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  Hints and Tips for: Vanilla And Chocolate 
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 Vanilla And Chocolate Cheats

Vanilla And Chocolate

Easy money:
Submitted by: RM

You can also recycle special gifts for cash. Check the recycle tabs.

The teacher has hidden three pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. They are lit
up. Match the three puzzle pieces until they reach the bottom. Then,
do it again two more times to get all nine pieces. After solving them,
you will get the shake machine when you go to the next town. You will 
then learn how to make a milkshake. 

During the milkshake mini game use the tool that looks like a scooper
to clear the line. The puzzle piece will drop to the bottom. Use the 
tools to clear the items out of the way to get the puzzle pieces down. 
All the puzzle pieces must hit the bottom of the grid to get further 
with the milkshake recipes.
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