Age of Empires IV - Anniversary Edition Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Age of Empires IV - Anniversary Edition 
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 Age of Empires IV - Anniversary Edition Cheats

Age of Empires IV - Anniversary Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheat Codes List:
Written by lynxbite

Here is a guide on how to cheat with all cheat codes.

-=How to use=-
Cheats are only available in custom game and can only be enabled 
by lobby host. To enable them go to "Game Setup" tab

When the game starts you can use them by typing in game chat.
*Note that cheats are not case-sensitive.

Code                  Effect
Full Meal Deal      - Sets your Food to 100000.
Knock On Wood       - Sets your Wood to 100000.
I Have An App Idea  - Sets your Gold to 100000.
Take It For Granite - Sets your Stone to 100000.
Smorgasbord         - Sets all your resources to 100000.
Age Me Up Scotty    - Age up instantly
Inna Jiffy          - Instant build, train and research.
It Is Known         - Reveal or hide map (togglable).
It Was Known        - Explores the whole map without removing fog of war.
Photon Man          - Spawn OP Photon Man. 
                      (cheat unit from AoE2)
Make It Quick       - Kill selected units and buildings 
                      (limit of 50 at a time).
You Monster         - Kills and removes all wild animals 
                      (sheep, deer, boar and wolves).
Anti-Poke           - God mod for all your units and buildings.
Minimally Minimal   - Toggle HUD.
King Size Beds      - Max Pop Cap.
At the core         - Spawns one of each core units.
Big Bad Sheep       - Turns all sheep to wolves.
Out With The New    - Replaces attack notification with the AoE2 alarm.
I Give Up           - Surrender.
One Of Us           - Converts selected units with Wololo sound effect.
Zeleport            - Teleport selected units to your cursor
This Is Fine        - Set selected buildings on fire.
Another Round       - Slows game speed.
Another Cup         - Speeds up the game.

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