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  Hints and Tips for: Argo 
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 Argo Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press "~" ingame and type in "sv_cheats 1". This will enable cheats.
You can use following commands in Argo when sv_cheats 1 is activated:
Note: To bring up the console go to the Options Menu, click on 
"Keyboard," "Advanced," check off the Developer Console, resume 
playing then hit the ~/` key (between the Tab and ESC keys).

Code                  Effect
god                 - Immortality/God Mode.
noclip              - Fly around the map and through objects.
notarget            - Enemy won’t target you.
bind w kill         - Kill entire enemy team.
ai_disable          - NPCs are turned off.
give item_battery   - Receive 15 battery points.
give item_healthkit - Receive 25 health points.
kill                - Character eliminates himself.
npc_create          - Create NPCs.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
* Holding left control + WSAD will allow you cycle through an array of 
different stance positions. A and D will shift your upper body left and
right respectively (separate from Q and E), which is particularly useful
for popping in and out of doors or around corners. W and S cycle through 
the 8 stances, from fully erect (huehue) to a nifty prone-lean kinda thing. 
This is useful for utilizing and firing over awkward cover (too high, too 
low), or firing underneath cars. Rolling while prone is also particularly 
useful, such as when you have to get through those cracks in the concrete 
walls in a hurry.
* Pressing C will allow you to mount your weapon on most surfaces, providing
you with significantly reduced recoil when you fire. This is vital for higher
caliber machineguns, and you can even do it on the ground! Kinda negates the 
purpose of a bi-pod, so don’t go wasting points on that.
* Hold Alt (double-tap to lock) to move your head free from your weapon. 
This is great for when you are camping a spot with your muzzle trained on 
one approach, but need to scan your surroundings without moving your weapon.
You can also do this while aiming, allowing you to rotate your aim about 45 
degrees left and right from the direction your body is facing. Releasing Alt
will snap your weapon back forward.

* By default, Argo has what is called an “Aiming Deadzone”; that is to say 
your weapon will move freely to a degree without moving your screen. I 
personally hate this, as I find it way too sensitive. You can reduce or 
disable this feature from the main menu in Settings>Game>Aiming Deadzone.
* While you are in the game settings, take a look at the other things and 
ask yourself if it is helpful or detrimental to your gaming. I pretty much
disable everything, I’m not playing Argo for immersive/realistic gameplay.
Save that for Arma.
* It sucks, its stupid, and it kills your FPS. Same with bloom. Turn all 
that crap off. Put your sharpen filter to maybe 50 (that’s 50 points, not
half-way). Don’t let the faux beautifiers get in the way of your game 
performance when there is griding to do!

Tactical Ping:
Press “T” to place a nifty little red circle on whatever you are aiming at.
This is great for calling out targets or places of interest for your team 
to engage or move on. Use it, but don’t abuse it. Make sure you say what 
you are pinging…not enough people do that.

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