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  Hints and Tips for: Backpack Battles 
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 Backpack Battles Cheats

Backpack Battles

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Made Rainbow Goobert Omegaooze Prime Slime:
I did it in unranked and it was pretty insane.

The best way to do it, I think, is to be reaper since getting 
those fly amarics on ranger seems tougher than getting the hero 
sword on reaper.

Then you want to just, not combine poison or vampire until you 
really need the space, or you’re about to go primeslime.

Having several base gooberts healing you is better. Still, you’re 
going to be pretty weak so doing it in ranked seems a bit difficult.

I got an early steel goobert which I used on a bag of stones 
which let me stabilize for a while, but still wasn’t able to 
complete it until about round 15, but once it was in, people had 
a hard time knocking me below max health and my scaling was insane.

They went fully blind very quickly, so I was only susceptible to 
reapers but their scaling was way slower than mine if they had no 
weapons. Seems like exodia tbh.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
-=Useful Information=-
* Cards activation speed is effected by things that increase speed
* Fanny Pack, heat, Gloves, Jynx bird,
* Lovers and Ace both have additional effects depending on their placement
* Blue Eyes Dragon gives you armor and opponent slow
* Lovers and Charizard both “deal” DMG and as such can crit
* Dark lotus gives mana and for each mana over 10 it removes a buff
* 4th slot in deck gives 12 mana = 2 buffs removed

-=General Tips=-
* Lovers is decent early game but falls off around round 8~10, vs any 
  poison potion build you dont want to heal
* Cards still activate and deal DMG even if you are stunned so vs Hammer 
* Coffin sells for 10 gold and gives slots = 2 ruckpacks which is 8 gold 
  or 4 if both on sale
* Spike shields early game help
* Customer card early is IMPORTANT, allowing you to grab early charizards
* Earliest charizard i’ve found is round 5
* Save gold till epics and legendaries have higher shop % as you want blue 
  eyes and charizards mostly

-=Set Up Tips=-
* Like any reaper run, start with pan and food saving packs on sale and 
  any fanny packs
* Ace gives spikes so stacking a couple early in deck can help vs quick 
  attacking builds
* Blue Eyes Draon; Despite the armor increasing per card activated before, 
  it is better to stack them early in deck so you stack slow and give 
  starting armor
* Do NOT run any weapons once you have 2~3 charizards, as the weapon atk 
  will steal the Ace card’s crit where we want the charizard to get that 
* Try to run 1~3 dark lotus for buff removal and also to activate books 
  of light, as such try to run 1~3 book of lights

-=So Whats The DMG Like?=-
* End game comps ive average the end of card chains doing ~120-160 
  every 1.4s

-=Most Optimal Layout For All Cards=-
Stacking cards so that early deck you go something like:

SD = Starting deck, 
BE = Blue eyes, 
A = Ace, 
CZ = Charizard, 
DL = Dark Lotus


You will end with;

* 6 spike, 6 luck
* 93 armor
* 10 mana
* Remove 11 buffs from opponent

Pair this with book of light so you use the 10 mana and get invul

Beyond this you could stack more books and more DL or you can start doing 
dmg with CZ, you need to pay attention to what the max hp is for your 
round and how much dmg you will do.

-=Figuring out DMG=-
* Always have an ace activate before a CZ, this doesnt have to be the card
  right before but no lovers in  between A and CZ
* Use the layout i provided to compare dmg

Slot # = Dmg Dealt
* 2 = 10 (no ace)
* 3 = 28
* 4 = 36
* 5 = 44
* 6 = 52
* 7 = 60
* 8 = 68
* 9 = 76
* 10 = 84
* 11 = 92
* 12 = 100
* 13 = 108
* 14 = 116
* 15 = 124
* 16 = 132
* 17 = 140
* 18 = 148
* 19 = 156
* 20 = 164
* 21 = 172
* 22 = 180
* 23 = 188
* 24 = 196
* 25 = 204
* 26 = 212
* 27 = 220

Remember you need an A between but they also deal said dmg back to back.

Expanding example above adding dmg:
* SD – BE A BE A BE A DL BE CZ(84) A CZ(100) A CZ(116)

Total: 300 dmg in 4.75s

That is only 2 procs of regen if they have any left after DL, also this 
isnt melee atks so no shield armor is procing

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