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  Hints and Tips for: Wanted - A Wild Western Adventure 
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 Wanted - A Wild Western Adventure Cheats

Wanted - A Wild Western Adventure

Submitted by: Haspa

There are two levers in the game. One is at Alvin Jone's Farm and the other one
is behind the school.

The potrait and extra money:
Submitted by: gamestormz67

In the farm of Albert, go to the woman that is sitting in the chair with an ugly 
face go up to her and keep on speaking to her even if you run out of topics. After
some time, she should say, "leave me alone". Go to the bannister's farm, and return
back to the woman and do the same thing. Later she will say, " Where's my kitten, 
can you please feed him?" The cat should be near the pig sty. Put the bottle of milk
on the bowl. She'll come to you and open the hatch. Get in, inside there is a portrait
of "Jackson Hobes". Take it and trade it with Billy's friend. He should give you a 
portrait of Jesse James. Give it to the girl on the swing in the school and you will 
receive the dog! You will also find about 50 dollars in the drawer of the room which 
can be unlocked only by this process. (Sometimes you may receive a white carrot. 
I don't know what it is for).

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