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  Hints and Tips for: Anomaly Korea 
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 Anomaly Korea Cheats

Anomaly Korea

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To 
view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My 
profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement         Description
Ace Rookie        : Complete mission 1 without losing any units, with 4 Boosts 
                    remaining, on Advanced difficulty or above.
All in the family : Destroy each tower type at least once.
Annihilator       : In mission 11, destroy every tower in each special zone, 
                    on Advanced difficulty or above. 
Banker            : Collect $10000.
Blitzkrieg        : Destroy 10 towers in 10 seconds.
Cautious Captain  : Complete mission 10 without activating a single energizer, 
                    on Advanced difficulty or above. 
Collector         : Collect 10 abilities.
Convoy            : Build a squad of 6 units.
Fire away!        : Use Horangi Tank's special attack 10 times.
First gold        : Earn 5 gold medals.
Golden God        : Earn all gold medals in the game.
Grinder           : Earn 500 000 points. 
Ground Control    : Complete mission 9 not triggering any airstrikes, on Advanced
                    difficulty or above. 
Hardcore Hero     : Complete the campaign on Hardcore difficulty.
Head On           : Complete mission 3 attacking 5 scorchers head-on, on Advanced
                    difficulty or above.
Helpful Hand      : Use abilities 100 times. 
Hero              : Complete the campaign. 
Humanity's Hero   : Destroy 1000 towers. 
Main Supplier     : Use a supply unit to spawn 10 abilities. 
Master Blaster    : Complete mission 6 destroying all towers, on Advanced difficulty
                    or above.
Medal of Valor    : Complete mission 2 without losing any units, without using Boost,
                    on Advanced difficulty or above.
Pimp it up!       : Fully upgrade a unit of each type.
Pocket change     : Collect $2500.
Protector         : Complete mission 5 without losing your Shielder, on Advanced 
                    difficulty or above.
Psyche Out        : Fool a hacker into attacking a decoy. 
Pyrophobia        : In mission 12, destroy all energy relays without your squad
                    catching fire, on Advanced difficulty or above.
Scrooge           : Complete mission 7 buying just a single unit, on Advanced 
                    difficulty or above. 
Sudden strike     : Complete each of the sectors in mission 8 in under 1 min 50 sec,
                    on Advanced difficulty or above.
Sun-Tzu           : Complete all Art Of War Trials. 
Tank Lord         : Complete mission 4 using only unupgraded tanks, on Advanced 
                    difficulty or above.
Threat            : Destroy 5 towers. 
Top Gear          : Upgrade a unit. 
Versatile         : Use every ability 5 times each.
War Monger        : Destroy 100 towers.

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