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  Hints and Tips for: A Tale for Anna 
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 A Tale for Anna Cheats

A Tale for Anna

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Solve Puzzles:
Written by godamnsteemsux

This is a bunch of hints for the puzzles in A Tale for Anna.

The puzzles are in the order that you do them. Putting them in alphabetical 
order would not be very helpful seeing as how it doesnít tell you the name of 
a puzzle during play; you have to go to the Minigames thing to see their names.

1.Trapdoor (ball in a maze):
Find the path by working backwards. Remember that since each move (except the 
last one) ends by hitting a wall, when you are tracing the path backwards, you 
are always going AWAY from a wall.

2.Spellbook (4◊4 wraparound slider puzzle):
It only takes 10 moves to solve it from the starting position, whereas I NEVER 
figured out a way to swap 2 pieces and put everything else back the way it was. 
So it you find yourself with every piece where it belongs except 2, you might 
actually be better off clicking the reset button than trying to solve it from 
the current position.

Big hint: Itís obvious which pieces belong in the corners, so you might, say, 
start by moving each corner tile up or down until itís in the row where it belongs.

3.Panoptic Potion (pipe connecting puzzle):
Down below there are two pieces of paper showing you how the pipes need to be 

If the left half is giving you trouble, try intentionally swapping the two 
identical pieces (Especially if those pieces are not lit up. A piece thatís in 
the correct position will be lit up, and the two identical pieces are regarded 
as different by the game.).

4. Fishnet (rings and strings):
You can only move the topmost ring on a stick. Since there are 9 rings, and 
each stick can hold only 4, you canít ever move any of the bottom-most rings.

Intuitively, the ring that belongs in the center of the center stick should 
be one that has lots of connections, and the corner rings should have few 
connections. Intuition is correct in this case.

Big hint: Although the solution has no strings crossing over, the rule is NOT 
that a string is red when it crosses another string. A string is white if both 
of its rings are in the correct positions, and red otherwise.

5.Hidden levers (blue, green, and red levers):
You donít absolutely have to move all the pieces completely out of the way 
before you begin moving a lever. But itís a very easy puzzle either way.

6. Dark Hollow (frogs and mosquitoes):
In order for there to be a point to moving mosquitoes out of the way, youíd have 
to be able to move at least 3 out of the way, and you canít do that at the start. 
So move 2 frogs out of the way, then move 2 mosquitoes to take their starting 
places. Then move a third mosquito next to the first 2. Then you can start moving 
frogs to take the places of those first 3 mosquitoes.

7.Magic Bean (ball in a maze, swapping acorns on scales):
This is not hard at all, itís just kinda klunky, the way that you have to swap 
acorns to rotate the maze, and how far it turns depends on how unbalanced the 
acorns are.

8.Dreamcatcher (web with moths and gems):
Not hard. Itís probably best to do the corners first.

9.Guiding Thread:
Well, of course, doing the obvious shortest path for one color may cut off
another color completely. And of course, the only solution leaves no unused space.

10.Magic Gramophone:
Too easy.

11.Distant Planets:
Very easy. You can arrange the planets however you want as long as no two planets
 of the same color are in the same horizontal or vertical row. Having all 4 
planets of the same color in a diagonal line IS allowed.

12.Magic Barometer (the thing with the 4 elements):
Very easy, especially if youíre like me and you wildly guess that all 4 columns 
need to have the elements in the same order.

13.Constellation Pap:
This is the easiest puzzle. Even counting the non-puzzles that come later. (Well, 
maybe donít count Tailís Cage.) Even counting the jigsaw puzzles. This puzzle 
doesnít even allow you to screw up and lose progress. (Except, of course, by 
clicking the reset button.)

14.Star Castle:
Each button except the last one has a direction indicator showing you which way 
to go for the next button, and 1 to 3 dots telling you how far to go. Very easy 
by working backwards.

15.Bright Lantern (yellow, red, and green sliding gems):
The round red gem can get to its destination without help from the other gems, 
so it seems like you should do it last. The squarish green gem can get to its 
destination without moving the other 2 gems, so it seems like you should do it 
first. The pointy yellow gem absolutely needs help to get to the yellow square. 
There are two ways to help it, but they are NOT equally good.

16.Kingís Portrait:
This puzzle is actually hard. It starts with a random arrangement, and I had 
trouble figuring out which pieces go where. Iím pretty sure that there is no 
sequence of moves that can swap two tiles and put everything else back where 
it was. So if you wind up with all tiles in their correct locations except for 
two of them, Iím pretty sure that means youíve been given an unsolvable 
starting position. Maybe you should just skip this puzzle. This is the only 
puzzle that I skipped.

17.Jafarís Cage (reflecting beams of light):
Most of the colors can route very simply, bouncing off only one mirror.

18.Tailís Cage:
This isnít really a puzzle; Itís just a mindless and tedious hunt for matching 
shapes. What advice am I gonna give you? ďWhen a spinner covers three shapes 
that have already been matched, thereís no need to turn that spinner againĒ? 
ďTry not to drool on yourselfĒ? ďRemember to breatheĒ?

19.Air Stones:
I started by putting the outermost stones in place, then worked my way inward.

2o.Underwater Lyre:
This isnít a puzzle; itís just a sequence-guessing game. If youíre getting it 
right, seaweed thingies light up, but when you click a starfish out of order, 
the thingies go dark.

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