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  Hints and Tips for: 21st Brigade 
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 21st Brigade Cheats

21st Brigade

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press [Enter] to display an entry prompt, type one of the following 
codes, then press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat 

Code               Result
amazon           - No Trees
avatar           - Yellow Boxes Around Vehicles, Buildings
london           - No Clouds
hasselhoff       - Instant Loss
ispy             - No Fog of War
polytheism       - Invincibility for Everyone
killenemy        - Kill All Enemies
grid             - Display Grid
chessmatch       - 100% Radar
commanders       - Disables Commanders Effects
stratperspective - Changes View
novictory        - Disables Victory Results
hurt             - Hurts First Vehicle in Present Platoon
chillout         - Locks Vehicle in Place
seattle          - Disables Horizon
gameoverman      - Instant Win
chessmatch       - Full radar
neon             - Mark all tanks with yellow triangles
polytheism       - You and opponents are invincible
soundbytes       - Displays memory used by sound
farfog   - Farthest distance to draw fog
farclip  - Farthest to draw objects/terrain
id               - Identify selected vehicle
dirb     - Set the blue direction of light

Comanding Units of Platoons Have More Attributes:
Search for the file ChineseComanders. in your Force 21 
directory. Open it with a text editor and modify the 
attributes to your liking. Be sure to backup the file 
bfore overwriting. 

Knowledge is power. Use your recon vehicles to probe enemy 
positions, then engage the opposition with your heavy armor. 

Use your weapons' different ranges to set "kill zones.
" Deploy TOW Antitank Guided Missiles to the rear, place 
tanks a bit forward, sprinkle the area where you wish to 
engage the enemy with mines, and then let loose when the 
enemy arrives. It is the synergy of multiple weapon systems 
simultaneously engaging the enemy that wins battles. 

Place your less capable tanks (such as T-72s) on the reverse 
(that is, opposite) side of the hill from an enemy advance. 
The enemy won't be able to see the tanks until they crest 
the hill, and then the T-72s can pour shells into the enemy 
at close range--hopefully negating any technological advantage 
the enemy has. That's the theory, but it didn't work too well 
for the Iraqis at Medina Ridge. 

Use the right weapon system for the right job. Helicopters 
are great tank busters, but are vulnerable to thin-skinned 
antiair vehicles. Use tanks to clear the antiair vehicles 
before employing your choppers. The helicopters are also 
good at popping up from behind ridges (using the Set 
Helicopter Height option), shooting a couple of missiles, 
and then diving for cover before the enemy can return fire.

Cheat mode:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup 
copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the 
"chinesecomanders" file in the game directory. Change the commanding 
unit attributes as desired.

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