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  Hints and Tips for: 60 Seconds! Reatomized 
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 60 Seconds! Reatomized Cheats

60 Seconds! Reatomized

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by Android

Some useful tips that should help when you play the game.

-=Important Items=-
Some of the most important items (in my opinion) are shown below, 
these are great to bring during the scavenge segment of the game. 

- The gun can be used in a lot of scenarios, including fending off raiders.

- The axe is used for chopping trees (military), making houses (siblings) 
and can also be used for fending raiders off.

- Even though people find it useless, it can be traded, used in other 
scenarios such as the lady with the spider, can allow you to use the gun 
twice against the raiders.

- Can be used to scavenge when only one person is left, provides protection 
against raiders.

- Can be used to get food from the roaches, can be used twice to protect 
against raiders and can be given to the twins.

- Helps the family to be sane, allows you to get the military ending, tells 
you if the fallout outside is gone.

Gas Mask 
- Can be used to scavenge supplies without getting sick, can also be used to 
prevent being sick in the bunker.

Boy Scout Handbook 
- Has many uses such as cleaning messes, finding a photo to raise sanity, 
used to repair broken things (not as common as in the original game) and 
much more.

-=Scenario Tips=-
Whenever these scenarios pop up, these tips should help.

When someone knocks on the door in the first couple of days, it is normally 
Dolores or Mary Jane.

If you have both, or are playing on Tsar Bomba mode, this risk would most 
likely not be worth it because you may get sick.

If there is a problem with the ventilation, do not use the flashlight or 
boyscout handbook. The best option is to use the bug spray, or do nothing. 
The reason for this is that a hive of mutated insects are living inside. If 
you use the bug spray, you destroy the hive and kill the insects. If you do 
nothing, the next day there should be no more problems.

When doctors who had supplies eaten by a Sasquatch come to the door asking 
for water, give it to them if you have any spare water. If you give them 
water, they will come back sometime later in your run and give the family 
shots (cures sickness).

If the spider, cockroach or leaking pipe scenario come up, don’t use anything 
for a chance to have Mutant Mary Jane. Mutant Mary Jane does not need any 
water and comes back from expeditions most of the time. If a scenario which 
asks to talk to Mary Jane comes up while she is a mutant, do not choose yes, 
or she will leave the bunker forever.

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