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  Hints and Tips for: Alien Rage 
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 Alien Rage Cheats

Alien Rage

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view
your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", 
then "View  all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement             Description
A Serious Man         - Complete single player campaign on Hard difficulty.
Apex Predator         - Reach a player score of 25,000,000.
Arachnophobe	    - Defeat Vorus God Mech.
Armed & Completionist - Use all weapons.
Away Game             - Play as an alien in a multiplayer game.
Books on Tape         - Find all audio recordings.
Bridgelayer           - Lower the bridge.
Called a Meeting      - Survive the Heavy room.
Can't Homidecide      - Kill an enemy with every weapon.
Do You Feel Lucky?    - Play entire campaign using only the pistol.
Dominator             - Win 10 multiplayer games.
Driving Angry         - 80 Kills While Piloting Mech.
Explosive Personality - 500 Kills With Explosions.
Fire! Fire!           - 1000 Promethium Containers Destroyed.
Fortified             - Take out the bunker.
Gangbuster            - Defeat AA-19 Combat Mech.
Giant Killer          - Defeat Vorus Centurion.
Godlike               - Reach a player score of 50,000,000.
Going Solo            - Play entire campaign using only 1 weapon.
Guardian              - Defeat DF9 Sentry Mech.
Hardcore              - Complete single player campaign on Brutal difficulty.
Hoarder               - Find all weapons.
Home Team             - Play as a human in a multiplayer game.
Immortal              - Never die during a single multiplayer match.
It's Personal         - 250 Kills With Melee.
Juiced                - Unlock first Perk.
Mellon Baller         - 500 Total Headshots.
No Stone Unturned     - Complete single player campaign on all difficulty levels.
Overdrive             - Defeat Mk XII Heavy Mech.
Pitching Machine      - Defeat Vorus Primus.
Point & Shoot         - Find a new weapon.
Press the Button!     - Use any weapon's secondary fire mode.
Property Damage       - Destroy the security control room.
Relentless            - 1500 Total Kills.
Secured               - Defeat Security Turrets.
Showdown              - Defeat Vorus Gladiator.
Spin Control          - Set the docking tower centrifuge to overdrive.
Supreme Being         - Get the most kills during a single multiplayer match.
Tenacious             - Complete single player campaign on any difficulty level.
The Exterminator      - 25 Kills Using Mech To Step On Enemies.
Trying New Things     - Find an alien weapon.
Utility Belt          - Unlock all player perks.
Walk in the Park      - Complete single player campaign on Normal difficulty.
Welcome to the Party  - Join a multiplayer game.
When Titans Fall      - Defeat all Bosses.

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