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  Hints and Tips for: Adventure Quest Worlds 
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 Adventure Quest Worlds Cheats

Adventure Quest Worlds

Cheat Codes:
This game is titled also "AQ Worlds"
Submitted by: RM

Go to the center of the BattleonTown area. Click on the exclamation mark above Valencia's 
head, then select the "Special Codes" button. Enter one of the following codes to unlock 
the corresponding bonus. 

Effect                   Code 	
Thirteen1 Badger helm  - Thirteen1
Open "Beckett's shop"  - Oicu812

Click any location, when yer character runs to it, press rest, it will slide there and stop 
there, but when yer sliding, click another location and yer character will slide to there too.

Fast questing:
When you get a quest dont close down the quest window, instead let it be. then go do your 
quest. After that you can just click turn in as normal and then take quest again while staying
at quest spot!

Easy Level-Ups:
Go to Swordhaven and find the Inn with Artix and Robina in it. Now once you've found the Inn 
and saw the Artix and Robina. Press the bubble on top of Artix's head and a black box will 
appear letting you do quests like (Defend The Gates and Undead Invasion). Now since the black 
box is open, don't ever close it and type on the chat box for players this:

/join bridge-1111

Once you travel here, the black box with the quest is with you. Next step is accept all the 
quest in the box and don't ever close the box. Now fight everything in the bridge including 
the large Skeleton Boss with the large blade at the end of the bridge. Once you killed the 
boss Skeleton, Turn in the item you have called (Undead Commander Blade) or something to the
quest you accepted called (Defend The Gates). You earn for the blade is at least 100 experience
poinst and 100 gold. Now keep repeating these steps and you'll get yourself some good cash and
fast level-up.

Pirate farming:
Go to the pirate ship and take the quest silver treauser and leave the quest window open 
go kill sharky and u will get 85 gold u will also get a key use the key to unlock the chest
behind sharky and u will get 200 gold and 200 exp and do it again but make shure to accept 
the quest to.

Easy money:
In noobshire complete roliths first quest.Then the second quest is get 6 rats that 
golden.You dont have to do any battles so its easy 100exp and 100 gold in hour you
could have tons.

Easy gold:
Type /join battleon if you arent already there, press "News" and Read more on 
Elemental Meddlers. Press the "Go to Ruins" button. It says its for members only,
but if you use the news to go there it works fine. Go to the right-most map frame,
and kill the Elemental, you want his drop. It sells at the store for 3,750 G. 
Continuously kill the Elemental monster, and sell his drop at /join yulgar. To 
rejoin ruin, just type /join ruins. If it says its an upgraded map, wait a minute
then join through the news. You gain around 10k every 7 minutes.

type these in your chat box:
/fei gn

Submitted by: Omega

I have found MOST of the areas of AQWs so far, to get to the area type /join (roomname)

graveyard (not 100% sure thats it)
there still may be more but im still looking into it

Drop weapons:
Battle this monsters to get a weapon by a drop only.

Zardman Boss      - Morning Star
Zardman Hunter    - Primitive Stone Spear
Zardman Grunt     - Zardman Stone Hammer
Skeleton Warriors - Skeleton Hand
Jack Sprat        - Skeleton Hand, Undead Plague Spear and Bone Axe
Fishman Soldier   - Fish Mace and Trident
Undead Commander  - Commander Sword
Grizzle Pit       - Giant Protector Blade
Box Guardians     - Box Guardian Blade
Sharkbait         - Wave Cutter
Porkon            - None for now but probably will drop his axe.
Orcs              - Their Axe

Drop List:
Submitted by: Cheats Joe

Battle this monsters to get a cool weapon that you want then enchance it.

-Battleon Area
-Sword Haven Area
-Orc Town Area
-Pirate Area

~: Bosses :~
Box Guardians Drop: boxes
1- Box Guardian Blade [Sell Price = ??,000 Golds]

Grumble drop:sewer
1-Grumble's Curse [Sell price = 0 gold]

General Porkon Drops: orctown
1- Porkon's Axe [Sell Price = 8,000 Golds]

Thrax Ironhide Drops:orctown
1- Tyrant Blade [Sell Price = 10,000 Golds]
2- Orc War Sword [Sell Price = 0 gold]
3- Axe Dagger [Sell Price = 0 gold]

Grizzle Spit Drops: boxes
1- Giant Protector Blade [Sell Price = 0 Golds]
2- Spine Gripper [Sell Price = 0 Gold]

Jack Sprat Drops: graveyard
1- Undead Plague Spear [Sell Price = 16,000 Golds]
2- Bone Axe [Sell Price = 200 Golds]
3- Skeleton Hand [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

Purple Slime Drops: cellar
1- Purple Slime Staff [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

Sharkbait Drops: pirates
1- Wave cutter [Sell Price = 10,000 Golds]

Treeant Drops: farm
1- Witch's Broom [Sell Price = 0 Gold]
2- Sprite Staff [Sell Price = 0 Gold]
3- Treeant Club[Sell Price = 0 Gold]

Undead Boss Drops: bridge
1- Undead Commander Sword [Sell Price = 0 Golds]
2- Bone staff [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

Zardman Boss Drops: forest
1- Morning Star [Sell Price = 8,000 Golds]

~: Monsters :~

Fishmen Drop: pirates
1- Trident [Sell Price = 0 Golds]
2- Fish Mace [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

Green Slimes Drop: ?????
1- Green Slime Staff [Sell price= ??,000 Golds]

Skeletal Viking Drops: graveyard
1- Bone Hammer [Sell Price = 0 Golds]
2- Two-handed Axe [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

Skeletal Warrior Drops: invasion/bridge
1-Skeletal Sword [Sell Price = 0 Golds]
Level 4
1- Iron Hammer [Sell Price = 0 Golds

Zardman Grunts Drop: forest
1- Zardman's Stone Hammer [Sell Price = 4,000 Golds]

Zardman Hunters Drop: forest
1- Primitive Stone Spear [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

Spiders drop: cellar

1- Green Spider Staff [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

Skeletal Ice Mages Drop: invasion

1-Ice Orb [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

Sneevil Drop: boxes
1-Sneevil's Dagger

Easy boss fights:
First of all you have to get at least 1K. Then go to the trainers and buy the healer
armor (if your not one already). And there you have it just heep attacking and healing
every time you get hit your mana refills and you can keep casting the spell.

Artix's quests:
-undead invasion:
Simply kill undeads. If you are high enough level farm jack sprat for undead slayer
medals because he gives off 1-7 at a time.

-Defend the gates:
Easy if you are high enough level.  just farm the undead boss, if your below the 
required level, type /join brige-1. 

-Undead slaying:
The only hint i have on this one is to keep zorbaks qest window open while you complete
his quests. jack sprat gives off 3-4 graveyard tokens at a time if you accept all of
zorbaks quests.  just keep this in mind before farming for hours.

-Evil must be stopped:
You must follow this specific walkthrough if you want marsh lurker's eyes to drop.
First except the first rogue trainer quest. Then travle to the marsh and kill a marsh
lurker. I say only kill one because 2-4 eyes will drop if you do this succesfully.

-I heal good:
it's the lst quest, congrats if you made it tis far, but this quest will take you a
while. Complete warlicks second quest to get the reccomendation.  Then once ur done,
go to the church in willow creek and talk to the lady. do her quest.  Then talk to 
the farmers inside the 4 houses when you arrive at willow creek. do their quests. Then
do the lady at the church's new quest.  Then talk to the drackle in the cave on the 
right (or one of those caves, i forget wich one) then when you return the farmers 
should be in the church. Do the church lady's quest.  next to the caves is a pasage 
in to the forest which you couldn't acces before. Simply go there and kill the 
wherewolf and complete both quest.

In your quest you have problems in the boss, but if you have players playing in the
same quest. Example you see 5 players with the same quest. Ask them to fight with 
you as expected they will join, because youre all in the same quest that an easy 
quest hint.

Make money:
There is a couple of missions that can get you easy money.

-Willow Creek:
The mission mystery give 100 g and exp but it requires 5 peices of info
that you can only gain by doing quests.Overall you get about 500 g and exp. The mission
temptuous times.This mission gives you 200 g and 200 exp just for beating a werewolf. 
Also you get a pet design that sells for 125 g.NOTE-you can only have one pet design or
pet of dark wolf in your bag so you would have to sell one to get another one.

The mission camping get 100 g and 100 exp for getting 8 peices of lumber off 
swamp trees with 1 hp and dont attack easy.NOTE-occasionly a good glitch happens when 
battling these trees.if the server has 1000 or more people on it then when battling a 
tree you hp goes to 0 and you dont you could any battle. If you have more ways
of getting money and exp pm me them and i will ad them and credit you.

Submitted by: Alvin franz

First go to the river then talk to Pete noggle accept all his quests then fight all 
fishes, then the monster. when all the quests are finished you can get 500 golds and
500 exp.

Submitted by: Smells Like Up Dog

Go to Noobshire and choose the quests missing king and rats in cradle. Do both of the 
quests at the same time then when you finish both and get your reward travel to noobshire 
again and do it over and you will have a lot of exp. and gold without doing any fighting 
(not counting unlocking the quests). Have fun =)

Submitted by: jackuel

Kill undead warrior from cementary (idont know how many times)u will get figther helm.

Type /join followed by one of the following room names to travel to the corresponding area:

How to make mana potion and green hair:
Go to the mag shop and click on explore shop. Put the mermazon kelp, bad juice, and moglin
essence in the pot. Put the mermazon kelp, the frogzard tear, and bad juice in the pot.

Easy Candy in Mystcroft:
In Bubbles house in Mystcroft, you need to collect 20 candies. To get easy Candies, there
is a chest monster in the First Floor. It only has 1, let me repeat, ONE HP!! All you need
to do is kill it, wait for it to spawn, until you get 20 candies.

How to make EASY money:
Submitted by: dragonslayer3

okay now the Big Jack Sprat in the cemetary can be a very big help to getting you some cold 
hard cash. First kill him until he drops an Undead Plague Lance. This can take a while to get 
or it may only take one kill. Usually it takes 2-5 kills but it may take up to ten which can 
be very tireing. This lance can be sold in the battleon store for 12500 gold which is a 
massive ammount. It is also recommended that you fight with some other people considering 
Big Jack Sprat has 5000 health.

Submitted by: gerard

           CHOCOLATE 90%.


Gold exp hack:
1. Go to noobshire, make sure you have WPE Pro open.
2. Go to Rolith and click on quest, make sure that you have "rats in the cradle"
3. Start Scan
4. Accept rats in the cradle quest.
5. Stop Scan, find the accept querst packet. It should look like this:
   Code: %xt%zone_master_xt%acceptQuest%7476%33%.%
   Add to send list.
6. Go to the left frame.
7. Start scan
8. Pick-up a mouse
9. Stop scan.
10. Find the packet that looks similar to this and add to send list.:
    Code: %xt%zone_master_xt%getIAItem%%226%.
11. Pick up the six rats manually.
12. Once you have finished, go to rolith, clikc on quests
13. Select rats in cradle and start scan
14. Say "Turn in"
15. Stop scan and add the packet that looks like this to your send list:
    Code: %xt%zone_master_xt%tryQuestComplete%7476%33%.
16. Now just click on somewhere good to rest.
17. Set socket id to send list.
18. Start scan and gold will start flowing in.

Submitted by: raxor52

I'll tell you how to make at least 70k per hour without doing quests. Really easy!

1.You have to be at least lvl 5 to survive.
2.Go to "Boxes" and kill Grizzle Spit, he will drop Giant protector blade which.
  sells for 7500g, it takes like 2 sometimes 3 kills to get it. 
3.go to any store and sell it, i got 394k in 3 hours by doing this.

Walk around while dead:
You can do all emotes, and talk. But DON'T RESPAWN! You can have all the fun you 
want while you are dead. Sometimes you can walk but its very RARE.

Weapons easy to get sellable:
List: Boss Zardman: Morning Star 5000g, and some random member item 5000g. 
Bronze Draconian: His weapon 5000g, and his wings 3750g 
(he drops every time you kill him!). 
Grizzle Spit: his weapon 7250g! 
General poken and orc trainer: General Porken's Axe 2500g. 
Undead Warrior: Iron Mace 1000g. Wyvern: Wyvern 3750g.

Secret how to get skeleton armor:
First go to marsh and then go find a monster called lich. and then fight it
until you got armor called secret undead armor! And then if you sell it it 
will cost 100000 gold and if you lucky you can sell it 5000 coins.

Getting money:
Okay so first in battleon you go left until you reach this weird looking girl. 
After that do her quest, then at her last quest she said you will need to beat 
thrax ironhide and wisteria and get their items. Thrax is in marsh and wisteria
is in guru forerst. After defeating them and getting their required items 
(thrax's helmet wisteria's leaf or tentacle or something) return to battleon
and find the girl. If u complete it u will get 400 g and exp.

Submitted by: juwan

Alright,u know once u go to vasalker lAIR U WILL SEE A BRONZONE DRACONIAN.When u 
once kill it u get wings and a sword right? take all of galonath quest and kill the 
red dragon also if your a member. u will recive a dragon heart by doing that.kill 
every single one of the dragons and see how much gold,exp,and rep u will get.

Make Minions:
Submitted by: pokadot

step 1. Make a new account and name it Minion1 
step 2. open AQ worlds in a new window and sign in to Minion1.
step 3. On your main account go somewhere 
step 4. on Minion1's account type /goto (ur username)
step 5. repeat. 
You can have your own minion army! 
You can make one of them priest so they can heal you in battle.

How to get 3,000 gold or more:
Submitted by: Teondre

If Level 10 or Over You Might Not Wanna Use this read steps 9-13

1.Ok, so first go to "Sword Heaven" (On Map)
2.Then Go left to the next room.
3.Go to the "Helms" (Next to pizza shop)
4.After going in click on the weird looking girl (the menu)
5.Now Don't close the menu (it says Helms and Enhancements)
6.Now Go to the Dragon's Lair (Go to map and click Vasalkar Lair)
7.Then Go up the stairs and then go through all the rooms till you get you to the cave
8.While In the cave see if someone's there 
9.Now Fight The Big Gold Dragon
10.When done fighting his sword or wings wil fal or both if your lucky
11.Now The menu that you kept up go to "Helms" 
12.Go to sell and sell his sword or wings or both
13.There ya have it
Have Fun with your money :]

Submitted by: junedhussain100

Have 1000g go to trainers buy healer armor then go to dragons lair which is vasalkar lair 
fight the draconians inside where galanoth is after you fight them you might get wings if 
you get them go and sell them some are non upgrade and upgrade they both sell for 3750g 
thank you for reading.

Submitted by: jhon

Go to battleon and keep going left till you see a girl with a katana. do here quests and 
you will have about 1000exp and 950gold have a lot of fun!!! =]

Upgrade faster:
Submitted by: james bond

log in to your account more than once on different tabs and fight a different monster for 
each of your self therefore you will get much more money more ranks and experience.

Healer Quest Glitch:
-go to the healer trainer at trainers
-open the second quest
-instead of fighting the treant and the purple slime,
-fight the 1hp trees at the marsh
-they give you the same quest items lol
-easy exp, gold, and rank

Submitted by: rapto slycer1

Go to the crash site and keep fighting flamethrower dwakels who only have 1100 hp and 
they give you 163 xp.

Red lazer on the dwakel area:
Just go to the right side of the lazer the slowly get past it then ta-da! Yyou just got
past the lazer. But when you go through the lazer some flying round objects and the 
prtodwakel will attact!

Tip Easy Money:
Submitted by: darkmoon12198

Alright so what you do is go to the lair of the big red dragon. Just go to the wyverns 
and kill them. if you are lucky you can get a wyvern pet non members can sell them for 
2500 and the pet shop in battleon. I started doin this at lvl 2 rank 2 mage cuz wyverns 
dont hit that hard AND they give pretty good exp.

Easy fights:
Submitted by: darrell cheng

(you need to be level3 and have 2 spells to make this work).go somwhere and fight a monster 
but before you fight.double click on the monster your player will automaticly fight.during 
your fight click on both spells quickly start with the strongest one like'll do 
lots of damage and also double this BEFORE the monster dies!!!
well hoped this helped!:)

Easy Gold:
To get Easy Gold, you must go to the Crash Site (Where the Dwakels are) then go to Tarvarya
and take her first three (3) quests [Quadrolithium, Dam Balloons and Bumper Bolts quests].
All you have to do is kill the Dwakels around (It is easier if you just kill the Dwakel 
Blaster, it's easier because it's health is only 1,000). After getting 8 Quadrolithium, 4 
Dam Balloons, and 6 Bumper Bolts, go back to Tarvarya and "Turn In" to her quests (which 
you have just finished). You will get the rewards [Oculation Helm, Battery Cell Pack, and 
Spybot]. You can sell them for 2,500 Gold each, also, if you encounter a Dwakel Bubble 
Helm (or whatever it was), you can also sell it for 1,250 Gold!

How to fight protosantorium:
You have to be a mage at least rank 2. Go to protosantorium, dont go directly to him. 
Use fireball on him. He will come close to you but remember not to touch the laser. 
Its esier to beat him with reinforcements so have fun!

Private Server:
To use the Private Server, go to any server [Twilly, Galanoth, Cysero, etc.] after going 
to a server, type /join and type the place where you want to go with a "-9000" sticked to
it... [Ex. /join dwakel-9000]. Just make it like /join *area*-9000...

List of places:
1. battleon [Battleon]
2. noobshire [Noobshire]
3. yulgar [Yulgar's Inn]
4. trainers [Trainers' Room]
5. invasion [Swordhaven]
6. bludrut [Bludrut Keep Floor 1]
7. bludrut2 [Bludrut Keep Floor 2]
8. sewer [Sewers]
9. lair [Vaskalar's Lair]
10. tutor [Tutorial]
11. pirate [Lolosia]
12. dwakel [Dwakel's Crash Site]
13. river [River]
14. forest [Forest]
15. guru [Guru Forest]
16. farm [Farm House]
17. orcpath [Path to the Orc Town]

Very easy money:
Go to the crash site. Talk to the girl w/ cool armor. Accept the first three quests, then 
cross the bridge. Go far to the right but not to next room and kill dwakel blaster 4 times.
Then go to girl with cool armor and get "Battery cell pack". Re accept quest. Kill dwakel 
blaster another 2 times. Get spy bot pet from girl. Kill him ANOTHER 2 times, then get 
oculation helm. Go to any shop and sell each 4 2500 GP, for a grand total of 7500 GP per 
1 run over there. Repeat many times for maximum income.

Where is Mitril man?:
Go to the crash site,go up and you will see 2 robots,go left and you will see 3 robots
and you will se the barrier bot,and bellow it you will see an arrow,you must kill the 
barrier bot for you to go to the mitril man, its a red big robot.

Drop down items:
Just get the following items 

Unlockable                          How to unlock
Turkey tail feathers             - defeat turdraken
turkey head                      - defeat turdraken
water draconian wings            - defeat water draconian
water draconian sword            - defeat water draconian
templar helm of light            - defeat red dragon
phoenix blade                    - defeat red dragon
inquisitor captain short polearm - defeat the captain at citadel
inquisitor's guard helm          - defeat the guards at citadel
Elemental rock hammer            - defeat the rock elemental
inquisitor guard's spear         - defeat the guards at citadel
Soul scythe                      - defeat soulseeker

Get a inquistor guard in vasalkar lair:
First click the map then click thelair And quickly press citadel in your screen
the guards instead of the water draconians.

How to beat protasaurus easy garunteed:
First do the ladys proto parts quest.then u go on the right alot and your through! Then
make sure theres alot of people,when its 1000hp or somthing in the hundreds and  youve beaten
him! But thets not it. You have to do that get through cheat again or you will die. Then start
healing and kill the sentry robot.your done! Do this ONLY if you are over level 2.

How to kill protosauras:
First do proto parts quest,then you go really right and you slide through!then wait For lots
or people to come, then when its up 1000hp or less then start battling. You kill it but wait,
theres still more! Do that slide through cheat. Then heal. You kill sentry robot and you win!

Get 400000 gold in 40 seconds:
Go to Lolosia and defeat shark bait until u get his sword Enhance his sword to level 4 then
go to Vasalker's Lair and defeat Bronze Draconian until you get his sword then enhance his 
sword to level 4 then sell both sword's for 400000.

Submitted by: what's it to yahhh

Box Guardians Drop: boxes
1- Box Guardian Blade [Sell Price = 3750,000 Golds]i think

Grumble drop:sewer
1-Grumble's Curse [Sell price = ?? gold]

General Porkon Drops: orctown
1- Porkon's Axe [Sell Price = 8,000 Golds]

Thrax Ironhide Drops:orctown
1- Tyrant Blade [Sell Price = 10,000 Golds]
2- Orc War Sword [Sell Price = 3750 gold]
3- Axe Dagger [Sell Price = ?? gold]

Grizzle Spit Drops: boxes
1- Giant Protector Blade [Sell Price = 7,500 Golds]
2- Spine Gripper [Sell Price = ?? Gold]

Jack Sprat Drops: graveyard
1- Undead Plague Spear [Sell Price = 16,000 Golds]
2- Bone Axe [Sell Price = 200 Golds]
3- Skeleton Hand [Sell Price = ?? Golds]

Purple Slime Drops: cellar
1- Purple Slime Staff [Sell Price = 1,750 Golds]

Sharkbait Drops: pirates
1- Wave cutter [Sell Price = 10,000 Golds]

Treeant Drops: farm
1- Witch's Broom [Sell Price = ?? Gold]
2- Sprite Staff [Sell Price = ?? Gold]
3- Treeant Club[Sell Price = ?? Gold]

Undead Boss Drops: bridge
1- Undead Commander Sword [Sell Price = ?? Golds]
2- Bone staff [Sell Price = ?? Golds]

Zardman Boss Drops: forest
1- Morning Star [Sell Price = 7,500 Golds]

~: Monsters :~

Fishmen Drop: pirates
1- Trident [Sell Price = 2,500 Golds]
2- Fish Mace [Sell Price = ?? Golds]

Green Slimes Drop: ?????
1- Green Slime Staff [Sell price= ??,000 Golds]

Skeletal Viking Drops: graveyard
1- Bone Hammer [Sell Price = 0 Golds]
2- Two-handed Axe [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

Skeletal Warrior Drops: invasion/bridge
1-Skeletal Sword [Sell Price = 0 Golds]
Level 4
1- Iron Hammer [Sell Price = 0 Golds

Zardman Grunts Drop: forest
1- Zardman's Stone Hammer [Sell Price = 4,000 Golds]

Zardman Hunters Drop: forest
1- Primitive Stone Spear [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

Spiders drop: cellar

1- Green Spider Staff [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

Skeletal Ice Mages Drop: invasion

1-Ice Orb [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

Sneevil Drop: boxes
1-Sneevil's Dagger

Wings And Weapons:
Draconian wings and weapons are very popular and also very rare. Here is what 
each one holds. Note: Each one is different for each Draconian. 

Unlockable                                      How to unlock:	
Draconian Wings (colors optional for each one) - Beat them about 7 times.
Dark Draconian Sword (Dark)                    - Beat them somewhat times.
Golden Draconian Sword (Golden)                - Beat them about 6 times.
Iron Draconian Sword (Purple)                  - Beat them 4 times.
Mammoth Crusher Blade (Bronze)                 - Beat them somewhat times.
Venom Draconian Blade (Venom)                  - Beat them 5 times.
Draconian Water Blade (Water)                  - Beat them 3 times.

Easy Gold:
Go to dwakel and do the 1st 3 quest.Fight dwakels 8 times till u have all the
parts. Then go to the lady with protosatatorium armor and u will get spybot, 
oculation helm and 1 more. Then sell them for 7000 gold.Keep repeating this 
to get lots of gold.

Pet parrot:
If you want a pet and non-member the wolf thing closed so you have to go to 
yulgars inn and get a parrot for 25000 gold. The parrot stays of your shoulder
and goes around with you.

Play many characters at the same time:
Submitted by: Izearlord

If you have more than one character you could play them at the same time all you 
need to do is make as many aqworlds windows on different tabs and log in different 
characters for each window. You could fight together with your characters in one 
server and place or maybe scattered. You know what they say the more the merrier. 
Have your own army in aqworlds. Happy fighting=)

Submitted by: Drakengard1234

Go to boxes and keep killing grizzlespit until u get his weapon.
then keep sellin it. this is how u make money.
u must be above lvl 7 to survive.

Submitted by: Raymond

To get a gun,go to Yulgar and get in the guy's shop and there is a gun selling for 
200k at the shop.Reminder:the gun has no range attack and hits bad,just to show off 
or cool.

How to listen to the music from the clubhouse:
Submitted by: Gale Warrior

Ok goto clubhouse on the map and which music you like best goto that place in the 
clubhouse and goto the options and do sound/no sound press the box 4-6 times and goto 
battleon and you will hear the music...

Easy gold:
Go to the dragons lair and there will be 2 gaurds dont fight them, go up the walk
way you dont have to fight the wyverns if you dont want to. Once you get in side 
talk to the guy if your a high enough level you can take the first 3 quests and all
you have to do is kill the wyverns a whole bunch you will get tons of rep, xp and 

How to get very powerful:
Submitted by: snifle

Look for a gyes called snifle13 -(pirate swordsman), Blood Cudgel-(captain alpha 
pirate), bpopp1( pilladin pirate), sterling1(pirate swordsman), dragon ghost killer
(pirate werewolf), asna(beta bezerker pirate). Click options add friend on either 
one and we will help you get exp,gold.... and much more! If member while adding 
friend, type in chat: train me master.if nonmember than go in the chat options, 
go in emotes and click feign while trying to add friend i will be waiting at: 
(type in chat box:/join pirates-1001 to get there) pirates. (I will wait until 
8 people joined my party before leaving to battle) i can not hear you saying 
thankyou so you better say it on aqworlds. Will not be there all the time.

Hint - Walk when dead:
Update by: bartman36 brad
Submitted by: ETHAN

Go any were and put weakest armour on and have a friend invite u to there party then die
and hit goto the friend but they have to stay in same room after u hit goto you can walk
around wen ur ded and u can walk anywhere as long as its in the town ur in.

Unlockables: Helms, armors, capes, swords lots of stuff:
dark wolf               - do all of willow creaks quests.
pet wyvern              - kill it somewhat times.
pet spybot              - do third quest in dwakel crash site.
pet parrot              - by it from yulgar.
red dragon pet          - kill red dragon somwhat times.
red dragon pet          - by it from ganloth.
golden phenoix          - by it from aria.
brown wolf              - by it from aria.
dark crystal            - by it from aria.
dragon wings            - kill each dragon 7 times.
water draconian sword   - kill him 3 times.
rogue                   - by it from trainer rogue.
warrior                 - by it from trainer warror.
hydra blade             - by it from blacksmith in sword haven.
red healer robes        - by it as soon as you start it has an armor shop button.
green healer robes      - same place up there.
templers helm of light  - kill red dragon somwhat times.
light staff             - kill red dragon somewhat times.
red dragon wings        - by them from ganloth.
dragonslayer sword      - by it from ganloth.
dragonslayer helm       - by it from ganloth.
death doll pet          - by it fromm aria.
pet wyvern              - kill it somwhat times.
pet parrot              - by it from yulgar.
grizzle spits sword     - kill it somewhat times.
dollar staff            - kill sneevil with dollar staff somewhat times.
water draconian sword   - kill him 3 times.
water draconian wings   - kill him 7 times.
pet spybot              - do third quest in dwakel crash site.
dragonslayer armor      - do all of ganloths quests.

Item Drops:
Unlockable         How to unlock
Violet Sphere           - Kill	
Grand Inquisitor Armor  - Kill	
Phoenix Blade           - Kill	
Platinum Axe of Destiny - After the cutscene at /join dragonfire It will Reward you
                          with the Item.	
Paladin Armor           - Finish all	
Protosartorium Armor    - Kill	
Black Wolf              - Finish all	
Red Paladin             - Finish all, a shop will open.

Unlockable - All classes:
No class      - Bye at the seasons shop in battleon square for 2 gold.
Healer        - Bye at trainers for 1000 gold
Warrior       - Same as healer
Rogue         - Same as healer
Mage          - Same as healer
Acholyte      - Bye at trainers from girl in white on the right
Warlord       - Bye at trainers from the only boy there
Renagade      - Bye at trainers from the first girl on the left
Sorcerer      - Bye at trainers from second girl on the left
Barber        - same as healer 15000gold
Ninja         - same as healer 15000gold
Assasine      - Finish all of the nnja trainers quest just out side of noobshire to open shop
Enforcer      - Keep defeeting mithril man on crash site
Protosatorium - Keep defeeting protoatorium on crash site
Rustbucket    - Do the last quest on crashsite
Dragon slayer - Finish all of galanoths quests
Beast warrior - Bye in upgrade shop
Berserker     - Bye in upgrade shop
Pirate        - Finish all the quests at lolosia to open shop
Paladin       - Bye from artix at the inn at swordhaven have to have level 10 healer and 
                level 10 warrior

Easy rep:
The best thing to train on is in the crash site, train on dwakel blaster, Dwakel flamethrower
& barrier bots these all give 150 rep when killed , alternativly you can accept all the 
trainer quest and do them all then turn them in in 1 go making 800rep+.

Easy EXP:
Go to the lair of dragons and go to where ganaloth is (The dragonslayer) then accept all the 
quests up to dragonslayer veteran (If member do not accept dragonslayer quest) keep the window
open and kill the wyvrens in the same room as galaloth this way you can make 800exp for 10 kill
minimum from all the quests plus the exp you get from the general exp you get for killing 

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding pet. 

Dinozard       - Go to the Frogzard Hunter, click "Dinozard Island" and complete the quest.
Gatta          - Found at Gatta Island.
Light wolf     - Go to werewolf lair at Darkovia Forest and find the yellow wolf. 
Permafrost     - Keep battling monsters until you face Lord Arrgthas then defeat him.
Shark          - Purchase Feral Garb at Dark Jungle.
Thunder Kitten - Complete the quest at Thunder Mountain.
Truffle        - Purchase at Aria's shop.

Easy money:
Go kill the dragon's at dragon liar kill the golden, purple, and green one's only. Their 
weapons drop take it and sell it you can stock up on all the dragon's weapon but you can 
only have one of each in your inventory at a time! Good luck and battle on!

How to restore Sword heaven:
First you finish the prolouge then you talk to cleric joy to go to the kings castle. I'm sure
by now you will notice the army of undead right?!? ok talk to Sir Render his the one that is
lying on the ground then after finishing his quest the gate will open for you. the next step
is go to the inn you the arrow pointing the stairs you will find yourself upstairs. Go to the
storage room then go out again go downstairs. you will notice that artix and robina is there.
Then go out the inn. you will notice that the army of that dosen't move is gone. the next 
step is go out of the castle there the knight that is lying down is up on his feet. Talk to 
him and he will give you a quest you will be teleported at the bridge walk to the gate and 
NOT on the bridge. You will be teleported back to swordheaven then enter the castle and wa-la!

Easy Money:
Submitted by: brandon

Ok,mae easy money i got 200k in a day ya i know alot anwase the cheat is go to crash site talk 
to the girl and do hte first 3 quests which u can do thme all at once kill dwakel blasters and 
aftwer tht u get thees thing after done quest oclaition helm battery cell pack spy bot after tht 
u might get theese weapons to dwakel bubble helm and sword then sell every thing u get ending 
with 12k.

Easy Exp and Money!.,10 minutes = 100K Big Money:
Submitted by: puloy

For you to earn 100K in 10 must have many allies to come with you!.. 
First go to Crash Site!. Then Click the Bubble on the armored Lady. Click Quests. 
Then Accept the Following Quests:
* Quadrolithium
* Dam Balloons and Bumper Bolts. Then go Across the Bridge and Kill Dwakel Warrior and Dwakel
Blaster. Each monster Gives 3 Quest Items which is for your Quests there. After completing the
Quests. Sell the 3 Reward Items and Viola!. 7K in 3 Minutes! Just Repeat the Process until you
reach 100K or Whatever Money you Want. Thanks For Reading.

Easy Survive Boss:
Submitted by: ultra paladin

Follow the step and you will survive.

Step1:you must have a Enforcer Class for this.
Step2:train it until it is LV 8.
Step3:you have now the power: Event Horizon (all damage you should taker are 0 for 12 seconds).
Step4:when the boss is almost defeated and your HP are verry low, use it
Step5:have fun!!!

Get around Dwakel:
Submitted by: Wildlight

In dwakel you know how in some places it looks like u have to get hit before u can goto a 
different room well the barrier bots do shift and then click behind them and u will go right 
bye them. Also in dwakel if u look at the background in the room where the blaster and 
flamethrower are you will see a plank walk past it and then clik on the door and you won't 
get shot at.

Fast and easy money:
Submitted by: sorku

Go to the crash site and talk to tarvarya (she is the first person there)go to quests and 
accept quadrolithium,dam balloons,and bumper bolts.Then go to the building with the chickens 
in it and battle the flamethrower dwakel 8 times(he is the easiest dwakel to defeat).After 
that go turn in your quest items and get the oculation helm, battery cell pack,and the spybot 
go sell them. This will get you about 7500gold each time.P.S. It only takes about 2 to 3 min.

Get easy gold & Exp:
Submitted by: sora2754

Go to the pizza castle in sword heaven & do her quest.If you repeat it you will get LOTS of 
Gold & Exp.each time you do the quest,you get 100gold & Exp.Well, I hope this helped.

The Bejewel sword:
Submitted by: NeostarGregar

It's not that easy to claim but strong
Go to Valencia and accept the Bejewel Quest.
I'll just detail where the jewels are:
Guru Forest:
the cute monster in the second place of guru forest.
the 2 owls after the cute monster.
the yellow and ??
The skeleton warrior and the skeleton viking
?? and ??
the fish that wields a spear and the fish that wields a sword.
Blue and Red
you can claim it but keep trying.
?? means "I don't know what color"
Gliches happen if you keep trying to find them.

Super mega level up:
The level up is go to crashsite and fight the dwakel blasterflame dwakel and barieer bot 
keep doing this and u will have more ultra exp the mega money is to accept he first 3 
quest on crash site and sell all what u got from the quest keep doing this more kg is go
to lair and fight the red dragon and get his wings and sell itanother get the sword of 
shark bait and enchance them into lv4 and get the sword of the bronze draconian and 
enchance it to lv4 then sell the sharkbait sword and the bronze dragon sword thats all.

How to get 10k in 5minutes:
Go to forest of chaos then kill 7 chaos wolves then kill chaos bear at least 4 times then 
if u have barbarbric tribesman armor sell it to have 8k (the armor is for upgrades only).

Easy 5000 coins or good sword:
Submitted by: Harvey

First get in a group of 2 or 3 go to dragon lair find Bronze draconian and kill 2 or 3 times 
untill your get Mammoth crusher blade you can sell it for 5000 coins or keep it.
- Zeronnie

Easter Egg - literaly. easter get rich easily:
When u find all the eggs, sell the back pack. Then re-find all the eggs, and sell it again.
Reapeat untill satisfied. The eggs are in; 3 are in battleon square, one is behind the ninja
girl in the bushes, two are where zorbak is, two are in front of the guardian tower, 
two are in the pet shop, and two are in warlicks shop. AND FOR A BOSS FIGHT, 
TYPE /join grenwog-1.

Easy Money in 2 ways:
1. Collect all the easter eggs in battleon. Go to the bunnies quests (the bunny at were you 
   first login is) and select Egg Hunt-Backpack. Click on accept and then it will take u back
   to the quests. Then click back on Egg Hunt-Backpack quest a click on Turn in. It will take 
   u back to the quests again but at the bottom of the the window a box will open saying 
   BackPack of eggs eys no. click on yes and then go to a shop a click sell and sell it for 
   1250 gold.

2. Go to Swordhaven. Go into the Inn (Robina and Artix should be there) go upstairs and walk
   into the Storage Room. go right and there will be a Sneevil called Grizzle spit. deafet 
   him and get his weapon and sell it its worth 7500 gold also only do when you've done part
   one of story and only challenge the Sneevil with a large group.

Easy money:
Pick monsters that groups farm and wait till it is almost dead, then run in there and help
finish it off. mages have this easy because of fireball. you get everything as if you where
there the whole time but you don't die at all. you can do this with the super good drop 
monsters that people farm for extra money. Kill really weak monsters for easy money, but 
not exp.

7500 coins: 
Submitted by: Harmu

Go to boxes with more than one friend Kill grizzle split untill you get giant protector blade 
and sell for 7500 coins or you can keep it, its a good sword.

Hint for warrior class:
Submitted by: maestella

I have to share u something... this is only for warrior class. Your warrior class must have 
a prepared strike. If u battle u will always have a critical hit when u use my moves.

1.When u battle,click ur prepared strike.
2.When u have clicked ur prepared strike, click desecive strike.
3.The prepared strike must charge,right?,in this hint,the prepared strike isn't charging. 
  It attacks.
4.Then after ur attack,it will critical,and ur mana will regenerate,keep doing it until you
  have no mana.

Farming good gold:
Accept the 3 first Crash Site quests (Quadrolithium, Dam Ballons and Bumper Bolts). Now 
go ahead,if you are powerful enough, you can get 3,750 bonus gold, if you are not powerful
enough to kill Dwakel Warrior, kill Dwakel Blaster. Dwakel Blaster drops a helm that sellback
is 1,250 gold and Dwakel Warrior drops a sword that sellback is 3,750 gold. Also you can kill
Barrier Bot for Barrier Bot Helm to get 2,500 bonus gold. Now go back to finish the quests.
This gold farm will grant you: 200 gold(quest gold reward), + 7,500 gold(quest items rewards),
+ 7,500 (Dwakel Bubble Helm + Dwakel Warrior Sword + Barrier Bot Helm), +500 gold(Dwakel's 
gold drop) = +15,500 Gold 
Note: If you want best results and fast GOLD type /join dwakel-9999 in Safiria Server.

How to unlock Paldin class:
In order to unlolck paldin class you must Have Healer class rank 10 and warrior class then 
go to swordhaven and enter the inn you will find Artix and Robina you have to talk to Artix
and if you have the two classes in your inventory rank 10 the Artix`s Paldin shop will be 
unlocked to buy a veriety of paldin items!

Submitted by: Gandalftheshiny

Go to forestchaos and go to the bear. Kill until it drops and sell at yulgars. Repeat. I got
500k in 2 hours by using this. Depending on your level, you might want a friend to help. 
Have fun!

Easy Money:
Submitted by: Gandalftheshiny

OK so if u wanna make money then get a friend and go to the forest of chaos. Kill seven 
wolves and got to the bear. Keep killing it until it drops. Alot of things sell for 6250
gold. Have fun!

Future items:
Heres how it on valencias quest daily quest if you already did it and want another rare
weapon just invent a time machine to go to the future orchange the time of your computer!
Change it the the daily quest will change!

Walk around dead:
Submitted by: aqworldsrule21354275676467

To walk around dead first of course die but be in a party have someone in your party go
away from your area then have him ivite you accept the invite and you will appear there
standing up and click somewhere and you will walk but warning this does not mean you have
unlimited health get hit once and you die again losing the walk ability!

Solo the red dragon:
All you have to do is have mage class with ice shards. Then join any lair of your choice
and goto red dragon. when your there have mage on then walk in the door. STAY RIGHT AT THE
DOOR! Hit the red dragon with ice shards and run out. Repeat 7 times then attack. The red 
dragon then can't hurt you.

Solo Valkrie (red dragon):
How many of you waned to kill the red dragon but you didn't have two or three pals to help
you Well you can kill it by yourself now.All you have to do is use a rank two or higher mage
class. You hit it with an ice shard and then run outside where the dark draconians are then 
go back and attack the red dragon with ice shard again. The dragon SHOULD heal you and your 
mana. After you hit it with the shard again just battle like you usually do.

Necromancer Trick:
Submitted by: IOA

If you've got Necromancer leveled high enough up to Zombie Hands (requires 30 mp), then 
here's a cool trick to rebound your health and mana. If you've noticed on Necro Heal, it'll
sacrifice 10% of your health to give you 10% OF YOUR MANA. This means if you have 100 hp and
200 mana, you'll have 90hp left (100 x 0.1 = 10 - 100 = 90), and you'll have 220 mana 
(200 x 0.1 = 20 + 200 = 220). You should try to get the largest gap between your mana and 
health as possible as to get the greatest amount of MP for your HP. Eventually, you'll be 
able to use Zombie Hands continuously since you keep getting so much more MP for HP and your
zombie hands will restore HP from MP. I just figured this out now and I'm leveling my 
intellect to around 100 to keep the difference large. I hope you're having as much fun with
this as I did :). Thanks for reading.Best regards.

Secret - "The Easy Money":
As you know there is alot of ways to get Easy Money
Quest Bosses Selling

My Way of Getting Easy Money there are two Weapons same Price,But one is Much easier
to Kill

Burn it DOWN!
Number 1  : When you start You might ask someone to give you Money 
            (BUT YOU CANT TRADE)
Number 2  : Go to Map (It is Earth) on the Right Bottom (Next to a Heart)
Number 3  : Go To SwordHaven (There will be a Short Scene) Click Skip
Number 4  : Oh Also If you already did this and its not UnderAttack Do Story and Go the Second one
Number 5  : Talk to the Priest/Healer (Cleric Dawn)
Number 6  : Click Quest Then Quest is Called (Fire Gem) Accept it
Number 7  : There might be people there but the FIRE SKELE'S have 800HP so you proaly can solo it.
Number 8  : Keep fighting till you get FIRE GEM!!!1
Number 9  : Once you get it talk to Cleric Dawn and click Quest then Click Fire Gem then (TURN IN)
Number 10 : Once you get Burn it Down
Number 11 : CLick Shop then Click Sell then click Scroll (Enchant) 
Number 12 : Sell it 
Number 13 : Once you sold it you gain 12.5k 
Number 14 : Do Over

NOTE: You might get another Staff to Sell it:

ZOMG 7.5k HP
Ahhh the Boss with 7.5khp You might think its easy but its realllly hard unless you glitch
it (I will make another WalkThrough and tell you 2 Glitches) Do the First two on BURN IT DOWN!

1  : CLick Marsh
2  : go there and go all the way down till u see a arrow ^ dont go that one
3  : go the next one > then go ^ then go > then go ^ then go <
5  : Then you will see THRAX IRONHIDE 
6  : Dont attack it
7  : ask some people help
8  : if they say ok or yes or something or sure GOOD
9  : if they say Nah or no or No Thanks or You Suck! heck no Go Map and click marsh
10 : do all the 1 to 7 Steps again
11 : His Weapon you see hes holding
12 : its Called Trynat Blade Once you get Sell it or Use it
13 : Also you might get other stuff from him.

Shop Secret:
Ok first, go to a shop. Next, go to the buying screen. Then, click on an item. After that, 
click the magnifying glass next to the word buy. Next, a picture should pop up showing the 
item. Close the buying screen but leave the picture open. There! You can still see the picture
of the item!

Monster will heal you:
You will need mage with ice shard first use ice shard on monster then escape do it 5 times and 
monster will heal you when you battle him.

Captain Armors:
Go to murrays shop Buy captain armor for 25000 Gold. Get The polearm or the weapon inquistor
captain is carrying. Get His Hood weapon His carrying and his White Cloak. After that enhance
the weapons you recieved And Equip them all and you look like A Inquistor Captain. And 
Inquistor captain is located at Citadel. 
Attention: His HP is 4,000 you need 1 person to help you.

Unlockable - List of Classes:
List of all classes in AQW.
Unlockable  How	
Healer    - Character creation and Class Shop
Mage      - Character creation and Class Shop
Rogue     - Character creation and Class Shop
Warrior   - Character creation and Class Shop
Acolyte   - Juvania's Shop - Trainers
Renegade  - Metrea's Shop - Trainers
Sorcerer  - Arcana's Shop - Trainers
Warlord   - Thok's Shop - Trainers

Easy money:
If you have a book of lore,most people do go to sword haven on fire where the undead attacked
sword haven do the quest fire gem and the staff you get(burn it down) sell the staff and you 
get 12,500 gold,keep doing this and you can be rich and sometimes you get a staff from the 
fire mages,that you can sell for 2,500 gold.

Easy Money:
There are many ways to make money. One is you go to the crash site and accept first three 
quests. Then you kill the blasters 8 times then turn them in. You sell the items and if you
got a drawkel bubble helm its a bouns. I'm sure everyone knows that one. But there is another
war that I highly suggest to people who can hit 200s or something. Lower levels can do it 
with a group so its faster. You click on story in battleon. The you click chapter 1. You see
swordhaven burning. The you see the healer by the portal, Talk to her and get a quest called
fire gem. You have your group of aboout 3 including you and kill the fire skeleton mages. 
Now I know you could handle it but its quicker with a group. Once you get the gem after about
10 kills you turn in the quest and you get a staff. Sell the staff and you get 13k. Another
easy money strategy is to kill the hydras (and trust me people will be there)until you get
the armor or their cool weapon and sell them. Unless you like the items and keep it.

Never get hit in dwakel:
Submitted by: god_of_WAR!

First go to DWAKEL then when you go ther u see two dwakels the dwakel warrior and blaster then 
dont go above then but below them then they wont attack, next is the 3 dwakels there if u want 
to go to proto go up where there ar wood like a small bridge then go right then u see a laser 
get pass it by going down and slowly slipping and there u hav it, if u want to go to mithril 
man instead of proto go down the cut log then right then to get past the barrier bot do shift 
and click behind him the same trick goes for the other barrier bot behind the laser but not 
behind proto then there u hav it hav fun!

Cool stunts:
You have come to the right place now im gonna show you some of my little tricks. 

Code        Effect
/airguitar  makes you play a guitar
/stern      means your angry
/facepalm   covering you head
/dance2     dancing cha-cha
/backflip   makes you jump backwards
/use        your like stiring a spoon
/feighn     makes you act like your gonna die.

Unlockable's-classes and how:
Submitted by: noob_dummy

Unlockable's     How to
warrior        - buy in trainer shop
mage           - buy in trainer shop
healer         - buy in trainer shop
rougue         - buy in trainer shop
warlord        - must be rank 5 warrior class(mem only)
acolyte        - must be rank 5 healer class(mem only)
renegade       - must be rank 5 rogue class(mem only)
sorcerer       - must be rank 5 mage class(mem only)
ninja          - buy in trainer shop
barber         - same with ninja
paladin        - must be rank 10 healer and warrior class(from artix in swordhaven)
rustbucket     - do quest in dwakel
protosartorium - fight proto many times until u get it
enforcer       - fight mithril man many times until u get it
dragonslayer   - do all quests in lair
pirates        - do the quest map recovery not do all the quest. 
                 (if u hav the pirate u will hav the shop open)

How to stand when your dead:
You need to be a mage and goto warelemental and attack a lesser elemental then keep on 
pressing 1 at your keyboard then do backflip and when you dont have much Hp use your skills
and the lesser elemental and you shoud both die at the same time and you should be lying in
the ground then you atumaticly stand up. this may take a few tryes.

Sweet Armor or Weapons:
These armors and weapons are for members only. Also this cost 5000-10000 pices of gold. 

Unlockable            How
Acolyte Class       - Buy for 5000 at the trainers.
Juvania's Disciple  - Buy for 10000 at the trainers.
Sorcerer Class      - Buy for 5000 at the trainers.
Arcana's Disciple   - Buy for 10000 at the trainers.
Warlord Class       - Buy for 5000 at the trainers.
Thok's Disciple     - Buy for 10000 at the trainers.
Renegade Class      - Buy for 5000 at the trainers.
Metrea's Disciple   - Buy for 10000 at the trainers.

How to Change from Good to Evil or Evil to Good:
First go to battleon click on story on the top left corner on the screen. Click on go witch
is in the chapter one. Just walk your way through inside the castle. Go to King Alteon's room.
Talk to him and then a video clip should come up just watch it until you can click on evil or
good and thats when you will be able to change.

Making money:
1. Open your book of lore and go to story, then sworhaven, then swordhaven under fire and 
   click replay.
2. Now you should be in portalundead. Go to the girl standing in the arch that is next to you.
3. Click on the exclaimation mark, click on quests.
4. Now go and kill the fire mages 10-30 times or more until you get the fire gem.
5. Go back to the girl and turn in the quest. U will get the burnitdown staff.
6. Go to the shop she has and sell the staff, it sells for 12500gold.
7. Repeat until you get as much gold as you want.

Easy Ranking Up:
Well as you know The Chaos Lord Vath has come and brought some new monsters with him. Will 
one of those monsters are a very unique and can really boost your ranking up points by some
bit. As of i used to do i would always attack The monsters at The Citadel but know i attack
the Drow Soldiers because i believe that they have low life and give you a lot of rank points.

AQWorlds easy money and easy level ups!:
Submitted by: Charlton Miguel

Fist you must unlocked all of cornelis(place in aqworlds) quest.
Then click the ! sign on top of a green creature.
Then click Quests click the quest Arm Yourself, and click accept.
Then all you have to do is kill the boss witch is Stone Golem he is at the very top of cornelis. 
But don't worry he's life is just 800! so you will never die when you battle him!
then after you kill him if you got the quest item called Stone Golem Arm, go back down on the 
green creature the click the ! sign click Quests click Arm Yourself and click Turn in. and you 
will have 500 golds and 500 exp! 

Living hamster:
Ok go to the bludrut keep and get to the fire thief ghost and fight the shadow creeper a 
couple times and get the shadow creepers helm (colorcustom).

12500 gold for an easy quest:
Replay the main storyat sword haven, or type /join portalundead. When you get there, you will 
see a member of the dishpan hand, Cleric Dawn. She has one quest to offer, which rewards you 
with a burn it down staff. After you have completed the quest, sell the staff. It sells for 
12,500 gold. But you have to sell the one you have before you repeat the quest.

Super mega fast gold:
First go to carshsite take first 3 quests and dont complete it go another map which quest is 
an reward will be any item like capes, armor etc. for members it easy go to crashsite take 3
quests then go to skullpucnh land and take quests.

Easy Quest for 500 gold and 500 XP:
Submitted by: Zizo Bahnasy 

This is for upgrade. Go to Pete Noggle in the river. Accept his last quest. Then, go to the 
shallows. Go all the way right untill you see the Water Element. Attack it. It'll be very easy 
to beat. Once you get the quest item, the water essential, go back to Pete Noggle. Turn in the 
quest. You will get 500 gold and 500 XP. Isn't that easy!

In-game Passwords:
In the new greenguard forest there are 4 bosses. here are the passwords to get to them. 

Password            What it does
/join trunk       - Gets you to the greenguard basilisk.
/join greendragon - Kinda obvious but takes you to a green dragon.
/join deathgazer  - Don't know how he got here but he's a boss too.
/join well        - Takes you to a super blob call gell oh no.

Glitch How to get No Class:
Submitted by: toiletofdeath

To get No class class you must have two windows up.
1.Log into the first window to your normal sever.
2.Go to the trainers and buy a cheap class you don't have im doing it as you picked mage.
3.Log into the second window on a different sever.
4.Equip the new class what I am saying is Mage.
5.Sell the class (Mage) at a shop.
6.Log out of the second window and close it.
7.Log out of the first window.
8.Log back in to your normal sever.
9.Look instead of the class you brought (Mage) you have No Class
It has no specils and dont use mana dont worry it is working properly.
You can even unequip it and equip another class and it wont go.
Have Fun with it.

Barbaric Sword of Darkness Glitch:
Submitted by: Hamiel

Evil Reputation
Level 1-9 (lvl 10+ will not work.)
10,000 gold

*Go to shadowfall. (/join shadowfall)
*Go to the Evil Shop. ( Enter the mouth of the dragon then enter the room on the left)
*Buy the Barbaric Sword of darkness.
 (As you can see it is for lvl 10 or higher. Equip it even if your lvl 10 or below!)
 Done! Enjoy

How to get kung food Achievements:
First complete harvest quest,and if you complete quest go to oishii(npc harvest quest)
ther a button on upper right screen hit people and the number will up hit many people.

Killing the Rock Roc while on the Chaos Dragon:
First, just keep shooting fireballs at it (or go up close to it, hold the mouse, let go, 
and deal a little more damage). Keep doing this until you have about 500 HP left. Then, 
go down to the ground, to where you're running, and eat the rangers. That will give you 
health. When your health is high enough, go start attacking again. Repeat this until it 

Steps to the best way to get experience:
-=1st is Vasalkar lair (Join it by typing /join lair)=-

1.Accept the 3 first Vasalkar Lair quests Dragonbane , Dragon Scales, and Dragon 
  Souvenirs and for some bonus EXP accept the available Dragon Slayer quest i suggest
  Dragonslayer Veteran and Dragonslayer Reward quest if you want to kill wyverns and/or
  Dragonslayer Veteran if you want to kill Bronze, and Venom and Purple Draconians.
2.You can get good gold and Class Points here. 
3.Your total EXP will be: 1,250(Quests EXP rewards) + 1,550(Draconians EXP) = 2,800 EXP 
  or 1,200(Quests EXP rewards) +850(Wyverns EXP) = 2,050. 
  Note: If you want best results and fast EXP type /join Lair-9999 in Safiria Server

-=2nd is Hachiko (Join it by typing /join hachiko)=-
1.Every monster there gives 180-195 when you are in level 15 each.

-=3rd is Citadel (Join this by typing /join citadel)=-
1.For first you will need at least 5 friends 
2.You must be complete Citadel quests 
3.Now accept these 2 quests Grand Inquisitor's Penance and Grand Inquisitor's Surprise 
4.Your total EXP will be: 750 EXP(Quests EXP reward) + 230 to 250 EXP(Grand Inquistor EXP)
  = +1,000 EXP for each time you do this farm. 

Note : This EXP farm is very hard through the challenge against the Grand Inquisitor, 
The Grand Inquisitor hits are very massive(recommended Healer). The Grand Inquistor 
attacks are above 100 (once I was hited by a critical hit which did 530+ on me), you must
have both offensive and defensive classes like Healer and Enforcer. 

-=4th is Cornelis (Join this by typing /join cornelis)=-
1.Accept the quests Ruined Ruins and Blueish Glow. 
2.After getting all required items , go back and turn in. 
3.Your total EXP will be 900(Quests EXP Reward) + 1,050(Gargoylies EXP) = 1,950 EXP return to camp to get back down fast, and do it again. 

-=Cornelis Alternative=-
1.Accept the quests Quickdraw and Arm Yourself. 
2.Go to the Golem 
3.keep the quickdraw's "go to camp" and "stay here longer" bar open, and fight golem 
  until you get quest item. return to camp to get back down fast, and do it again. 

Note :Although they don't always drop, they are level tens at the strength of level ones. 
You will get more experience, gold and rep from them faster than standard level tens, 
and you'll get more than slimes will give you. 

Note: The Quests items not always drops, so vasalkar lair farm still more affective.

Fast Money Ballyhoo:
You earn more than the usual gold this way. First, use a slow computer, Get on AQW, go
to ballyhoo, watch one advertisement, but when the advertisement is over, click get prize,
but don't wait for the prize. Click the exclamation mark over her head before the prize 
comes up. It should say get prize (again), so click get prize (again). Keep on doing this. 
When the prize comes up, click yes. Another prize should come up. click yes (again). 
Keep repeating this.

Unlockable - Boss Weapons:
Battle this monsters to get a cool weapon that you want then enchance it.

* Battleon Area
* Sword Haven Area
* Orc Town Area
* Pirate Area

-== Bosses ==-
=Box Guardians Drop: boxes=
1- Box Guardian Blade [Sell Price = ,000 Golds]

=Grumble drop:sewer=
1-Grumble's Curse [Sell price = 0 gold]

=General Porkon Drops: orctown=
1- Porkon's Axe [Sell Price = 8,000 Golds]

=Thrax Ironhide Drops:orctown=
1- Tyrant Blade [Sell Price = 10,000 Golds]
2- Orc War Sword [Sell Price = 0 gold]
3- Axe Dagger [Sell Price = 0 gold]

=Grizzle Spit Drops: boxes=
1- Giant Protector Blade [Sell Price = 0 Golds]
2- Spine Gripper [Sell Price = 0 Gold]

=Jack Sprat Drops: graveyard=
1- Undead Plague Spear [Sell Price = 16,000 Golds]
2- Bone Axe [Sell Price = 200 Golds]
3- Skeleton Hand [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

=Purple Slime Drops: cellar=
1- Purple Slime Staff [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

=Sharkbait Drops: pirates=
1- Wave cutter [Sell Price = 10,000 Golds]

=Treeant Drops: farm=
1- Witch's Broom [Sell Price = 0 Gold]
2- Sprite Staff [Sell Price = 0 Gold]
3- Treeant Club[Sell Price = 0 Gold]

=Undead Boss Drops: bridge=
1- Undead Commander Sword [Sell Price = 0 Golds]
2- Bone staff [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

=Zardman Boss Drops: forest=
1- Morning Star [Sell Price = 8,000 Golds]

-== Monsters ==-
=Fishmen Drop: pirates=
1- Trident [Sell Price = 0 Golds]
2- Fish Mace [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

=Green Slimes Drop= 
1- Green Slime Staff [Sell price= ,000 Golds]

=Skeletal Viking Drops: graveyard=
1- Bone Hammer [Sell Price = 0 Golds]
2- Two-handed Axe [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

=Skeletal Warrior Drops: invasion/bridge=
1-Skeletal Sword [Sell Price = 0 Golds]
Level 4
1- Iron Hammer [Sell Price = 0 Golds

=Zardman Grunts Drop: forest=
1- Zardman's Stone Hammer [Sell Price = 4,000 Golds]

=Zardman Hunters Drop: forest=
1- Primitive Stone Spear [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

=Spiders drop: cellar=
1- Green Spider Staff [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

=Skeletal Ice Mages Drop: invasion=
1-Ice Orb [Sell Price = 0 Golds]

=Sneevil Drop: boxes=
1-Sneevil's Dagger

Methods for farming:
1: /dwakel/: Simply goto dwakel, and accept the 1st 3 quests. Once you kill the 
amount of dwakels needed, get the quest items and sell them at a shop. You will 
gain 7500 gold on the spot.

2: /Black Knight/: Goto greenguardwest and find a group who is willing to do 
this w/ you. Just kill Black Knight Repeativly selling every drop inbetween. 
All of his drops sell for 6250 and staff of the fallen nearly drops each time.

How to get pirate class:
How do you get pirate class well i'm gonna tell you. getting pirates class is 
pretty hard if your low leveled. ok heres how you get it go to lolosia travel map
or do this in chat box /join lolosia . then you talk to the pirate girl then accept
the quest until you get to he last one which is getting the map pieces you don't 
have to fight shark bait you can kill any monster on the ship. it will take a while.
Then turn it in then you get the pirate class and unlock the pirate shop. 
Their you have it.

Best armours:
The best starter armour is scorpion assasin armour you can get it as soon as you 
log in just click on shop as soon as you log in the armour only costs 30000. Then 
save up your first 200000 and click on the same shop and buy the imperial plate 
armour. and if your a member and your on the evil side then go to the evil kingdom
near the lair and buy the dark armour.

Easy and quick Good Reputation:
This is the fastest way ive discovered to rep with the good alliance; and it can 
be done very easily, but it requires 3 tabs and 3 accounts.

Position one character in the room sewer, and place it right next to Grumble. Next,
place another character at King Alteon. Next, with the account you want to rep with,
accept the "Rumble with Grumble" quest. Now goto your character in the sewer. Kill 
Grumble to get the single required quest item. Once acheived, goto your other 
account in King Alteon's castle, and simply turn in the quest giving you a very
easy and fast 1000 rep for good.

Items for you Non Members:
Know though that not all can be easily obtained.

Unlockable           How
Vampire Emissary   - Get rank 6 Vampire and buy it from Brysin.
Blade of Twilight  - Get rank 6 Lycan and buy it from Faopaw.
ReignBringer       - Buy it at the Swordhaven blacksmith.
Wave Cutter        - Drops from Sharbait in Lolosia or buy it in the Pirate shop.
Staff of Imp Fire  - Drops from Fire Elemental in Bludrut2.
Zephyr             - Buy it from Warlic's Robe shop in battleontown.
Wolf Warrior Blade - Get rank 3 Vampire and buy it from Brysin.
Vamparic Gladius   - Get rank 6 Vampire and buy it from Brysin.

Unlockible items:
Submitted by: JKGL

Zardman Boss                     - Morning Star
Zardman Hunter                   - Primitive Stone Spear
Zardman Grunt                    - Zardman Stone Hammer
Skeleton Warriors                - Skeleton Hand
Jack Sprat                       - Skeleton Hand, Undead Plague Spear and Bone Axe
Fishman Soldier                  - Fish Mace and Trident
Undead Commander                 - Commander Sword
Grizzle Pit                      - Giant Protector Blade
Box Guardians                    - Box Guardian Blade
Sharkbait                        - Wave Cutter
Porkon                           - None for now but probably will drop his axe.
Orcs                             - Their Axe
Turkey tail feathers             - defeat turdraken
turkey head                      - defeat turdraken
water draconian wings            - defeat water draconian
water draconian sword            - defeat water draconian
templar helm of light            - defeat red dragon
phoenix blade                    - defeat red dragon
inquisitor captain short polearm - defeat the captain at citadel
inquisitor's guard helm          - defeat the guards at citadel
Elemental rock hammer            - defeat the rock elemental
inquisitor guard's spear         - defeat the guards at citadel
Soul scythe                      - defeat soulseeker

Easy money:
Submitted by: ZakElectro

Go to lobby in battleon. Once there, click story at the right hand corner. Look for
Chapter 1 and click 'Go'. You will end up in portal undead. Click skip and go to the 
girl wearing a white robe outside the portal. Click on her then quest 'Fire Gem'. 
Keep fighting the Fire Mages until you get the the Gem. Once done, go to the girl 
and Turn In your quest. You will get the Burn It Down staff. Sell it for 12,500 gold.
Thanks for reading.

Easy money:
Submitted by: Dark Royce

goto the portal undead. click the lady with the white robe and do her quest. 
Kill the skeletal fire mage that is next to Sir Vivor (or the gate) untill you get the 
fire gem (kill him 5-20 times). Once you have the fire gem go to the girl with the white 
robe, and turn in the quest. You will recieve a level 9 burn it down staff. sell it for 
12500 gold. (You might also get another staff which sells for 2500 gold while you 
fight him)

Hints for buy a HolloEnergy Blade "AQ Worlds"
Submitted By: GX

20,000 gold
Level 1-100

* Go to BattleOn Town
* Click YeOlde'Inn ( Yulgar Shop )
* Then select Yulgar 
* Sugesstion Shop
* Buy HolloEnergy Blade

Enjoy! ( Inthe Yulgar Shop there Cysero inthe UpStairs )

How to earn gold in aqworlds:
All you need to do is do the quest on nulgath larvae take the quest mana energy then do the
hardwork there till you have voucher of nulgath and vocuher of nulgath (non-mem) you can 
sell one each for 250,000.

Tips on killing the red dragon:
We all know about the red dragon. The huge annoying monster that is the biggest obstacle 
in the quest of getting the class Dragonslayer. 1st have at least 2 people fighting the 
dragon so if 1 dies the other can keep on fighting long enough for the defeated player 
to respawn and fight again. Also have 1 healer as they can heal about 300 hp or so. 
Make sure you are all in a party. Health potions are optional but extremely useful in 
this fight.

Ranking up Reputation:
If you want to rank up your Reputation fast eg. Arcangrove,Doomwood etc. then follow this 
quick guide. Take Arcangrove. Go to Blakk, Moonwrath, Reens and Rayst and accept all their
quests. Include Reens' Daily Quests except for the first quest, Elder's Blood. Finish all 
the quests, it should take 10-15 minutes. Turn them all in to get around 3000-3500 Arcangrove 
rep! When you accept Gorrilaphant Poaching, you can turn in and re-accept the quest a few 

How to level up fast:
To level up really quickly you will need: a friend at least level 15 and Xp Boost (Optional).
First go on your map and click Yokai then go to Lolosia then go to the next area on the right
then onto the little boat. Next kill the level 40 undead pirates. This is a good way to level
up from levels 1-20.

Some hints:

Unlockable           How to unlock
/join trunk        - gets you to the greenguard basilisk.
/join greendragon  - kinda obvious but takes you to a green dragon.
/join deathgazer   - don't know how he got here but he's a boss too.
/join well         - takes you to a super blob call gell oh no.
/join firestorm    - puts you in the beginning of the fire (first) realm in Etherstorm questline.
/join windstorm    - puts you in the beginning of the air (second) realm in Etherstorm questline.
/join waterstorm   - puts you in the beginning of the fire (first) realm in Etherstorm questline.
/join earthstorm   - puts you in the beginning of the fire (first) realm in Etherstorm questline.
/join sandsea      - puts you just south of oasis and north of mobius.
/join mobius       - sends you to mobius gate, start of Chiral valley quest.
/join tower        - places you in battleon tower.
/join battleon     - places you on spawn point.
/join volcano      - you get in a volcano at the beginning of.
/join etherwarevil - sends you to etherwarstorm evil.
/join pirates      - It send you to Lososia.
/join chaosboss    - It sends you to a chaos warrior.

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