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 WarCraft Cheats


Submitted By: ANKIT PRASAD

Press enter (During Gameplay), type in one of the codes below and 
then press enter to enable. Remember to type the first cheat code 
'Corwin of Amber' as without that some cheat codes won't work.

Corwin of Amber
Enables the use of cheat codes.

Human #/Orc #
Jump to level #.

Sally Shears
Entire map becomes visible.

Pot of Gold
Instantly, gives 10,000 gold and 5,000 lumber.

Iron Forge
Upgrades all weapon/armor.

Eye of Newt
Gives all spells.

Hurry Up Guys
Human/Orc peasants work much much faster and thus 
building/repairing speed becomes much faster. Your men are also 
trained faster.

There can be only one
Makes your men invulnerable (however somethings such 
as Catapults can still kill them).

Arthur Maartensson, Submitted the following Information:

Before you enter any other cheats you must press enter 
and enter \"Corwin of amber\", and press enter again. 
Now you can enter some new codes: \"pot of gold\" gives 
you 10,000 gold, and 5,000 lumber, \"hurry up guys\" 
makes evrything ready almost before the phesant is there.

Warcraft has a master code that is required to 
enable any other codes. To enable this, first 
Press Enter Again and type any of these codes 
and your on... 

By typing either ORC or HUMAN followed by a number 
from 1 to 12, this cheat will immediately jump you 
to that scenarioin the campaign.

This cheat takes you directly to the victory sequence 
on each level.

Takes you to the loss sequence.

All your units become invunerable to all attacks except 
to a direct hit from a CATUPULT hit and will inflict 
255 points of damage on each enemy they hit.

Submitted by: Naum

Press enter , & then
!the sun also rises        - All Map
!golden boy                - 5000 credits, 1000 butanium
!the great pumpkin         - Win in COMPAING mode
!i am the bishop of battle - Win in MISSON mode
!on a mission from gawd    - Quick Build
!pump an arhn              - Max of authority of clan leader

Note: Some versions of the game do not require the ! character
that precedes each code.

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