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  Hints and Tips for: Acquitted 
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 Acquitted Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Quick Survival Tips:
Written by lost_ronin_soul

You bought the game. It was fun for 5 minutes. Now it has gotten pretty 
hard. Now what? Here’s 7 tips to get more bang for your buck out of this 

-=Tip 1: Run And Gun=-
Try to run along the perimeter in one direction only, like its a big 
square track. instead of a full map Try to kill only whats in front of 
you as much as possible (but its always good to deviate to kill moltov 
cocktail throwers/gold chain wearing thieves). Running backwards to get 
power ups is a fools errand and leads to death often.Don’t do it unless 
you want o risk getting mobbed. If you pew pew the zombies in front of 
your run path, it’s easier to collect their loot drops without getting 
bum rushed.

I keep running the full perimeter pattern trying to reduce zombies until 
I get to the single digits at the end of wave 3 of 3 (the wave and 
remaining zombies # in the wave can be tracked in the top right). Also, 
try to not hug the outside border wall though; treat it like NASCAR 
instead [get to the inside lane]. What I mean is don’t hug the border 
of the game. Getting too close to the border wall will open you up to 
higher chances of getting caught in missed moltov cocktail blasts that 
hit the wall next to you.

-=Tip 2: Order A Box To Go=-
You can use boxes in the early levels in the middle of the thin walk 
ways. If placed correctly it will allow you to get a little bit of 
breathing room when you run into that area from the first kind of boss. 
This tip stopped working for me when the “they/them” 2nd boss type 
zombies spawn (I am not a biologist, so I am unable to call those bulky 
strong blondes ‘females’, sorry) . The auto turret works like a box 
[that shoots ^_^] as an obstacle. turrets can help clean up bosses on 
wave 3 of 3 but they don’t last forever and have a long cool down to 

-=Tip 3: Know Your Guns=-
The standard rifle works fine until you get the traditional weapon of 
choice against zombies…the classic shot gun. Always reload by pressing 
“R” when the action wanes so you can be fully loaded the next time 
things get sporty. The next best gun is the mini-gun. Just keep its 
barrel cycling always. So practice tap firing every few steps even if 
nothing is there. Tap burst will allows the mini gun to not over heat 
but be ready for combat. This will help you push through a wall of 
zombies with less chances of getting stuck in the mob. use the number 
key to scroll to your weapon at the start of the round for best
 results. Switching to the sniper rifle is useful for taking out bosses 
if you are at the end of wave 3 of 3 and want to kill the bosses quicker.

-=Tip 4: Try To Not Kill Boss Zombies In Tight Walkways=-
It would be unfortunate to find a fat whale of a zombie blocking your 
escape path down the line. If this does happens, don’t despair for they 
can be removed with a rocket launcher.

-=Tip 5: Kill The Bosses Last=-
This works until level 20. On level 20 there is 5, so killing one if an 
opportunity is available is helpful because you are less likely to run 
into one in front of you as you run along the perimeter.

-=Tip 6: Moar Easier Mode, Please=-
You can adjust the map level by clicking the yellow tabs on the left 
side after you get passed the first main menu, but before you resume 
your campaign if you want to play a more relaxed game.

-=Tip 7: Save Somefin’ For The Commiequeens=-
Throwing grenades at bosses stuns bosses, giving you a way to put some 
distance from the 2nd kind of boss (who can gain on you if you tap fire 
the mini gun unskillfully). So saving them for boss escapes helps in 
later levels

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