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  Hints and Tips for: 30XX 
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 30XX Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tip for Scripture Level:
Itís some of the hardest platforming in the game, but it isnít 

-=Most Important Tip=-
Donít miss the Zookeeperís Burden in the bottom right of the level. 
After you get the Armatort leg piece jump off to the right to find it.

The level (especially the boss) is much easier with it.

Lethal Tempo Fighting Tips:
Crushing Void is a key! If youíve beaten Absolution, the power you get 
from him is a direct counter to Lethal Tempo. Whenever Lethal Tempo 
does that one attack where it shoots out a wide spread of slow moving 
gears in a crescent shape, fire off one shot of Crushing Void.

Itíll eat all the gears, become massive enough to fill the whole screen 
and deal huge damage to all four faces of Lethal Tempo. If you have any 
augs that boost power strength itíll end the fight really quickly.

If you donít like using Crushing Void as-is, you can combine it with 
Rending Whirl to create a giant tornado that can also hit all four 
faces at once and deal significant damage.

Thatís if youíre playing as Nina of course. If youíre playing as Ace, 
then I find itís easiest to start with the face on the bottom, and hop 
up onto, and down from, the platform in-front of it. From there, stick 
as close to the right-side wall as possible and you can avoid a lot of 
the bossís attacks as you work your way up from bottom to top.

Void Double (Again, from Absolution) is a great Power to have to deal 
damage quickly since Lethal Tempo canít avoid it. As an alternative to 
dealing huge damage, Echo Shell (From Echo Beast) is a great way to 
protect you from the gears flying at you from above.

Gameplay Tips:
Go for attack damage, especially the aug that gives you +1 attack damage 
at the start of every stage. If you can get a few of those youíre golden. 
Enemies dropping health is your second priority. Movement speed is also 
key, since you can.

Put on the modifier that makes each stage longer to +2. This gets you a 
lot more opportunities to get augs before the difficulty ramps up.

Turn on some visibility options. I turned on a black border around the 
player, enemies, and projectiles, and faded the background to white by 10%. 
This would make a really good default, to be honest.

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