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  Hints and Tips for: Avorion 
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 Avorion Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enter one of the following codes during game play.

Code                                              Result
/give “Your Nickname” Avorion 100000            – Gives 100000 Avorion.
/give “Your Nickname” Credits 1000000           – Gives 1000000 Credits.
/teleport “player name” XCoordinate YCoordinate – Teleport Cheat.

Note: Keep the quotation marks.
“Your Nickname”. For players with spaces in their name you have to 
use quotes to get it to work.
/give “player name” -g amount 

“player name” is the player you want to give it to
“-g” is the item (can be any material or credits)
“amount” is amount you want

For Example: /give “Your Nickname” Avorion 10000 – Gives 10000 Avorion
Note2: You might have to remove the space in your steam name to get the command 
to work.

How to Move Mine/ Starbase:
There is a move mode for mines and starbases. You need to activate it 
first, then you will be able to tow it where you want to relocate.

* Select your base and press F to “talk” to it. You should see the option in 
  the list.

* Before you put it into transport mode – save the design. Then replace its 
  design with something small (1-2 sockets). It’ll be much easier to drag around.

* Then when you get it to where you want it to be and it’s not in transport mode 
  anymore, restore the original design.

* There's no "tax" for taking design X switching to design Y and then switching 
  back to design X.

Useful Tips:
There is A trick you can use: the F camera focus button

* Individually select a block and press “f”. This will center your camera rotation 
  around that block.
* Select multiple blocks and press “f”. This will center your camera rotation 
  around the average center of MASS of those blocks.
* So, by using a combination of the view filters you can select a block on either 
  side of the empty space inside your ship. Then use F to move your camera to center
  on the empty space between them. NOW you can zoom in and look around inside. It’s 
  still finicky, but it will let you select and place on the inner surfaces of those
  empty chunks.

Another method is to save large “chunks” of your ship as “parts”
* You do this by selecting one or more blocks, copying them to clipboard (ctrl + c) 
  and then saving the design on your clipboard inside your save menu.
* Now you can rapidly save and delete entire chunks of your ship to “expose” the 
  interior before using those saved designs to “paste” (ctrl + v) them back on later.
* While you have a multi-block part saved on your clipboard and go to “paste” it 
  back onto your ship, you can hold “alt” to manually hover around the part to select
  which surface you are trying to place.
* Using the various “snap” options you can precisely place them back where they need 
  to go. (I prefer the “snap to middle” option for placing multi-blocks.

How to Make Credits:
Written by Starry1

-=Early Game=-
Start by mining and selling iron and titanium at resource depots. Assign a mining 
ship with a mining captain to collect resources from asteroid-rich areas. Equip the 
ship with mining turrets, a sizable cargo hold, and mining subsystem for optimal 
performance. Complete delivery missions available at Bulletin Boards in Stations.

Engage in commodity trading using the Trading subsystem, which starts at uncommon. 
Utilize the galaxy map, accessible by installing the trading subsystem permanently, 
to identify locations with high supply and demand for commodities. Dedicate a trade 
ship with a merchant captain, equipped with a sizable cargo hold and powerful 
engines, to establish profitable trade routes.

Before venturing into trading, explore the entire faction and nearby factions to 
uncover potential trade opportunities. Look for mining and industry stations, as 
some industry stations rely on raw materials from mining stations. Consult the wiki 
to understand dependencies in industry stations, such as required raw materials and 
produced goods.

Utilize the object detector subsystem to locate valuable objects within sectors, 
including containers, vaults, and claimable asteroids. Be prepared to encounter 
pirates and engage in combat if necessary. Valuable objects can be found in any 
system, not just hidden sectors.

Identify claimable asteroids near industry stations, typically found within bright 
faction areas patrolled by combat ships. Establish mines in these locations based on 
supply and demand of various commodities such as ore, copper, silicone, lead, and 

Ensure mines have a minimum cargo hold of 5k and at least 2 docks. Experiment with 
adjusting the base price % in the trade goods window to optimize production and 
sales. Customize the price % based on cargo status and demand.

Set up industry stations by identifying commodities in high demand and their 
required raw materials. Use the wiki to identify suitable station locations and 
fill gaps in the market where demand exceeds supply. Establish industry stations 
in sectors patrolled by faction combat ships. Avoid placing more than one station 
per sector to maintain efficiency and resource management.

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