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  Hints and Tips for: Animal Jam 
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 Animal Jam Cheats

Animal Jam

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

You click somewhere specific, then click some ones name. Then put the game tab out then click 
a game, then exit. Here's a little cheat: Put out the game tab BEFORE clicking the area. Then 
you can click it. Here the epic wonder glitch: Click someone name then the game tab, then click
near the ball thing and click the game. Then exit!

Canyons Pathaway glitch:
This is really simple, switch animals and while switching animals click on the rock quickly. 
Hope you like it. Comment if you like, or comment in capitals if you dont like.

Epic wonders:
All u need to do u is:

* Go to epic wonders.
* Go up to the ege where the blue orb is.
* Clike somewon name tag (someone have to be there).
* Click game.
* Then click the door.
* And then click any games.
* And the cancle.
* And BOOM there u go.

The Claw:
1.You get the claw over the highest plushie (it doesnt work for trading parties) in the pile.
2.Then randomly keep clicking drop. 

* You should get something on the first go BUT NOT ON THE SECOND GO then the same pattern 

Rainbow potion:
How 2 get the rainbow potion in brady barr's lab.
1. Go 2 brady barr's lab.
2. Click on the potion game.
3. Click green , then blue, then red
4. Repeat the last step 2 more times.
5. Click the fire 3 times.

Light blue color:
How 2 get light blue.
1.Go 2 change your look.
2.There is a purple color in the bottom right corner.
3.Click on the right side right next 2 the purple color.

Shiveer glitch:
Stand under the the cocoa hut next to the flowers. Click a name tag then open games. Do not click 
a game then click the top of the tent. Click a game the exit it takes time to get it down.

Epic wonders house glitch:
Click on someones name tag. Go to the games area (dont select game yet). Go as close to the 
edge as possible. Then click on the game and cancel really quick. Make sure you click top of
bigger waterfall. Tthen you will be able to walk in the sky!

Zios glitch:
Stand right near the flowers in the middle of the monkey window and the bradybarrslab door 
and click the window and the door tons of times really quick and you will go up the pillar. 
You can do anything regular and i like to get my bat costume on my bunny sit right on top 
of the door and say enter if you dare.

Canyons pathway glitch:
Stand by the dome thingy and change animals then go click the vine near the dome you can see
only your tail and/or your nose.

Egg hunt:
You have to find 8 eggs. One is close to corel crayons go to the lake there pass it then go to 
the corel crayon path and look at the top of the rock and you can find one of the eggs! You can
get a birds nest if you find all the eggs!

Secret Rainbow Potion:
* Click blue three times.
* Repeat step 1 with other the colors.
* After that click the fire three times.
* And BOOM there you have it!

Heatwave Party Glitch:
Go up to the top platform. Click on the very edge of the floor before you go on the waterslide. 
You should go on the slide below it (the shortest slide) and then kind of float back to the top 
platform, then walk all the way over to the smaller pool.

Epic wonders eagle glitch:
You have to have an eagle and an arctic wolf to do this.
1: Fly ur eagle over to the blue orb.
2:sit on the blue orb.
3:switch to ur arctic wolf.
4:click on top of the blue orb.
5:dance or sit play makes it look like ur floating.

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