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  Hints and Tips for: Will Rock 
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 Will Rock Cheats

Will Rock

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Defeating Zeus:
Use Titan Damage and Immortality, then make your way to Zeus's throne. Go underneath 
his feet and shoot from there. He cannot reach you with lightning or fire. Watch out 
for the smaller enemies.

Submitted by:  Rickster

I found that by pressing "Alt + 3" during game play, Will Rock was instantly put in 
"god-mode". I have never played a 3D shooter with such an easy approach to cheat codes,
I am not complaining; I'm just glad that it works! 

Submitted by: Duc Nguyen

Alt+E - Godmode

Submitted by: Siavash

Do you want make the game easy? It is realy easy just wright RICHSTER then push ALT+9 it 
will make some cheats free then push ALT+~ now you can fly and if you want to change your
CREATURE push ALT+5 and if you want to kill all enemies that you see push ALT+6.

First write RICKSTER in the game(when you are playing) then push the ALT+3 for GOD-MODE,
ALT+9 for allowing to some other cheats the press ALT+~ for flying

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes at the main menu.

Effect           Code
-------------------------- --
zeuspower     - Invincibility
locknload     - Unlimited ammunition
shadowrock    - invisibility
smackdown     - Titan damage
rollercoaster - Titan motion

Cheats Overview:		
All cheats simply require the alt button and the correct keys.		

Code:	Description:	
ALT+3 - God mode
ALT+~ - Fly
ALT+5 - Change Creature
ALT+6 - Kill all visable enemies
Alt-1 - freezes enemys
Alt-8 - comit suicide
Alt-7 - targeting

Determine Correct Path In Levels:
If you find yourself wandering around in the levels, not knowing if youíve 
been there before, simply shoot some vases and other pottery items to determine 
that youíve been there. These items also contain treasures that you can use to 
gain favor from the gods. If an area is clear of enemies, itís an area that you 
have been to. An area teaming with monster is an indication that you havenít been 

One-Hit And Multi-Kills:
Correct timing of the shovel as a weapon will result in one-hit kills. Proper 
technique with the shotgun can result in multiple kills with one shot. Make sure 
the enemy is lined up one behind the other. 

Skip The Invisible Wall In Level 3/ Level Warp:
Go To the \Will Rock\bin open up willrock.cfg file in note or whatever and edit 
this line under [Debug] 

UiNewGameLevel = lev_1_1_outdoor.lg 

and change it to this: 

UiNewGameLevel = lev_1_4_corridors.lg 

Go to a new game in Will Rock and you will start at level 4 skipping that whole level 3 
problem. If you sub in any level name into that line u can basically warp to any level. 
Level names are found in the levels folder.

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