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  Hints and Tips for: Astroneer 
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 Astroneer Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

After you click confirm button, before trading kit fly out screen, you can
unplug item and you still can get trade item back to you.
Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game.
It will probably eventually get patched. To avoid not being able to 
use this exploit, either do not install new patches before using 
this exploit or delete the patches. You can avoid patches being 
installed by disconnecting from the internet until you are ready 
for the game to install new patches.

How to Unlock All Suits:
To unlock other suits, you have to activate the Gateway Engines at the 
cores of planets. Each Engine rewards one suit, paint pallette, and a 
few of them give a new visor color, so you donít have to unlock all of 
them, just the ones that give you the suits you want. Check the Astroneer 
wiki for the detailed list.

Note: To unlock the gateway engines, you need to have at least one gateway 
on the surface activated, and the ones at the core each need a special 
resource to activate. The symbol will be on them, but if you donít care 
that much about exploring them yourself to solve them, the wiki has those 
details too.

How to Turn Off Helmet Lights in Game:
Written by Sacha418

This is a guide for those who canít stand that annoying light anymore!

-=How to turn Helmet Lights OFF=-
1.Use/Craft a portable oxigenator on your backpack (late game item) 
  alongside with a small RTG (found as scrap or provided by a mission)

2.Craft a Mod for your drill and equip it

3.Turn on the portable oxigenator

4.Stay away from sources of energy such as teathers

5.Dig a hole while using the mod on the drill till you run out of energy

6 No more lights and still alive with plenty of oxigen to roam free.

Since the oxigenator draws 1Unit of Power and the RTG provides 1 aswell, it 
will be balanced. Using a drill with a mod that uses energy will make you 
dry of energy and since the Oxygenator is still drawing energy it wont refill, 
at the same time the RTG will keep the oxygenator running so you can roam 
free and take your time with stuff.

If you need to dig hard surfaces (Usually underground) or crafting stuff, you 
just turn off the oxygenator and youíll recover the energy, once youíre done 
doing whatever needs energy just turn it on again and repeat the process. 
That way youíll play whiout any lights. Youíre welcome.

How to Skip Intro Movies:
Written by mece

If you canít skip intro movie (like in Rails update) this guide is for you.

-=Method 1=-
* Find DefaultGame.ini and make a backup just in case.
* In my steam version it was there:
x:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER\Astro\Config\DefaultGame.ini

* Open the file with a text editor and find MoviePlayerSettings text.
* Edit the following code:
  bWaitForMoviesToComplete=False ; default= True
  bLoopLastMovie=False ; default= True
* Save the file and restart the game.

-=Method 2=-
Another way to skip

* Add the above code into the following file:

* Restart the game.

Ressource Guide:
Writtn by BoomH3adShotMF

This guide is a guide for people who donít know how ressources work or how to get 
them, learn alot about ressources here.

-=Main Ressources=-
* Compound: found on every planet mainly used in crafting recipes such as tethers 
  or printers.
* Resin: found on every planet, used for main crafts such as furnaces and others.
* Organic: found on every planet, collectable by vaccuming plants, grass and others, 
  can be turned into carbon if put into the furnace, can also be used as a source of 
  energy for small generators.
* Soil: soil is collectable only by vaccuming the ground while having a small canister 
  in your inventory.
* Clay: found on every planet, can be melted in the furnace to make ceramic.
* Quartz: found on every planet(caves), can be using in crafts such as beacon, can 
  be melted into glass, can be turned into silicon via chemestry lab.
* Amonium: found on every planet(see below), used in crafting for rocket fuel 
  (which means hydrazine which is craftable via chemestry lab).
* Graphite: found on every planet(hills/mountains mostly), used for crafts such as 
  packagers, can be turned into graphene via chemestry lab.
* Laterite: found on every planet(caves), can only be melted into aluminium.
* Astronium: found on every planet(deepest caves), tradable ressource via trade 
* Sphalerite: found on Sylva(caves) and Desolo(hills), can only be melted into Zinc.
* Wolframite: found on Desolo(caves) and Calidor(surface), can only be melted into 
* Malachite: found on Sylva(mountains) and Calidor, can only be melted into Copper.
* Lithium: found on Vesania(caves) and Novus(hills), can be used in important crafting 
  such as medium batteries or RTGs.
* Hemathite: found on Novus(caves) and Glacio(hills), can only be melted into Iron.
* Titanite: found on Vesania(mountains) and Glacio(caves), can only be melted into 

* Carbon: result from melting Organic, can be used as fuel for medium generators 
  and can be turned into Plastic, Tungsten Carbide, Explosive Powder and Steel via 
  Chemestry lab.
* Ceramic: result from melting Clay, can be used in crafts such as uhh i dunno its 
  been a while since i last playedÖ (probably not alot to remember).
* Glass: result from melting Quartz, can be used in crafts such as Chemestry lab 
  (i think).
* Aluminum: result from melting laterite, very important ressource, used in crafting   
  rockets and other vehicules.
* Zinc: result from melting Sphalerite, can be used in crafts such as medium battery.
* Copper: result from melting Malachite, can be used in crafts such as solar pannels.
* Tungsten: result from melting Wolframite, used in crafts such as medium generator.
* Iron: result from melting Hematite, can be turned into Steel via Chemestry lab.
* Titanium: result from melting Titanite, can be turned into Titanium Alloy via 
  Chemestry lab.

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