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 WWF Wrestlemania - The Arcade Game Cheats

WWF Wrestlemania - The Arcade Game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by jeansy

Pause the game and type "HULKHOGANWEARSYELLOWNICKERS" then unpause. 
You will win the match.


Go to practice mode. Get one wrestler to take the chair to the top left corner
of the boarded area.  Walk left. Press fire once, walk back. Now you can also 
use the chair in the ring.

* Moves:

U -- up
D -- down
F -- forward
B -- back
P -- punch
K -- kick
BL -- block
R -- run
SP -- super punch
SK -- super kick
{} -- hit the key in the bracers repeatedly
* -- While grabbing
** -- Grabbing and Combo meter is full.

A note on combos, it always starts with F F then an attack button, after that you
need to press another attack button repeatly to get more than 10 hits. So in the 
list below remember to press the last button listed for combo repeatly.

Easy Special:
When running release run and then tap run again. This will automatically execute 
your special.

Basic moves:
There moves should be the same for every wrestler, unless specified.

Grab -- F F SP
Grab & slam to rope -- B B SP
Run -- P + K, or the run button
Slam when opponnent is running - B SP
Push away -- Hold BL + P
Slam -- B B P (close)
* Different throws -- 1) F F SP
   2) D D SK
* Upper Cut -- Hold D + SP (not working for Lux Luger, Bam Bam Bigelow,
Shawn Michaels)

Moves by Wrestlers:

Hammer -- F F SK( {K} for repeated hammering)
KO punch -- P rapidly
Big hand clap -- D F P
Electri-FRY -- Hold P for 3 seconds then release.

Mini Combo
* Hold F all the time P {P} (K finish this combo with a drop kick)

** F F SP -- 4 hits
** F F SP SK repeatly -- 11 hits
** F F SP SK K P ( or F F SP SK P K, Dalibor can't remember which one :) --
??? hits

Razor Ramon
Power Slash -- D F P
Grab & Slam -- F F K{K} ( can be done when holding opponent too)
Standing Drop Kick -- SK for 3 seconds

Mini Combo
* hold U all the time P {P} ( don't know how to finish)

** F F SP -- 8 hits
** F F SP P -- 13 hits
** F F SP P K SK SP -- 24 hits

Belly attack -- F F P
Butt Slam -- F F SK
Rush & Punch -- D F P
Salt throw -- P for 3 seconds

Mini Combo ( Dalibor sent me these I suspect that it should be done while
holding opponets)

** F F P -- 4 hits
** F F P SK -- 5 hits
** F F P K -- 8 hits
** F F P SP -- 12 hits
** F F K SK SP P K SK ( again not sure )

Death Grab -- D F P
*Death Grab -- D D K {P} ( or {K} if not working :)
Chainsaw -- F F SK
Ghost Fireballs -- D F K
Ghost Stuns -- D B K
White Ghosts -- D B P
Neck Twist -- P for 3 seconds

** F F SK -- 5 hits
** F F SK P -- 8 hits
** F F SK SP -- 9 hits
** F F SK K  -- 12 hits

Bam Bam Bigelow
Jump front kick -- B B SK
Super Grab -- SP + SK (together)
Super Punch -- P for 3 seconds {P}
*4 hit Slams -- D D SK SP

** F F SP -- 4 hits
** F F SP K/SK -- 5 hits
** F F SP P -- 13 hits

Shawn Michaels
Head grip -- F F SK
Trip -- F F K
Kick head -- D F K
Scissor Kick -- B B K
Leg Trip -- F F K ( or P )

Mini Combo
* Hold F, K {K} SK
* Hold F, SK {SK} K

** F F P -- 5 hits
** F F K -- 8 hits
** FF K SK -- 13 hits
** F F K SK SP P -- ??? hits
** F F P SP SK K -- ??? hits

Lex Luger
Elbow -- F F P
Mace -- F F SK
Super grab -- SP + SK (together)
*Super Grab -- D F K

Mini Combo
* D F P ( or K again )

** F F K -- 8 hits
** F F K + any other attack -- 9 hits

Bret "the hitman" Hart
Eye poking -- D F P
Super flying kick -- B B SK
Super uppercut -- D B P
SharpShooter (When opponent is down) -- P / SP

Mini Combo
* Hold L K {K} SK
* HOld L SK {SK} K

** F F SK -- 5 hits
** F F Sk P -- 8 hits
** F F SK SP -- 13 hits
** F F SK SP P K -- ??? hits
** F F P SP SK K -- ??? hits

Win match
Pause game play and type hulkhoganwearsyellownickers 
and resume. 

Easy points
Approach the ropes, face the crowd, and press [Esc]. Pick up the chair,
climb on the ropes, and hit your opponent.

Breat heart big combos:
Submitted by: fun-sir

16 FF SK, SP, P, K, SK, SP or P or K
15? FF SK, SP, SK, ...K?
10? FF P, SP, SK ...K?

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