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  Hints and Tips for: Armello 
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 Armello Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Dark Temptation Guide (How to Trigger):
Written by BluKa

-=My Thoughts and Recherche=-
Since many people seem to struggle with this achievement and I think I quite 
well figured it out, I want to share my information to you guys.

In order to forcefully trigger this event I seached the community discussions 
about it and I found this post of gamer DatFancy:

Ive only gotten tempted once, and I believe it was at night and I was either 
corrupt, or close to corrupt, keep in mind this only happened once in my 180 
hours, so its probably pretty freakin rare.

So I gave it a thought: If this statement of the devs is right:
Hey folks! I'm not going to reveal how exactly to trigger what event, but they 
are less random than most people assume.

Then it can't trigger, when you're at 5+ rot, nor can it happen with "any rot 
between 1 to 2" rot, since both cases happened many, many times in my games and 
I saw this event getting triggered twice now.

-=How to Trigger=-
So I guessed you need exactly 4 rot, so I tried it out: I got 4 rot, entered 
two forest tiles AT DAY (since there is this rumor this event only triggers at 
night, this myth is busted!) and it triggered on the second one. So I thought 
this might be really accidental - no. I could replicate this in the very next 
game in very similar fashion, but it took a little longer.

So in fact, this achievement is NOT very rare, but it's trigger is very specific. 
Since every player with 4 rot tries to rapidly get to 5 rot, cases where you 
wander around in forests with 4 rot are by itself just rare, and that makes this 
event triggering more rare than the other events. Plus, getting the idea that 
it needs exactly 4 rot makes the replication of triggering the event without 
knowledge almost impossible.

Of course, with every randomly triggering event you need a little luck. 
Don't give up hope, the event will eventually trigger.

I hope I could help you with this achievement and have fun with Armello!

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