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  Hints and Tips for: Urban Rivals 
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 Urban Rivals Cheats

Urban Rivals

Room Glitch:
Go into the room fight types 2. Fight a few battles, then click PLAY on the left side 
of the screen. This will take you to the room seletion page. click on a room other than
fight types 2. You will notice that you will mysteriosly be back in fight types 2! 
If this does happen log out, log back in, and then click on a different room.

Unlockable - Leaders:
Wants to be rich selling these cards.

Unlockable  How to unlock
Timber    - Get to level 5
Vansaar   - Get to level 10
Hugo      - Get to level 15
Bridget   - Get to level 20
Ashigaru  - Get to level 25
Eyrik     - Get to level 30
Ambre     - Get to level 35
Eklore    - Get to level 40
Morphun   - Get to level 45
Vholt     - Get to level 50

Extra starting credits:
Create a new account. Enter "PkFist" as your sponsor ID, and lipa as 
a promo code. You will start off with 25 credits and all shops unlocked
with a free booster pack.

10% extra credits:
Create a new account. Enter Twentytwoprod as your sponsor ID, and URBRIV22 
as a promo code. When you buy credits from the store you will get an extra 
10% credit bonus.

Urban rival promotional code:
When creating a new a count put SuccubusReign as the sponsor you will get 
50 credits and the shop unlock.

Urban rival cheat:
Create a new account for the sponsorer id or nickname put ricardoquezada and 
sign up and then reach level 5 and get 400 creit and 500 clinz worked for me 
i have lots of rare cards.

Extra starting credits:
Create a new account. Enter Saosinxgore (Game Admin) as your sponsor ID, and
DEFAULT as a promo code. You will start off with 25 credits and all shops 
unlocked with a free booster pack. 

10% extra credits:
Create a new account. Enter Saosinxgore as your sponsor ID, and Saosinxgore 
as a promo code When you buy credits from the store you will get an extra 
10% credit bonus.

Urban Rival Newbie Guide:
Start with the basics:
12 Pills 
12 HP 

Use the pills wisely....

* Bait-means don't put any pills on it and he will use 4-8 pills 12 is insane
  if he uses it. 
* When baiting choose the characters that has the ability with "-X opp. damage"
  or Stop opponents ability(SOA). 
* When you are multiplying pills and powers you should add more because of it's
  original power(like 1+ X power*Pills=attack). 
* When you see his cards are really strong and you're chance of winning is 2 Hit
  KO (means you have to kill him in2 rounds because he have a great car) Or just
  use your own strategy.

-=Understand the ability of your cards wisely=-
* When it says "Support +3 attack" it means that attack points are increased by 
  3 points for each character belonging to Rescue’s clan and who is part of their
  team. Remember that Rescue is also taken into account. 
* Stop opponents ability(SOA) I think all of players know this. 
* How does a Bonus activated? When you have a character belonging to the Same 
  clan with that character. 
* What is Stop:+ X Power or Damage? This is activated when he uses Stop opponents

-=How Do I get leaders characters=-
2 ways
* Level Up 
* Buy it 


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