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  Hints and Tips for: Automachef 
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 Automachef Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Campaign Recipes List:
Written by Marzullad

This guide provides an overview of the recipes in each level of the campaign. 
This is useful when you need to build the machines for the same recipe again 
and want to make a new blueprint, but you forgot in which level you had to 
make this recipe before.

-=Recipes in Standard Levels=-
1. Cheeseburger and Plain Burger.
2. BLT.
3. Double Bacon Burger and Plain Hot Dog.
4. Chicken Melt and Fries.
5. Bacon Fries, Cheeseburger, and Cheesy dog.
6. BLT, Fries, and Plain Burger.
7. Dopamine Meal (Plain Burger and Fries), Fried Chicken, and Fries.
8. BLT and Beach Burger.
9. Chicken Melt and Plain Burger.
10. Dopamine Meal (Plain Burger and Fries), Double Dog Meal 
    (Plain Hot Dog and Fries), 
    Heart Stopper Meal (Double Bacon Burger and Fries), and Side Salad.
11. Bacon Fries, Cheeseburger, Fries, Loaded Cheese Fries, and Plain Hot Dog.
12. Beach Burger, Side Salad, and Small Family Meal 
    (Fried Chicken, Fries, and Side Salad).
13. Cheesy Dog, Chicken Melt, Double Bacon Burger, and Fried Chicken.
14. Altimeter Meal (Cheeseburger and Fries) and Triplane Meal 
    (Plain Burger and Side Salad).
15. Hot Wings, Side Salad, and Texas Burger.
16. Beach Burger, Chicken Salad, and Fries.
17. Helicopter Meal (Texas Burger and Fries) and Jet Age Meal 
    (The Big Salad and Hot Wings).
18. -Level not unlocked yet myself-
19. Bacon Fries, Fries, Heart Stopper Meal (Double Bacon Burger and Fries), 
    Hot Dog Sampler Meal (Plain Hot Dog, Cheesy Dog, and Ultimate Dog), and 
    Not-So-Unhealthy Meal (Side Salad and BLT).

-=Recipes in Optional Levels=-
C1. Plain Burger.
S1. Dopamine Meal (Plain Burger and Fries) and Heart Stopper Meal 
    (Double Bacon Burger and Fries).
S2. Fried Chicken, Fries, and Plain Hot Dog.
C2. Beach Burger.
S3. Chicken Melt, Fries, and Plain Hot Dog.

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