Arctic Antics Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Arctic Antics 
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 Arctic Antics Cheats

Arctic Antics

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to make a bomb:
* Buy a magic seed and mystery parcel.
* Plant the seed.
* Wait for the seed to become a little tree.
* Once the seed is a little seed open the mystery parcel.
* Then plant the bomb on someone. 

How to do quest the first:
1. Go down to the river
2. Follow river to the right
3. Look under the platform
4. Investigate the entrance
5. Pick up heavy iron bar
6. Crawl back out
7. Go back up the bank
8. Walk along the riverbank to the left
9. Follow river left
10. Follow river left
11. Go towards the woods
12. Go under the bridge
13. Pick up the silver whistle
14. Go towards the river
15. Climb the tree
16. Crawl along the branch
17. Jump to the far bank
18. Walk to the right
19. Go towards the grass
20. Pick up the broken pencil
21. Go towards the river
22. Walk along the riverbank to your left
23. Go towards the object
24. Climb the stone
25. Open the hatch
   (Make sure you get some rusty nails after you open the hatch)
26. Climb off the stone
27. Go around the stone
28. Go away from the river
29. Walk left
30. Go forward
31. Go left
32. Pick up the torch keyring
33. Go right
34. Go left
35. Go along the bank away from the object
36. BLOW the silver whistle
37. Move towards the trunk
38. Climb back down
39. Follow river to the right
40. Go back to field
41. Walk over to the house
42. Look around the building
43. Walk to the edge of the field
44. Walk left, following the fence
45. Pick up a wooden crate
46. Heads toward the building
47. Put down the crate
48. Climb on the crate
49. Climb through the window
50. Search around with the torch
51. Pick up the old hammer
52. Climb back out of the window
53. Climb down the ground
54. Pick up the wooden crate
55. Walk around the building
56. Go back towards the river
57. Go down to the river
58. Follow river left
59. Follow river left
60. Go towards the woods
61. Cross the bridge
62. Follow the path uphill
63. Go deeper into the woods
64. Go farther to the path
65. Climb up the ladder
66. Fix the ladder
67. Climb down
68. Go towards the interesting tree
69. Go to the pathway
70. Turn off into the undergrowth
71. Follow undergrowth to your right
72. Pick up large key
73. Go towards the tree
74. Go towards the rock
75. Go up the rocky hill
76. Go uphill
77. Go to the right
78. Pick up woolen gloves
79. Scramble down the bank
80. Go to the other way
81. Go towards the tree
82. Follow the path downhill
83. Follow the path downhill
84. Go deeper into the woods
85. Go farther to the path
86. Climb up the ladder
87. Climb further up the ladder
88. Pick up the Ice Crystal!!
89. Climb down to the ground
90. Climb down
91. Go towards the interesting tree
92. Go to the pathway
93. Follow the path downhill
94. Go to the river
95. Go towards the river
96. Follow river to the right
97. Go back to the field
98. Walk over the house
99. Look around the building
100. Walk to the edge of the field
101.Walk right, following fence
102. Unlock gate and go through
103. Leave the quest
104.You triumphantly walk out of the edge of the Quest world!

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