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  Hints and Tips for: Uplink - Hacker Elite 
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 Uplink - Hacker Elite Cheats

Uplink - Hacker Elite

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

To open up a cheat menu, do the following: 

Make a player called "TooManySecrets". Then, Press F1 while playing the game 
on that user account. Note: This was removed in the version 1.2 patch.

Cheat Menu for the FBI Mod:
If you have the FBI mod, make your name CharlieBean (no spaces) and hit F1.

Destroy Computer:
when accesing any Internal machine, click on admin, then click on console
and type...

cd usr
cd log
cd sys

Hidden Treasure:
Carefully pry open the back of your game case and there will be a white piece of
paper. Pull it out to reveal a special message.

Protovision Game Server:
To access the protovision game server use password: joshua

No Evidence:
You will first need a password breaker. Connect directly to InterNic, select admin 
and then crack the password (They will not trace you!). Then with a Lvl 4 or above 
Log Deleter, you can delete everything in the list (if any) to cover your tracks. 
In order for this to work you will have to re-route your connection through InterNic 
when doing missions. Preferably make it your third or fourth connection. Then once 
you've finished the mission follow the steps as above. Good Luck!
It has helped me a lot!

Bank Robbing:
Not really a cheat but still a great way to get money easily. You'll need a Log 
Deleter version 4, A HUD Connection Analyzer, a Proxy Bypass version 5, a dictionary 
hacker is useful, and a rank of intermediate. Get a mission to trace a balance transfer. 
After you complete the mission to find out where the money went go back into the account 
and set up a transfer for the money to your bank account. You'll need to turn on the 
Proxy Bypass to finalize it. Then go into view statement and erase the log of the transfer 
(top one). Leave and immediately go to wherever you wipe your tracks at and do so. Then 
go into your bank account, bypass the proxy, delete the record in the statement saying 
you received the money, and leave and wipe your tracks again. This is an easy way to 
make hundreds of thousands of credits.

Early bounces:
When setting up your bounces, it's generally best to start with Internic, then bounce 
to the Uplink Test Server, then through the other Uplink servers, and then through a 
handful of government databases (generally the Global Criminal Database, Social Security,
Stock Market and Academic Database). You can use Internic's "browse" function to look 
these up and add them to your list.		

Software purchases:
Early on, you'll want to get the best level of Trace Tracker and Log Deleter possible. 
Later, when you come up against better security systems, you'll need to pick up some 
software for use against firewalls and the like. It's usually not worth purchasing the 
Firewall/Proxy/Monitor disablers. You're much better off just saving up your money and 
getting the bypassers, as these won't alert the system to your presence. Also, never buy
the Dictionary cracker as it's really not very useful at all. Finally, never buy any 
software until you're sure you need it. Sometimes you might buy a program only to find 
you no longer have enough money for another you need, or you simply never wind up using
it (as is the case with the Decrypter sometimes).

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