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 Z - Steel Soldiers Cheats

Z - Steel Soldiers

By: Troy Willig

To find what your looking for in the save games folder 
of Z:SS you'll find files of the 'sz2' variety. 
NOT the 'sz2.snf' file. Take this file '?????.sz2' and 
open it with "HexEdit" by Geoffrey Prewett. 
Then search for the floating point value of 10,000 for 
the first scenario save. To search with hex the look for 
the code 00401C46 and right beside it will be another 
00401C46 and the a few numbers down the row you'll find 
it again. 
This is where the 10,000 credits are for the first scenario 
game save. 

Change ALL 3 of these values to 00247449 and you'll have 
1,000,000 credits when you return and reload this game. 
Remember not to change only one or two of the above locations 
or it won't work. You have to change all 3. 

Below is a list of the even credits from 10,000 on up to 15,000: 

10,000 = 00401C46 
11,000 = 00E02B46 
12,000 = 00803B46 
13,000 = 00204B46 
14,000 = 00C05A46 
15,000 = 00606A46 

If you want more of the above then goto the web and find 
HexEdit, dowload it and use it. To find the floating point 
value download WinHack and use its calculator feature which 
has the float integer value which is where you put the value 
and in the float hex value you'll see the code OF COURSE 

Level select:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; 
create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. 
Use a text editor to edit the ".zcm" 
file in the "bin" folder in the game folder. 
The file contains a number which represents the 
current level. Change that number to "210614544". 

Rapid Shockwave attack:
Note: This can only be done on the unpatched game in 
single player mode. Hold [Shift] and repeatedly click 
on an immobile target while the shockwave unit charges. 
Multiple energy blasts will be fired.

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