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  Hints and Tips for: A Little to the Left 
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 A Little to the Left Cheats

A Little to the Left

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Obtain Rainbow to the Moon Achievement:
* Important! The starting containers they give you each time you 
  complete a row don’t matter.
* Only the containers you physically select yourself count.
* So just make sure to stick to the pattern of blue, red, yellow 
  that you see when the game’s first loading that level and the 
  kitty’s jumping up into its starting position.
* I.e. select only blue containers when you first start out in the 
  puzzle until you create a point for the cat to jump up to, then 
  only red, then only yellow, so on and so forth.
* That should get you the achievement once you reach the top.

Written by Leafpool10120

* Placement can be very specific for a level to register as completed. 
* Listen for a ding to verify that things are placed right. 
* If the level doesn't feature dings, keep slightly moving the object 
  around until you get it.
* If you're presented with a bunch of items, several having duplicates, 
  you're probably looking at a symmetry level. 
* Place the ones with no duplicates somewhere along the center line, 
  and try to work from there.

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