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  Hints and Tips for: American Truck Simulator 
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 American Truck Simulator Cheats

American Truck Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

In order to unlock the Developer Console simply follow the quick easy steps 
given below. Open "My Documents\American Truck Simulator". 

Open the "Config.ini" file with any text editor Notepad will do. 

Locate these line and make the following changes(0 to 1)

uset g_developer "0" 
uset g_console "0"

After Change

uset g_developer "1" 
uset g_console "1"

Save the File and Run the Game. Use the '~' button to use the console.
Note: Don't Forget to backup the file before editing.

Effect                                         Code
Teleport to indicated coordinates            - goto ([x];[y];[z])
Teleport to indicated city; press [F9] to  
teleport your truck                          - goto [city name]
Create saved game                            - save
Set flycam speed                             - g_flyspeed [number]
View frame rate                              - g_fps [number]
Toggle police penalty                        - g_police [0 or 1]
Set time                                     - g_set_time [number]
Set weather                                  - g_set_weather [number]
Toggle traffic                               - g_traffic [0 or 1]
Toggle full screen                           - f_fullscreen [0 or 1]
Toggle VSync                                 - r_vsync [0 or 1]

Easy Money:
The Easy way to earn money is cheating, but here we have an alternative to that. 
In this Easy way, you must have your own truck and two hired drivers. Then Select
the driver from the road who are driving their truck and choose the one whose 
travel time is the longest. Then get to his truck and he will abandon your 
transportation which in return will be transported to your garage. 
Note: This will immediately move from the amount of time needed to bring the 
truck back to you.

The second one is to do the Time pass. Here you must have at least two garages 
each on the end of the map and A bunch of drivers with their trucks. Then try 
the fast travel from the garage manager and let the time pass. This will make 
your workers paid for the successful delivery supplies. This way you can easily
earn more. The more drivers you have the more you can earn.

Truck dealers:
Dealerships are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

Bakersfield: Peterbilt 
Los Angeles: Kenworth 
San Diego: Peterbilt 

Elko: Kenworth 
Reno: Peterbilt

Free Fuel:
If you played the Euro Truck Simulator, you will know how to do this: When you 
finish refuelling your truck at a service station; instead of driving away, save 
your game, reload your save and drive away. The game will have forgotten to charge
you for the fuel which normally happens when you drive away from the bowser.

Easy "Cheers!" achievement:
Complete 3 deliveries for the "Darchelle Yzau" company from their vineyards in 
California. Sort by sender to find them. They have three vineyards close to 
Carlsbad, San Rafael, and Eureka.

Easy "Sea dog" achievement:
Deliver any cargo to Oakland Shippers. Because Oakland has only one destination 
it cannot be missed it. Display the map and find the Port of San Francisco. 
Note: There is no label, however the icon resembles a bottle. It can be found 
west-southwest of Oakland in the southern part of urban San Francisco area. Use
quick jobs and sort the offers per destination if an offer is about to expire. 
If you cannot find a suitable job, try again later or quick travel to another 
city in order to reset the job market offers.

Easy "Gold fever" achievement:
Deliver any cargo to the Coastline Mining company. There is east of Carson City 
and northwest of Elko. Damage to cargo, time of arrival, fines en route will not
matter. You can deliver the cargo with your own truck or take Quick Job (which is
easier because you can take cargo from any city, and not the one you are currently 

Easy "High five" achievement:
Have at least 2 level in the Long Distance Skill to unlock 600+ mile offers. Because 
you have to deliver cargo on-time, take Standard delivery (one green arrow), and not 
Important (two blue arrows) or Urgent (three red arrows). Consider sleeping and 
refueling just before taking your cargo in order to deliver it non-stop. Fourteen 
hours between rest stops is enough time to drive 600 miles. When you take the job, 
note the delivery window. Do not complete your delivery before the start of this 
window. If you arrive too early, stop somewhere and wait. Remember that time passes
faster outside cities and companies. You also must deliver the cargo without any 
damage. Drive carefully by checking your mirrors, using turn signals, etc. You can
damage your truck and bump or scratch the cargo slightly, as long as damage meter 
in the Route Advisor still shows 0% trailer damage. The delivery also must be done
without any fines. Enable the speed limit indication in Route Advisor and do not 
speed. You can also use Cruise Control to keep your speed in check. Do not hit any
traffic; even if you are not fined you can damage your cargo and vice versa. Use 
your lights when it turns dark. Do not ignore Weight Control. Do not run through 
red lights or drive the wrong way, as this will also be dangerous to your cargo. 
Be careful when turning right on a red light. If you make a mistake, you can be 
fined, as well as risk the chance of collision with oncoming traffic from your 
left. Also consider taking a job across the desert in Nevada at night to encounter
significantly less traffic and police. The GPS shows the shortest route, but this 
may not be the fastest or the easiest one.

Interest Free Loans:
As long as you need less than 400,000, never use the 400,000 loan. Take out 4 loans
of 100,000. Interest is charged just before noon every day. Before you get charged 
interest, take out a new 100,000 loan, and pay off 1 of the old loans. Repeat 3 
times. Once noon rolls around, you're not charged interest. Build up your cash and
when you can afford it, pay off one of your 100,000 loans. Keep repeating until 
you're out of debt without paying interest.

Update free fuel:
Submitted by: tdkid

The free fuel cheat has been patched in game to add the cost of the fuel for every 
time you tried this trick to a total amount you will have to pay when you drive away
from the pump without saving and then loading the game. 

There is a better way for free fuel but you will need the special cargo DLC and it 
works better with trucks with 300 gallon/liter tanks and fuel economy maxed out. to
do this which will give you free fuel every time is to start a special cargo mission
to a very close destination, like Los Angeles to Bakersfield. you will be refueled 
and fatigue reset and when you deliver the cargo, whatever you don't use you will 
get to keep.

How to Get into Colorado DLC (without Utah or New Mexico):
Written by mfeets

I bought the game only because Colorado came out. however, I didn't spawn there, 
I spawned in California(stupid move). I still wanted to get into Colorado, so I 
drove around and found a way in.

-=Getting There=-
* First of all you need you own truck (I took out a loan and bought one).
* Then, work your way (or not, but you can make a few bucks) to Kenyatta, Arizona. 
  This is the key to entering.
* Now, drive past Kenyatta and take the next possible left. You will have to go 
  around a barrier, but it allows you to.
* Then, turn right into Bluff, Utah. When you see a barrier over a road on your 
  left, push F7 and then call for help. 
* The nearest service is actually in Durango, Colorado, and it will TP you there.
* Don't go with a trailer! You will not be able to get back to AZ without quick 
  traveling to your garage. 
* That's it! Explore Colorado! Have fun, as it is an amazing DLC!

How to Prevent The New Suspension System from Resetting:
Written by StayLoaded

How to prevent the new suspension system from resetting automatically so 
you can drive with the truck without the suspension still active.

* Go here \Users\xxx\xxx\Documents\American Truck Simulator
* Open Config.cfg with NotePad or any other tools.
* Find uset g_suspension_auto_reset "1" Change the "1" to "0"
* Save when finished rditing.

Adaptive Cruise Control:
Written by StayLoaded

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is a system designed to help vehicles maintain a safe 
following distance and stay within the speed limit. This system adjusts a car’s 
speed automatically so drivers don’t have to.

ACC functions by sensory technology installed within vehicles such as cameras, 
lasers, and radar equipment, which creates an idea of how close one car is to 
another, or other objects on the roadway. For this reason, ACC is the basis for 
future car intelligence.

These sensory technologies allow the car to detect and warn the driver about 
potential forward collisions. When this happens, red lights begin to flash, and 
the phrase ‘brake now!’ appears on the dashboard to help the driver slow down. 
There might also be an audible warning.

How to Active (Adaptive Cruise Control) = ACC
Make sure console is on while in game ATS/ETS2
Open console enter each command:
g_acc 1 to 10

Examples: For g_acc, 1 to 10 determines the distance between your vehicle and 
the vehicle in front of you.

Also when active the vehicle controls it’s own acceleration/deceleration’s and 
more steady maintain the distance between the vehicle infront of you and if you 
get too close the the vehicle infront of you the emergency blinkers and brakes 
get activated.

g_emergency_brake 1

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