Wacky Races Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Wacky Races 
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 Wacky Races Cheats

Wacky Races

Cheat Codes:
Select the cheats option from the main menu then enter one of the following codes
at the code selection screen. 

Result                   Code
All tracks and bosses  - WACKYGIVEAWAY
All cars               - WACKYSPOILERS
All vehicle abilities  - BARGAINBASEMENT

Mirror mode:
Collect all of the mirrors hidden on each track. 

Canyon Craze level 2: Shortcut:
After the tunnel, before the left turn, turn right. 

Chilly Thrills level 2: Shortcut: 
Before the totem pole, turn right. 

Desert level 1: Shortcut:
After the ramps where you go left, right, or straight, turn the corner. Just before
the curving ramp, turn left and keep going straight. It brings you out near the 
finish line. 

Down and Town level 2: Shortcut: 
Just go over the drive in right at the start. 

Down and Town level 3: Shortcut: 
Straight after the soccer field, go straight along the wooden walkway. 

Grass level 1: Shortcut:
After about one or two of the logs, you will see a path. Go down it, and it will bring
you out near the ramps. 

Ice level 1: Shortcut:
At the start, go over the ice until just before the bridge. Then, just turn off. 

Town level 1: Shortcut:
At the ice rink, take a detour through the gap in the fence. It skips the big corner.

Submitted by: Ben

During Canyon Craze lvl 3, before entering the roundy thing, there is a cave u must go
through. At the very end of the tunnel cave, press mobility (.). This should take you 
onto a small ledge u must drive up and onto the second layer of the roundy thing.

Permanent speed boost:
Submitted by: jk_bulan

If you crash into something while using a speed boost thingy, if you use another after 
you crash, then you will get a permanent speed boost.
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