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 Zoo Tycoon 2 - Endangered Species Cheats

Zoo Tycoon 2 - Endangered Species

Zookeeper walking with binoculars: 
Submitted by: conner54

First, make a Staff Center and wait for a zookeeper to climb up to the top. 
They will have a pair of binoculars. Grab the zookeeper and put him or her 
down on the ground. They will walk around with a pair of binoculars.

Unlock Bonus Items:
Complete the following to unlock special marine items:

Decorative Zoo Wall Columns  - Adopt 20 different endangered
Decorative Zoo Wall Caps     - Release 10 different endangered
Decorated Jeep Vehicles      - Receive $250,000 in tour donations
Decorated Jeep Vehicle Gate  - Complete the Transportation Campaigns
2-Seat Sky Tram Carts        - Have 100 guests in total take a tour
4-Seat Sky Tram Carts        - Have 500 guests in total take a tour
Animal Babies Statue         - Breed 10 different endangered 
Cat Climber                  - Complete the Photo Safari Campaigns
Conservation Breeding Center - Complete the Endangered Species Campaigns
Jeep Commanders              - Receive $25,000 in tour donations
Photo Kiosk                  - Complete 4 different Endangered Species
                               Photo Challenges.
Upgraded Sky Tram Carts      - Have 1,000 guests in total take a tour
Sky Tower                    - Create a 5-star Jeep Vehicle Tour & a 5-star
                               Sky Tram Tour

Submitted by: ASHLYN

Ok, you have to have zoo tycoon 2 endangered spieces to do this. If you take
like a zebra, and elephant, or a african wild dog, well take the wild dog for
example you make it changhe colors if you take like one and you keep on placing
them in the exibit they will be different colors and to give away the ones you 
dont want just sell them or bring them to the wild...

Submitted by: ASHLYN

Ok do this you must have zoo tycoon 2 endangered species. you can make the animals
changed different collors or ptterns. the only ones that i know so far are the 
african elephants, african wild dogs, and the zebrs. take the zebras for example
you keep on putting them in an exibit and their stripes will change every now and
then so you can know whichs ones your male and your female. it makes perfect since.
and just get rid of the ones you donnt want...hope you enjoy!


Deep Water:
Submitted by: anano

Zoo Tycoon 2 and all expansion packs of it

Use the cliff creator to make a cliff. add deep water on top of the cliff. Now, 
in the deep water, use the ditch creator. Volla! Deepest swimming pool ever!

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