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  Hints and Tips for: Astalon: Tears of the Earth 
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 Astalon: Tears of the Earth Cheats

Astalon: Tears of the Earth

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to farm Soul Orbs quickly:
Written by ZylpheRenuis

I will describe to the best of my ability of how to get those pesky Soul 
Orbs for the Death God.Please note, there will be slight spoilers so be 

-=Gorgon Statues=-
There are three breakable Gorgon Statues (Not bosses) that damage your 
character each time you attack it. With every Gorgon Statue damaged and 
broken. A Multiplyer is applied for Soul Orbs at the cost of lower health 
pool. Reminder, after EVERY DEATH these statues respawn so you have to 
destroy them again in order for the maximum output of Soul Orbs to obtain.

The First one is easy to find As soon as you activate the *LIFT* having it 
coming down. You can go right into the next Screen and destroy a blue Beetle.
At the end there is a stepping block. To the left of that block you can jump 
on instead of jumping on it. Press down in the corner to decend into a hidden 
area with an inactive teleporter. The next room to the right is the first 
Gorgon Statue. At this point you can only grind for a bit of Soul Orbs so go 
get that 2x gain. Be careful of proceeding through the game. The lower health 
pool from destroying the Statue will be troublesome.

The Second one is in the Mechanism Ruins. Refer to the map pictured as I 
painted the exact spot green. Beneath the area is a ladder that is in the 
upper left of the area beside a Skeleton, a Bug and a scouting turret on the 
right wall. At this point you have gotten a few deaths in and upgraded your 
health pool. You should be able to make it x4 now if you destroyed the first 

Is in Subterranea 1 as soon as you find the lift in the area below Gorgon 
Tomb. Go left of the lift and the last one is right there. Destroy that 
with others to get the max output of 8x Orb obtention.

The location of the Amulet of Sol is actually three rooms left and four 
rooms up, and is accessible by going to the teleport/warp room north of and 
from the Gorgon Tomb elevator and continuing left by unlocking the blue key 
door with the key you find on the way there, fhen continuing left again, and 
(for a quick side trip, unlocking a short cut by going up from this room), 
then hitting the switch at the bottom of the room and having the giant rock 
fall down and opening the path up and down (unlocks a shortcut to Gorgon Tomb, 
left of the save and elevator rooms). Then you just wall jump up all the way 
and use the red and blue gorgon eye keys to unlock the doors and making a dash 
for the amulet unless youre able to kill the liches by either switching 
characters on the fly with the Athena Bell or youre strong enough to kill em 
without Algus lol

Golden Statue of the Bald Headed Unfriendly and the reoccurring Gold Knight 
mook that gives 7500 max Soul Orbs in Tower Roots located at the far east of 
the area. In order to access it you need to have Bram and Zeek have their extra 
skills located in Cathedral and Serpent Path. The Block Ring and Morning Star. 
Then have your skilled wall climber jump the cliff into the golden room. Once 
there stand still in the middle and the room will shine and sparkle. The Bald 
Headed statue will be unfriendly and split apart spawning a EXTREMELY TOUGH 
Enemy Gold Knight that when unprepared can easily kill your characters dead.
Use Bram, Algus, or Arias to kill him easily and earn your 7500 Soul Orbs upon 
vanquishing. Upon returning back into the room that statue will still be 
unfriendly and spawn more of the mook so the process is repeatable.

Just make sure you destroyed the 3 Gorgon Statues else you won't get the full 
amount of 7500. This is BY FAR the fastest way to grind out the rest of your 
characters in game.

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