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  Hints and Tips for: AEW: Fight Forever 
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 AEW: Fight Forever Cheats

AEW: Fight Forever

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Unlock All Hidden Wrestlers:
Written by DivineHybridd

-=Cody Rhodes & Aubrey Edwards=-
Both can be purchased with in game cash in the shop tab. Play a few 
matches to rank up some money and purchase them to unlock them for 
use in Road to Elite and Exhibition.

-=Mr Brodie Lee=-
The late, great Brodie Lee. This one is a bit tougher to unlock as it 
requires a bit of luck. To unlock The Exhalted One you must play 
through the story block “Join The Dark Order” and beat Mr Brodie Lee 
for the TNT Championship. Then you will be able to purchase him in the 
Shop tab under “Other Items” for $30,000 in game cash.

Getting the story is the hardest part here as it is completely random. 
I got it on stream playing as Kris Statlander. Im not sure if that helps 
chances, but thought it would be nice to add.

-=Paul Wight=-
The man once known as Captain Insano and the Big Show.

In chapter 4 you need to get the storyline called “Who’s Ribbing Me”. 
Play through it as per usual but when you come to a part where your 
character is broke down on the side of the road and has to walk to the 
Arena, Nick Jackson will tell you you have 3 minutes to fight Paul Wight. 
Defeating him will grant you the ability to purchase him in the shop tab 
also for $30,000

This fight can be EXTREMELY hard with the time limit. Paul Wight cannot 
be picked up, so you’ll only be able to strike and use strike grapples 
(Lockup, followed by a punch or kick button).

Fear not, dear reader of guides, There is a way to cheese this fight.

If you have the credits to buy an upgrade from the shop in Road to Elite, 
there is a power up that allows you have a special for the entire week, as 
soon as the match with Paul Wight starts, use your finisher on him 2 or 3 
times and go for the pin. I did this with malakai black and won the match 
against Paul Wight in a blistering 16 seconds.

Alternatively, you can beat him by count out. Get him out of the ring and 
keep him down and when the Ref counts 9, RUN back into the ring.

-=Owen Hart=-
The legendary Owen Hart. Beloved by millions.

To unlock Owen Hart, you have to play 100 matches in exhibition mode, and 
then go to the shop tab to unlock him for $50,000. This might take awhile, 
but feel free to explore different dream matches, recreate actual matches 
from the Live products, be creative!

Enjoy the ride!

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