Zork III Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Zork III 
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 Zork III Cheats

Zork III

-Get lamp/Light lamp/S/S/S/S/Douse lamp/Drop lamp/Jump in lake/W/S
-Get torch/Wait(till indicator shows II)/Touch table/Get can/E
-Wait(till indicator shows III)/Touch table/Drop torch/E/N/Jump in lake
-D/Get can and shiny object/S/Spray repellent on me/S/S/E/Get key
-Open cover/D/N/N/N/Get torch/W/W/W/Get bread/Climb rope
-Wait(till man appears)/Tie chest to rope/Wait(till man reappears)
-Grab rope/Sw/Wait(till figure appears
-Kill man with sword(till he's badly wounded)/Get hood/Get cloak/E/N/E
-S/E/E/S/S/E/N/Push gold machine south/Open stone door
-Push gold machine east/Sit on seat/Set dial to 776/Press button
-Get ring/Wait(till guards disappear)/Open door/W/Open wooden door/N
-Look under seat/Hide ring under seat/Wait(till you're back)/Get all
-Open stone door/W/Open wooden door/N/Look under seat/S/S/D
-Push east wall/S/S/Se/Push south wall/N/Ne/Push south wall/Get book
-Push south wall/E/Ne/Push west wall/Sw/Nw/Ne/Push south wall/Sw
-Push east wall/Ne/Push south wall/Nw/N/N/N/Push east wall/Sw/S/Se/Ne/N
-Push west wall/Nw/Push south wall/Push south wall/W/Nw/Nw
-Push south wall/Se/Se/Se/Ne/Push west wall/Push west wall/Sw
-Push north wall/Push north wall/Push north wall/Nw/U/N/W/N/N/W/W/N/E
-Ne(if there is nobody here:keep doing Sw Ne)/Wake man
-Give bread to man/Open door/N/N/Put can in beam/S/Press button/N/N/N
-Raise short pole/Press red wall/Press red wall/Lower short pole
-Press mahogany panel/Press mahogany panel/Press mahogany panel
-Raise shhort pole/Press red wall/Press red wall/Press red wall
-Press red wall/Press pine panel/N/Knock at door
-Tell dungeon master "follow me"/N/E/N/N/Set dial to 4/Press button/S
-Open cell door/S/Tell dungeon master "go north"
-Tell dungeon master "set dial to 1 and press button"
-Unlock bronze door with key/s.
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