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 Wasteland Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Hole #1:Super loot bags.
You can get these at the ACAPULCO club (that's the password) in needles, or at Fat
freddy's in vegas. Go to a chair, gamble till you win, and leave the cash. Now go 
to the next open chair (slot machine) and gamble till you win. Don't take the cash
yet. Go back to the first cash bag, take it, and drop any item in anyone's inventory.
Now go to the second bag, get it, and press the down arrow. When it locks up, just
hit escape. You can get all the items in the game, and others. The best two others
are red ryders, which are 7.62 rifles with 63 shots, and a range from 600-800 damage,
and a thing that looks like NAME AC. Select the name ac and if it says unjam?, 
select no, and equip it. you now have a 127 armor level (only shows 27). 
If it doesn't, redo the process. Only the red ryder will always be a weapon, the 
other items can shift, and they are not worth getting.

Hole #2:Super skills: 
If you've ever gone to a library, when your skill is hih enough, it shows a 255 to 
increase it, now i'm not sure if you have to gamble first, but when you select it, 
it will add a skill point, and add a stst piont (give you a point i the ability 
and your reserve skill points). You can increase it up to your level, so you need 
experience. One way to do this is to gamble. Once you get your skill to 8, use 
this trick (note, you must go into the library with at least one skill point to
start out with) and increase your gambling skill. No make a macro, usually some
thing like this: Y-SPACE BAR-1-1-SPACE BAR this will (in fat freddy's) Yes for 
playing, select player 1 to get the loot, which is item one. The best thing is, 
you get experience points for winning, and (oh yeah, the name ac sells for 32,000
cash) you won't lose at a gamble skill that high. What you do is get a piece of 
tape, tape down the macro key, and do something else for an hour or so. When you
get back, you'll have some levels waiting for you, as well as a surpluss of cash.

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