y <- for adding points to your status
art_add_maxinventoryweight_# <- for increasing the inventory's weight capacity art_close_#
<- for the sealing crystals 
Note: y = #ePoints x = #eDamage # = Crystal's level (01 - 07)

Effect              Code
Accuracy points    - #ePointsDexterity
Endurance points   - #ePointsVitality
Fire damage        - #eDamageFire
Ice damage         - #eDamageCold
Lightning damage   - #eDamageElectric
Poison damage      - #eDamagePoison
Spectral damage    - #eDamageSpirit
Strength points    - #ePointsStrength
Willpower points   - #ePointsMagic

Magic Cards:
Submitted by: Alex Yakovlev

Here is the complete list of cheatcodes to summon magic cards into inventory(includes modifiers):
simply add "ec.AddObjectToInventory" before every code;



As for combinations, just try it out, and you may be surprised from what spells you may create;)

Using elephants in a better way:
Submitted by: krafor

I've seen that so many people kill their elephants in war.With the elephants being a valuable unit I 
would say that you should send them with some cavarly because although elephants make a great charge 
when they become slow the units will attack them from sides but if you have some cavarly you could 
block such events.

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