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  Hints and Tips for: Ark: Survival Ascended 
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 Ark: Survival Ascended Cheats

Ark: Survival Ascended

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Codes (Single-Player):
Press TAB to bring up the cheat console. From there, you can enter the 
following codes and press ENTER to unlock the corresponding effects.

Code                     Effect
God                    - Enables God Mode.
Fly                    - You can fly.
Walk                   - Deactivates "Fly" cheat.
Teleport               - Teleport forward in the direction you're facing.
Ghost                  - noclip (you can walk through walls and objects).
ToggleInfiniteAmmo     - Infinite ammo.
addexperience 1000 1 1 - Receive 1000 XP (or some other number).
giveresources          - Receive 50 of each resource.
setcheatplayer true    - Enables menu.
setcheatplayer false   - Disables menu.
giveengrams            - All crafting recipes are unlocked.
settimeofday           - You can set the time of day to suit your preference 
                         (i.e. 11:00).

Guide to Increase FOV:
Written by m

How to have higher than max FOV and lower than minimum sensitivity:

* Browse local files.
* Then go to ShooterGame => Saved => Config => Windows
* Then right click on "GameUserSettings.ini"
* Click on edit.
* Look for "FOVMultiplier".
* 1.250000 is slider max you can increase it but do not set above 1.500000.

You can also go to the same file and look for "LookLeftRightSensitivity" and 
"LookUpDownSensitivity" to set sensitivity below the slider minimum!

Note: Dont forget to save after editing.

Its the exact same as in ASE.

How to Activate Dev / Cheat Menu:
Written by Flegod

If you press the crouch and run at the same time a cheat menu will come up:

* [Shift] + [.] Key
* After that, a cheat window will appear on the screen containing all sorts 
  of options.

-=How to Enable Console=-
In game press [Esc] go to settingings Advanced left row 5th tab. In the same 
row as client network speed. Default is off. Once you have done that back out 
to game play.

Than just hit [Esc] onece and option will be in the bottom left.

FPS Boost:
In order to use console commands in the game, you must enable the console in 
the settings. 

* Use the [Esc] or [~] Tilde keys to open the console.
Note: To increase the frames (FPS) in the game, enter the following commands 
one at a time:

 sg.FoliageQuality 0
 r.Water.SingleLayer.Reflection 0
 r.LightShaftQuality 0
 r.SkyAtmosphere 0
 r.VolumetricCloud 0
 sg.TextureQuality 0
 r.BloomQuality 0
 show InstancedStaticMeshes
 show InstancedGrass

Commands That Help Me Get Higher FPS:
Written by !Taffy

Is water surfaces killing your FPS, me too. I use a AMD RX 580, so pretty 
bad for this game but I can get to 30 and sometimes 40 fps with these commands.

Put these commands in by pressing [~] Tilde key below of [Esc].

* Stat FPS  Shows your current FPS.
* r.Water.SingleLayer 0  Turns off water surfaces only (once you GO INTO where 
  water would normally be you will see water as if you were swimming. Changing 
  the number to 0 deactivates, changing the number to 1 activates.
* r.SkyAtmosphere 0  I believe disables ambient fog in the sky (correct me if 
  I am wrong). Changing the number to 0 deactivates, changing the number to
  1 activates.
* r.VolumetricCloud.DisableCompute 0  Disable volumetric clouds.

I usually only use r.Water.SingleLayer 0 and r.SkyAtmosphere 0 as that is
where I see best performance.

This will obviously make your game look bad, but at least you can play. To add 
to this, setting all video settings to low, off, and sliding sliders to minimum 
will also help.

How to Run Console Commands with a Text File:
Written by DigIntoGaming

So you can actually add a text file with all the commands, no descriptions 
just these:

r.Streaming.PoolSize 0

r.Nanite.MaxPixelsPerEdge 4
r.Lumen.ScreenProbeGather.RadianceCache.ProbeResolution 16
r.Shadow.Virtual.Enable 0
r.VolumetricCloud.ViewRaySampleMaxCount 64
r.VolumetricRenderTarget.Mode 3
r.VolumetricCloud.StepSizeOnZeroConservativeDensity 4

To your game install folder and leave the text file in the binaries folder
 where a Win64 folder is (so the binaries folder should have Win64 and your 
text file in it only)

Then use console command exec [filename].txt (without quotes) and itll execute 
every command within the file. (File names can be what-ever you choose).

So my file is called fpsboost.txt and the command looks like this:

exec fpsboost.txt

You can also add:
r.volumetricCloud 0

To the text file but it is redundant to the volumetric commands because it 
removes the clouds and such completely and boost the FPS by about 20 FPS.

I believe you can also use this method to run other commands as well, such 
as giving items etc..

Hope this helps!

How to Find Organic Poly:
A good spot for penguins is around a place I like to call penguin isle. 
Its a glacial island just off the north coast down the massive ice cliff. 
If your not seeing them on the coast, sometimes they wander around slightly 
in the forest areas. They are very vulnerable to dying though, so could be 
tricky if your looking for some.

If you cant get to the snow yet, Hesperonis are a good substitute. They 
are found commonly around the easy zone rivers. Once you kill them, to 
maximise poly gain use a club. But if you are further in the game, I 
definitely recommend getting a breeding pair of penguins to farm poly. You 
dont have to wait till the penguin babys grow up, just till juvenile then 
wack them with a club and your solid. Or use a moschops with many points 
put into poly harvesting. The higher the health of the penguins, the more 
poly you get. Something handy to note too for mid-late game is if you can 
grab some snails, they act as a fridge for poly and massively increase its 
spoil timer. They have decent weight too, so if your worried you should 
be fine. Why we recommend penguins over hesperonis is that they are much 
more painful to tame. Though if your looking for a duck shoulder pet or 
a source of golden eggs for Rhynios, then go ham.

If all else fails, some of the blue and purple drops have ghille sets in 
them. Got a full set just from drops, same deal with scuba.

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