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  Hints and Tips for: 9th Dawn III 
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 9th Dawn III Cheats

9th Dawn III

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete Beginner's Tips to Get Started:
Written by JJ

A few things I figured out after about 10 hours of play...

Quick Tips from (and For) a Beginning Player (Xbox Controller)

Just wanted to post a short beginner's guide on this very enjoyable game. FYI: 
I'm completely new to the franchise and I play this with an Xbox One controller 
(which works very well with default settings) so I may be missing information 
about many things admittedly.

1. The game is designed to get you to fail at a lot of things initially. It can 
be frustrating when you spend all of your gold on trying to develop a crafting 
skill or to catch a creature. Just keep in mind that every failure gives you 
experience in that category to make the next attempt more likely to succeed. It 
can take many attempts to get to a point where you can consistently produce a 
positive result. When you do however, you'll easily start climbing up that skill 
level/crafting ability/creature capturing/etc. It seems that just about everything 
is getting easier as you grind. You'll fail less and collect more. Except Fyeud... 
You only have yourself to blame for failing that. It was your choice to start the 
game after all.

2. I might have missed it... But I don't recall the tutorial mentioning that you 
can dodge roll? I played for 2 hours before I accidentally rolled my character. 
I was floored, I had given up using melee weapons and went straight to a wand 
before I realized I could have been rollin' this whole time. 
Rolling also destroys all those containers in one hit, beats chopping at it 2 
or 3 times a bucket.

3. Speaking of wands, it seems to be a very good weapon to work with at the start 
of the game. Even better, use 2 of them. I focused on magic abilities early on too. 
Trained Regen and Fire Ball as my first two skills. Those two alone kept me going 
until my wands dealt way more damage than the fire ball. Regen Friend works well 
when you start to capture creatures too. The regen buff lasts a while (3 or 4 
minutes I think) so you'll keep yourself and them alive much longer that way. 
By the way, using the red Bloodspawn portals will bring your creature back to 

4. I'm still not sure how capturing creatures works exactly but in my experience 
so far you'll probably want around 8 bait and 5 or 6 snare traps to get started. 
Head back in the starting sewers and try to catch one of the grey or white rats 
there. Make sure it's not the large rat or one of the other flavors as they will 
probably be harder to tame. Make sure there's only the one creature there with 
you and drop bait. When it moves over it, it'll start to show a heart. The 
tutorial says that they will show "many" hearts or something like that but I've 
only ever seen one at any time after 6 or 7 feedings. Then drop the trap. Keep 
an eye on the log, they probably won't get caught on the first few traps. 
Eventually the hearts will go away and you need to bait them again. Of course 
you'll be broke at his point so you'll need to make some gold.

5. Gold seemed very scarce at the beginning of the game. I started selling all 
my excess equipment early on to get some quick cash. If you find food for 
creatures, I'd recommend selling them. They get you a couple thousand gold each 
and honestly your pet will out level you 20 minutes after playing with it in 
your party. When you start getting strong enough to one hit all the mobs in the 
dungeon you are in, just run through it picking up loot from monsters and 
containers. You'll be selling raw meats by the hundreds for some quick gold in 
no time.

6. Talk to everyone and start any quests they give you. This is how you unlock 
all of the different crafting abilities, fishing, starting Fyeud cards, etc. If 
you run out of Fyeud cards you can buy another set of starters from the same 
person who gave you the free ones.

-=A few things to be wary of=-
7. Bosses can be very tough in some areas. Be prepared, spam health potions a lot.

8. I recently unlocked Nameless (the companion character) and was not able to
 find a way to share items from my main character with her. Found a workaround 
though, you can deposit items in an empty treasure chest anywhere in the game 
and then switch characters to take them back. As far as I can tell, Nameless is 
completely independent of the main creature. Has her own inventory, creatures 
to tame, bank, skills, etc. The only thing that carried over is she will be able 
to craft, cook or fish without having to do those unlock quests over.

9. Fyeud... I'm like 2-12 in this game so far. Stick to playing the few characters 
you first met as everyone else will crush you. I don't know if this is a bug, but 
when I finally won my second game and chose a card for my reward, the game prompts 
you if you are "Sure you want this card?" I cancelled the selection with the B 
button and couldn't pick another one, lost out on the reward completely.

Hope you all enjoy this game, hope one of these tips help anyone on the fence 
about trying this game. It's been a great time so far, we need more fast paced 
action RPGs like this!

Cheap Method to Leveling Creature Capture:
Written by isomer_

A simple way to level Creature Capture while saving gold!

To save gold, simply buy only creature bait, then go to the highest level area 
you have discovered and spam pet bait. Higher enemies grants more xp I'm pretty 
sure and you will get a lot of levels that way. When you are happy with your 
level, you can then start buying traps to select which creatures you want as your 

This has saved me a ton of gold because I was doing the typical bait then trap 
then food then trap method but it cost so much gold!

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