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  Hints and Tips for: Army Men - RTS 
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 Army Men - RTS Cheats

Army Men - RTS

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Steven
Updated by: Jason

Cheat mode:
Press [Alt]+[Backspace] during game play, then enter one of the cheats.

Result                        Code 
2000 Electricity            - zap me
5000 Plastic                - fantastic plastic
Random team colors on map   - color me stupid
5 free paratroopers	    - ahoy captain dan
Increase the power	    - kick some butt
Stronger Tan units          - brainsick
Green troops invincible	    - don't touch me

Great Battles:
Get a gold medal in the indicated campaign mission to unlock the Great Battle. 

Basement Baloney (Great Battle 3)   : Campaign mission 2 Bathroom
Blitz (Great Battle 4)              : Campaign mission 3
Blind Pass (Great Battle 2)         : Campaign mission 1
Flooded Follies (Great Battle 5)    : Campaign mission 4
Sandbox Shenanigans (Great Battle 8): Campaign mission 7
Tricycle Treachery (Great Battle 6) : Campaign mission 5
Waterway War (Great Battle 7)       : Campaign mission 6 

Special Operations:
Get a gold medal in the indicated campaign mission to unlock the Special Operation. 

Blastoff! (Special Operation 8)        : Campaign mission 15
Hostage Situation (Special Operation 7): Campaign mission 14
Lord of the Ants (Special Operation 2) : Campaign mission 9
Midnight Snack (Special Operation 1)   : Campaign mission 8
Road Block (Special Operation 5)       : Campaign mission 12
Sandy Breach (Special Operation 3)     : Campaign mission 10
Tan Some Hide (Special Operation 6)    : Campaign mission 13
This Old Fortress (Special Operation 4): Campaign mission 11 

Locate bases and men before facing them:
Go to the "Build" menu. Select any building. Move it around until you see red 
squares, where you cannot place them.

Alternate death commentary:
The voice in the background says different dying words with certain soldiers. 
Whenever a unit dies, the voice says "Unit lost". However, whenever someone such
as Riff, Sarge, and other soldiers with names die the voice says "Man down!". 

One Man Army: Army Men RTS reference:
Select a few units and move them northwest where a Tan base is located. Destroy 
it if desired. Go to the left opening of the thing that is almost blocking the
way to way where the "X" is on the map. You should find a weapon boost power-up.
Get it, if needed. While your units are standing slightly in front of those tan 
pillow things where you got the power-up, you may be able to see a few school 
binders stacked up with a lunch box on top. You may need to get the view higher.
Once you see it, you will see a picture of the Green and Tan army men soldiers 
fighting each other in Army Men RTS.

Hex editor:
Submitted by: Tung Killer

Well, do u like break-dance, i'll give u a break-dance show by this game. Open 
the Hex-Editor, edit the file amrts.exe, go to the line 0047F65D, change the 
89 4A 04 into 89 4A 03. That's all, now play the game, make the units move to
see a show!
Note: u can also change 04 into 00-->04, don't try to change it higher b/c u'll
make a crash!

Radio operators:
You do not have to bring a radio operator with your men to use him. You can keep
him at your base where he is safe and use the air strikes he can call in when 
your men are attacking a target.

Green troops invincible:
Submitted by: mary stamper

It makes your green troops invincible. What you are spost to type in is don't 
touch me. How to get to typeing the code is to push backspace + alt.

Multiplayer Hack:
Submitted by: AmridikoN

PLAYER so you can have comp stomps

I start a game and im told i need atleast "2 players" then i press a ShortCut Key 
(alt+1) to enable my trainer and try to Play again, this time im told to "assign 
teams" which shows it has worked, so just add some AI opponents to play against 
and have some fun. you are no longer confined to play campaign or great battles.


We are freedom:
Submitted by: army master

This cheat has the ability to start with 10,000 packs of paratroopers,5,000 grunts,
1,000 sarges,500 scorches,100 snipers,50 rocket guys,and 10 machine gunners.

Punch line:
Submitted by:

All the web says about it "i don't know but ,with the help of Allah, I KNEW it make
the dump truck gives more money, 300 instead of 150, per one lot, but the cheat 
"fantastic plastic" and  "zap me" more useful for extra plastic & electricity i 
hope you enjoy.

Heal Your Units Twice As Fast Than 1 Medic Can!:
Submitted by: jmscreator

If you select a medic, you can heal your units twice as quick if you click on the
unit continuously real quick. The more medics you have the much quicker they will
heal when you select all your medics and continuously double-click on the units 
needed to be healed.

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